Thursday, November 29, 2007

Does virginity matter?

p/s: It has nothing to do with the virginity of the olive oil. I do love food. but it doesn't really concern me of how virgin is the olive oil

Identity of the following characters are to be kept confidential.

For once, 'Virginity is the best wedding present for your life companion.' And I am grown up in a family with such concept. Till today.

For now, looking at this question, I might receive feedback (expressed or unexpressed) from people (who probably no longer a virgin) which sounds, 'wtf.. such a nerd Q..'

On my age of 15, me and my friends had a talk with our senior, A, who was 20 at that time. Gradually, it came to sex.

One of my friend: have you ever had sex with F (who was that time his girlfriend) ?
A: by the time you reach 20, you would feel that it wouldn't be a problem for having sex, for most of the 20s did have sex.'

A common draggie 'oooowwwwhhhhhh...' by the naive us has been expressed as the reply. And A said again, 'trust me, you would understand it.'

Following, another 'ooooowwwwwhhhhhh......'

That time, the real naive us were to criticise those who had pre-marital sex. We were really anti pre-marital sex. We were like, how could they do these. aren't they not shameful when doing this. i won't do this. i will keep it for my real hubby. i will protect my body well. i won't disappoint my parents. Bla bla bla bla bla. Things like those.

Years later, as expected, things change. Four of us, seemed to have forgotten what we had stated 5 years ago.

B: I still haven't forgotten. I still think that we really should protect our body well. Better worry than sorry. I think my future hubby will be happy that I'm still a virgin - the rare one.
C: How could you guys not fantasising? We are human-being. Things are hard to be controlled. When you need it, you need it.
D: I play safe. I play safe sex with someone who is economically secured - u know, just in case..
E : Yea. Safe sex. To avoid the creation of unwanted life. Well, I would want it, but it's not the time. I still hope to save my cherry for my hubby, though.

One of them is me, of course. I wouldn't reveal which one. Guess.

See, not much of contradiction though, but things really have changed. Even nerdie geeks like us gradually forgotten the importance of virginity, then what could we say about the world out there?...

More and more people at my age are getting married - for the accidentally creation of the little life. Some seem happy, some seem not. It seems that the matter of virginity is no longer to be concerned. What come to be more important is that the safety of it. Parents no longer giving advice like protecting your body and so on, it has changed to avoid pregnancy and things like these.

Well yea.. safe sex seems to be more important than virginity. Don't you think so?

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Thanks to Daniel for the information.

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My blog is rated as PG-13... O.o.... Erm.. just because of the word 'sex'??

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


60%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Someone said that I blogged too much.
She said that, 'you what also want to blog. you blog until siao liao (insane).
Erm... 60% addicted... not too 'siao' right??

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Reasons of should and should not be together

20 Reasons of why we should not be together

1) We could hardly communicate when we need to
2) I would never satisfy with him
3) I would never satisfy him
4) My parents hate him
5) His friends hate me
5) He doesn't know what is sweet talk
6) He doesn't hold my hand automatically unless I request
7) He doesn't seem to love me anymore
8) I'm too bossy for him
9) I don't see his effort in studies
10) We always blame each other - no matter whose fault is it
11) He feel that he shouldn't treat me good
12) I ask for too much - which he could not provide
13) I'm highly maintained - he could not afford it
14) He would ignore me if I cry - instead of comforting
15) He thought i was strong - I don't look as if I need protection if compared to those slimmy shortie with chickie voice - therefore I never get protected and encouraged
16) I do not feel treated as a girlfriend, sometimes may worse than a friend
17) His words is his sword
18) He would leave me alone when I need him
19) He doesn't treat me like a girl - I don't feel pampered
20) My expectation towards him has never been granted. Life is full of disappointment

1 Reason of why we should be together
I still love him.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Deep inside the heart

I'm not happy. Seriously, I am not.

I wish I could have a boyfriend who treats me like a girlfriend. I want to be someone's girlfriend. I do not know what I am now.

I wish I could have a boyfriend who will say something sweet to me, who will encourage me in some sense, but not bringing me down in some sense.

I wish I could have a boyfriend who lets me feel his protection but not vice versa.

I don't want to be the only one who serves. I really do not want to.

I don't deserve this because I'm bossy? He admitted that he does not treat me good because I'm bossy. I don't think so. I really wish to have someone who really let me feel loved.

Bossy? Too much of care will becomes bossy maybe. I'd like people to be bossy towards me.

I'm tired. I feel like giving up.

I am just a normal girl who likes to be treated in a normal way. Like any other girl friends get treated.

Just not feeling good right now. Again, can't stop crying.

One day in Taman Tasik Perdana + Connaught Pasar Malam

It was too tired last night. I slept freakishly early after showering, which was about 12a.m. Really too tired to post an entry.

Yesterday, I brought my siblings (together with Arthur) to have a walk at Taman Tasik Perdana. It doesn't sound cool at all right? Eek.. Taman Tasik Perdana...

We went to the Bird Park >> National Planetarium (sucks) >> Butterfly Park >> Deer Park >> Tasik Perdana Park >> Pasar Malam.

The pictures speak.

Preparation for the Sushis in the morning. (see, my grandma insisted to help)

Our Masterpiece. (2 layers!! About 40 of them!!)
Torturing the Ostrich??
Sushi time!
Choked by Wasabi.
Bird Show~

'Black Hole' @ National Planetarium. (ceh... ultraviolet lamp)

I hate caterpillar @ the Butterfly Park
The Chungs at the butterfly park

Way to Deer Park.

Ogieee... Finally.. It was a long search to the Deer Park. Later on, we were chased by about 20 monkeys. Didn't get to take any pictures. Afraid that my camera would get grabbed.

Bookworm + Bookworm

The couple

The Siblings

By the way, I didn't take any pictures from Connaught Pasar Malam.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

MY Sushi~

I'm really proud of myself. Seriously, this is the first time I succeed in the kitchen without my grandma's assistance (don't count those instand food in). My grandma always want to help. Whenever she sees something that looks not so right, she says, 'Haiyah... let me do larrrr... you go aside...'

This time, finally, I managed to make myself some Sushisss!! Some Sushis which I think they look like Sushis!!

Half cup of rice with 1 piece of seaweed and 2 crabsticks plus some leftoevers...

I always wanted to do it. Since the passion was still there, I started off immediately. I'm someone who colds down easily.

Coincidencely, I've planned to bring my lil siblings for a walk on the next day. It's not a bad idea to have Sushis as lunch~~~
Of course, without my sibling's assistance, I'd have finished everything at 3am, contrary to the fact of 1.30a.m. (I started at 11.45p.m.)

Thank you~~~

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bad Hammies...

My hammies which I thought were cute ain't that cute anymore. They have started to fight with each other now!!

I had 2 hammies.

One died.

Ignoring all the answers on Yahoo ask! I bought another hammy for its companion. Pity on her... (I do know the fact that there are solitary animals).

On the first few weeks, they acted like they were compatible. They played together, ate together, and slept with each other.

Recently, they have started to fight and made some squeeks... not merely some, alot of them!! The old hammy was charging on the new one. When the new one saw the old one, it would run away. They weren't like that last time. Really sad of seeing this.

Now I have to separate them. I put the old one into a box, it managed to bite the box and sneaked out. Then, I put it into an upside-down dustbin. The same happened. Aiks... For the whole night, I was trying to look for a new place for it.

Finally, I put it into a round plastic container (20cm of diameters x 15cm of height).

I really do not want to separate them. I want hammy babies....

But look at what it did....

No... NoNo... Not this... Not acting cute....



They are backed...

They, as in my chubby cutie bro and slimmie sassy sis I have mentioned before!!

Well yea, I know, it seems like they are still be treated as some kind of 3-year-old kids. Again, for your information, both of them are in secondary school now. Well, the fact that couldn't be changed - they are always younger than me; another fact that couldn't be changed - Most of the people who are younger than me are always have the description of 'cute' (regardless of the truth - so, don't believe me if you are given such description from me). So, yea...

We stayed up until 3.30am in the morning - It is quite usual for me, as 4am is my usual sleeping time ; as for them, they claimed that they were not sleepy due to the effect of the coccaine in the white coffee they had in Old Town earlier.

Well, in fact, I have to rush for the assignments which my fellow coursemates have already handed in (there are 2 of them!! I totally forgotten about it!! Having TOO MUCH of fun during the Deepavali break). But still, I spent most of my time with them... Well, it was really nice gossiping with them~~ Both of us are sampat (as in boasy) enough, none of us would step back when it comes to gossip. So, that's the compatible part of us~~~ ^^ Fortunately, or, unfortunately, the little brother loves to hang around with his sisters too!!

Finally, we got into our bed at 3.30am (as mentioned).

At about 5am, my little brother rushed into our room, and yelled,
'I din sleep for the whole night!! (come on.. it was just 90 minutes from the time we started to sleep)'


'I have counted for 500 sheeps (what?? 500 for 90 minutes??), but still I couldn't sleep!!'

*what the hell... tragic of the night... I really want to sleep!!!!!*


More tragics.... matter arises from being fun...
1) I have to wake up at 7.30a.m.
2) I have to start working at 9.00a.m.~1.00p.m. - replacing Mr Hin Ee Jeng
3) My class started at 2.00p.m., ended at 7.45p.m....
4) My assignment is yet to be completed. (I am a good student, I always hand in assignments)

I knew it would be a hard day for me...

I have to work that pair of specs to work and study. My eyes just not right to have the lens to be directly put on, and my dark eye bags were really scary. (comment from collegemates who haven't seen my UglyBetty look - u look so different!!)

Next, I seek help from my best friend - caffeine...

Early in the morning, I stuffed myself with a full glass of Nescafe 3-in-1, I could stand for the whole teaching process.

Before class started, I bought a can of Pearl Kacip Fatimah and another can of Ice Latte (which emphasizes 'deliciously Low-Fat'). I finished the Kacip Fatimah in one shot, and enjoyed my Latte slowly - until the class ended.

And hey, I'm alright~~ I didn't fall asleep~~

Thank you caffeine.

Alright, it's 2.44a.m.... They just went to sleep... but.. who bothers... my class will be started at 11a.m. tomorrow...

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Let's start from the very beginning - me


I shifted from

Once again, I am Cheryl, a.k.a. Shang Hui, most of the time k.a. Shang Hui.

Not every description is right about me - the first two, definitely correct~~ ^^

I was called Wai Wai by my family since i was borned.

I love to be given names like Chung Chung and Shang Shang.


I never considered myself pretty nor ugly.

People said I look hardworking. Hardworking? In some sense, it equivalents to 'nerd'.
Hmm?? Don't ask me anything other than studies.

I am trying to improve my look all the time - Look at the following evidence. Erm.. Please tell me there IS improvement.




early 2007

mid 2007 and.. even me don't feel like looking at the latest me.. Cause it would be like...

this... Cheryl with armoured teeth.. defense ++...


I am happy with my family.

I have an open-minded dad, and a not so open-minded mom.

I still have curfew if I drive myself.

Curfew will be rebutted only when someone is driving me home.

To prohibited me from going out till too late, my grandma would wait for me at the living room until I come back. (aiks...)

Here, my younger brother, Jordan a.k.a. Xiang Xi.

Call me leng zai, would u?

He.. erm.. always feel that he is handsome.

He always disturb me and Cahlen during our nap. He wouldn't stop until and unless we said, 'Leng zai gor gor/sai lou (handsome brother), please STOP it...!!'

This is my sis, Cahlen a.k.a. Shang Leng. People said we look alike. In some sense, yea, we do look alike, but for me she is prettier.

In most of the fairy tales, younger sisters are always prettier and more gentle, right?? I do believe in fairy tales.

There goes the youngest in the house, Xiang Zhi.

I like him most, his personality is most alike with me.

He is humourous too.

E.g. (the following conversation was in cantonese)

After getting nagged by mom,
Zhi : You talk so much, even the old folks' home also won't accept you.
*Mom was about to talk again..*
Zhi : Of course the old folks' home won't accept you, you are still so young.

Well, lame joke... but funny if heard on the spot.


I admit, I have a lot of friends.
Sincere or not, I don't know.

The following are my all time favourite.

~We need each other like you need sex~

We laugh at each other's jokes - which some people think it's lame.

We gossip about the same person (we gossip about each other too).

We have unlimited topics to chat with - friends are like that, right?


I am loyal.

I am only sticked (or rather stucked - refer to Stacy's stuck) to one guy.

I like his name - Arthur Ling Fei.

We are on-off couple - Most of the time I am the one who turned it off.

He is not the type I asked for - I wouldn't say he never would be, for one day he might be.

He still have the potential to be my life companion~~


For once, I got hooked onto the piano. I love music.

Now, I seldom play it, I just teach. *_~

One of my eldest student, a.k.a. my son (since a drama in a camp), a.k.a. the buyer of my baby piano~~

For those who still think that piano teachers are sof t and gentle, you are WRONG.

And for all the time, I hooked to games - mini games, RPG, MMORPG, all types of games.

Currently, I hooked to Pirate King Online, which takes me up to 7 hours per day.

I read, too. Chinese and English.

Malay.. erm.. What's that title again?? Something to do with Salji?? Form 3 novel??

I read everything - novels, Blogs, Textbooks, Comics, Newspaper, etc. etc. (Porn excluded. I'm not that desperate)

Hmm.. I guess.. that is part of it. For my personality, try to determine yourselves through my blog. **wink**