Saturday, April 3, 2010

PaD - heavily preserved food

I believe that you have seen the video of the experiment with regards to the McDonald's foods' preservation level.

The fries concluded to be the most heavily preserved food in McD's -
it could stay fresh for some 10 days (or 10 weeks?).
We adopted the all for one, one for all concept.
It reminds me of my ex.
McD's fries are one of his most favourite food.
I believe that he could finish up this pile of fries on his own.


It makes me sound old but I have to say this - I'm tired.
I'm usually very energetic, noisy, elaborative, bubbly but I feel like a pawn now.

9 hours of classes-
For someone who usually has 4 hours of classes a day,
3 days per week,
9 hours, indeed, is an enormous leap.


Damn, I am speechless - and that's rare.

Till then.

Another 6 hours tomorrow.

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