Saturday, April 24, 2010

One night in C.Club

There are moments when the symptoms of my verbal diarrhea could temporary be suppressed.

Now, 2a.m. That's the moment.

Appreciate it.

It's rare.

Event: Yen Yee's birthday celebration in advance
Date: 17/4/2010
Venue: C. Club

Good to share, ain't it?

Boy, thanks for keeping your promise faithfully,
we girls appreciate your presence.

Quoting Blair Waldorf's stepfather:

Not enough.

Of course.

Second round: MOFSupposed to be at Fiona's place for cupcakes.
Plan for Cheq's surprise party failed. Hence cancelled.

Happy belated birthday girl.
May you stay forever sweet.

P/s: Did you enjoy the silent bits of mine?

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