Sunday, April 25, 2010

PaD - mega mind map

51 pages of information

8 pieces of A4 paper

thick cello tape

Glue and scissors

Piles of A4 papers in various colors

Present to you,

The Mega Mind Map
*I did not add in the bubbles with PS. Unnecessary.
They are stuck on my mirror - not that it's necessary though*

Q: What's the *swoosh* about?
I'm trying to create the trailer effect -
when the scene in the trailer changes,
some sound effects would be cued.
Get it now?
K if you didn't get it just now,
scroll up again,
and try to imagine that.

If you know any lamer girl,
let me know.

We could be best friends.

1 comment:

cheng yee said...


u earned my respect, lol,keng! omg u ocd!