Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Overcoming my biggest fear in my life...

By kiaping out the maggots from a dog's wound.

(this post would be rather boring.)

Alright it was a peaceful, relaxing afternoon because for once, I didn't feel like stepping out of the house.
Then April babe asked me out for Sushi, and told me a btw-story.
She said she saw some puppies in the drain, which were wet and injured, and she needed assistance to carry them up.

Well, the heroin in me voiced and promised to join the rescue process.

Gloves. Checked.
Clothes. Checked.
Camera. Checked.
Tweezer. Checked.
Cotton. Checked.
Antiseptic lotion. Oh. None. K. Bought it from Guardian so checked.

K. Done.

Right, those puppies were wet and injured - matched the description of April's.
I took out my camera - and realised that the battery was dead - well, this is my way of dealing with stuff. Really sai hei.

Okay. Nevermind. Shall concentrate on rescuing the doggies.
I slipped my hands into the surgical gloves, and ready to go.

I was facing somewhere else while carrying the dog.
It was just too painful to look at the wound!

Courage, courage - that was all I need.
It took several minutes before I could really move my sight onto the wound and gave it some inspectation.

It was truly, terrible.

The wound was large, and it was so deep - to the extent that the bone could slightly be seen.

We cleaned the large wound with some warm water, and applied some antiseptic lotion onto it.

Poor little thing, it didn't make a voice - at all.
I can't tell if it was too tired to make any voice or it has already immuned to the pain.

There were two black holes beside the big wound.
It is a 1-inch-deep wound with a diameter of 2 inches.
Initially, there was something sticky and dark (which, we assume, is some dead skin cell) which covered part of the wound.
Then, I kiap it out - and this is really not a wise move.
Next, what I could see is that the wound was covered with nicely arranged little dots.
I couldn't really decide what was those dots.
I tried to squeeze the wound but I still couldn't figure it out.
I then poked the wound with yellow antiseptic lotion soaked cotton on my kiap (tweezer, if you prefer english), some of the white dots started to move.
Alright I didn't see it, it was April who shouted, 'those are worms!!!!'

That was the most disgusting scene I have ever seen in my life, I swear.*click to enlarge*

I dare not to look at it at all because worms, this fleshy little creature, is the biggest fear of my life.
I almost wanted to burst into tears when I realised that those white little dots are actually the heads of those smelly maggots.
It was ultimately sickening - I mean, a larvae wound, what else could be worse than that?????

Both April and I were freaked out upon the discovery of the truth.
We both used words start with F and end with K,
except that she used the more civilised 'FREAK!'.

I felt really really sorry for the doggie, I knew that I couldn't just leave those maggots alone - they deserved death.
Hence, I did something of which I have never considered doing - I kiapped the maggots out.

April was a co-operative partner in the whole kill the smelly maggot operation, her mission is to bring the maggots to death - but crushing them with a stick.

We were experimenting if yellow antiseptic lotion could kill maggots, so I put the kiapped maggots into the pile of yellow liquid - it was concluded that the lotion might be irritating for the maggots, but it didn't kill them.
We then tried salt water. I was not sure if the maggots are too strong or the salt has yet to dissolve into the water - the maggots were sort of like swimming in that pile of clear liquid instead of struggling to death.
I only managed to kiap out 10+ of the maggots. There are really too much of them on the wound.
I treated the wound with both yellow antiseptic lotion and salt water, with the hope to kill the smelly maggots.

If you want to know how the wound looks like,
google 'larvae wound'.
You have seriously been warned.
I wanted to search for a picture which looks similar to the wound but I stopped at the searched page for just 0.5 seconds - those pictures are far more disgusting than what I have seen.
It sent chills up my spine - like, literally.

I can't stop having goosebumps when I am typing this post.

April just texted me - her dad pour cooking oil into that hole (eg, the wound).
You smelly maggots, this is your judgment day!!! Enjoy the suffocation!!!!!
The whole incident happened yesterday.
I have been haunted for a whole day - I sorta understand Kevin Carter, the photographer who took the picture of the girl and the vulture.

Whenever I think of the moving creatures on the wound, I have goosebumps.
It is severely against my conscience to leave the poor little thing alone.
Well I can spend a whole month of my salary for a bag - why can't I just spend one third of it to relieve the pain of a life?
'Financial problem' - it's just an excuse.
I shouldn't be so giam.
My heart hurts everytime I browse through the picture.
Deep down in there, I blame myself for not bringing it to the vet at the first opportunity by using the lousy 'financial problem' excuse as a shield.

I am bringing it to the vet tomorrow.
Wish me and the doggie luck.


It's gone.
I'm not writing in the first hand mood.
I wasn't even in the mood to write.
I was having great difficulties in getting over it in the first few days.

So when I saw the doggie, its condition become far worse.
The wound has gone much deeper than it was and those maggots - they have grown 3 times bigger the size I saw them for the first time.
Those faggots weren't even moving on the first day, it was only their heads which stuck out while this time, they were moving all around the doggie's flesh.

At that point, I couldn't stop blaming myself for not bringing the doggie to the vet the first time I saw it.
But then again, I wouldn't have brought it to the vet on the third day if not for the Kevin Carter's feeling.

So April and I went to pay a visit to the vet.
The vet told us that its condition was really bad (yes we can see that), those maggots may have gone into the doggie's spine.
I was then left with 2 choices: to put it to sleep, or to give it a try - although the chance of surviving is small, according to the vet.
When I struggled between the choices, I burst into tears.
It may be an easy choice for most of you out there but no... not for me.

The doggie kept on howling when the vet was inspecting it, it was really painful to look at it.
The pain would end if it were to put to sleep - but it's a life. It has the right to move on.
Nevertheless, the pain it suffers would be parallel with its living days.

I believe that it would recover one day, and has better life thereon hence I have decided to give it a try.
The vet did what I did earlier - to kiap the maggots out - only difference is that those maggots have grown much bigger and much fatter.
He then sprayed some antiseptic and maggot-killer lotion to the wound.

So we decided to clean the doggie at April's place before bringing it to my house.
April brought warm water and shampoo, we then helped the poor thing to clean off those fleas on its body.
While wiping its body, we kept on talking.

'Don't worry, you will be alright.'
'You will have food once we have cleaned you k?'
'You will be staying in the bathroom, and be well protected.'
'Those stupid maggots would not survive long.'
'When you are home, I will give you good food.'
'Your wound would recover...'

As the cleaning went on, the doggie's breathing became weaker.
Weaker, and weaker, and...
The movement on its stomach stopped.
Its tongue did not response when April dropped water into its mouth.

It was far beyond my expectation.

The last thing I wanted to do to this dog was to dig a hole, and bury it.
Yes, but we did it.

I had been haunted by the incidents for few days.
Traumatised kao.

I'm feeling better now at least.

Well, lesson learned.
Life prevails everything, that includes money.
If I were to send it to the vet on the first day, it would not have died.

As how my brother put it, well, at least it was well treated and clean before going off.
I would only feel better by thinking this way.

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