Tuesday, April 6, 2010

PaD - Mei

A day out with my sister.
She is backed for few days - to take a look at her future college,
that being, Segi College, Subang Jaya.

Why do I have to make it so clear?
It's an unfortunate coincidence.
Someone who sorta like passively messed up my life is studying at that college too.
Passive, being, he doesn't know that he has messed up my life.

Why can't there be other college which offers courses for early childhood education?

Forget it.

So since I have got nothing better to do,
(actually I have. I ought to study)
I toured my sis around Subang Jaya area - when I myself often get lost in the same place.
Who shall be worried of directions when you have a reliable GPS device in hand??

Anyway, I just wanted her to get familiar with Subang area.
I know she will subsequently know that area better than I do but currently she knows nothing.
She knows nothing about West Malaysia - she has been staying in KK since she was 7.

So, touring aside, she needs to know what to eat when she is desperately in need of good food.
I brought her to Rakuzen.
Sisterly eyebags

Erm... actually it's not a place for someone who is unemployed like her - it would make her a spoilt child.
Since I love her a lot, I don't mind spoiling her once in a blue moon.
(and I'm employed. I receive no pocket money from my parents leh)

This is me, get annoyed by the continuous shutter sound.
I can assure you that she can't finish her portion - and my assumption is right.Initially, I just wanted to have sashimi salad but I ended up sharing her food.
Mei arrr. Your J here is trying very hard to keep myself fit wei.
No one would want to marry your J anymore if she's fat.
You better learn finishing your food...

After having this over-satisfied (there is no such word is there) lunch,
we then went to Sunway Pyramid.
It's good to shop with sis.
We share similar taste, similar stamina, similar financial status - it's all from me anyway.
Allow me to stress it again - once in a blue moon.
I'm not always a generous sister =D

Then... Food again.

My Honeymoon's Mango Pancake and Sesame Paste..
Sister is undeniably satisfied with my treat while me, once again, pretended to get annoyed with the shutter clicks.
Our sisters' happy days doesn't end here.
(=.= choi)
She will be backed for good!!
(I know I have mentioned this many times but I am delighted!)

Sigh you cannot imagine how bored is it to shop alone.
yes la I was lying.
In fact I love shopping alone rather than shopping with friends at times.
It takes me really long time to make a decision.
I thought this would be troublesome if shopping with friends.
Sister is different though.
She can wait - as much as how I would wait for her.

Guess my blog will be flooded with sister-regarded posts soon~

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My said...

ur mango pancake remind me of the durian pancake~~
bought by my jie jie long time ago~~

yumm yumm...