Friday, April 23, 2010

PaD - the temptation

I guess you must be thinking of food.
It is the only stuff that would spice up my life.

Currently my days can be described with one word:

Boring?? Nonono it sounds too exciting for my life.
Dull?? Nonono it sounds too adventurous for my life.
Lifeless? Nonono I've got a life my life is about studying.

You would never got it right.



Yes it's all about books and articles and highlighters.
I don't even feel like talking about it because I'm not a nerd who enjoys studying.
(at this point I wish that I were one)

Nevertheless this post has nothing to do with food -
unless you think that this stuff is edible la:
It's the first MMS sent by my dai sai lou - all the way from Aussie man.
The guys who has never sent me any picture message,
and the virgin picture message by him is this thing which could tempt me to death.

Gah I have no idea when was the last time I shop.
Such a thrifty girl.
Where to find?????
(T.T retail therapy.... I need)


Yes Perth, I will be there in June.
I know you will not be gone, so it's not necessary for me to ask you to wait for me.

See you then sai lou!!!

1 comment:

My said...

u going to Perth ar~~~
so shuang~~~~

i m doing my practical the time u go to Perth...