Thursday, April 22, 2010

PaD - Passion

Towards my job.
A very manja princess who would bring me food every lesson.

I'm passionate towards my job not because I know I will be having food -
Yes la I memang love food but I don't need my students to give me food -
I can buy my own but then it's different when the food is given by someone else other than yourselves -
you know that there is someone who's concerned of you.

When I bring her food she doesn't wanna accept mine because she usually has hers...

Anyway this is just one of my many cute students.

Dealing with kids is really much easier than with adults, their mind are simpler and easier to be messed with (muahaha).

It's fun to talk with kids,
they would tell you insignificant things like how their friend Ah Wah fall down and the whole class laughed at him or the number of stars they got for their homework.
If adults tell me these stories I would give them my narrow-eyed look yes I'm biased that way.

Some 7-year-olds even told me how she dumped her boyfriend because he didn't want to lend her his very powerful mechanical pencil.
(T.T even kids have boyfriends. Where is mine?)

It's particularly cute when they attempt to discuss sex with me.
Apalah why don't they do it with their parents but with the piano teacher?
Do I look like I am more sexually knowledgeable than their parents who have already given birth to them?

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My said...

kids are cute~
feel relax together wif them (but if they keep on 'lao gai' then i dun like lah~)