Saturday, November 10, 2007

Let's start from the very beginning - me


I shifted from

Once again, I am Cheryl, a.k.a. Shang Hui, most of the time k.a. Shang Hui.

Not every description is right about me - the first two, definitely correct~~ ^^

I was called Wai Wai by my family since i was borned.

I love to be given names like Chung Chung and Shang Shang.


I never considered myself pretty nor ugly.

People said I look hardworking. Hardworking? In some sense, it equivalents to 'nerd'.
Hmm?? Don't ask me anything other than studies.

I am trying to improve my look all the time - Look at the following evidence. Erm.. Please tell me there IS improvement.




early 2007

mid 2007 and.. even me don't feel like looking at the latest me.. Cause it would be like...

this... Cheryl with armoured teeth.. defense ++...


I am happy with my family.

I have an open-minded dad, and a not so open-minded mom.

I still have curfew if I drive myself.

Curfew will be rebutted only when someone is driving me home.

To prohibited me from going out till too late, my grandma would wait for me at the living room until I come back. (aiks...)

Here, my younger brother, Jordan a.k.a. Xiang Xi.

Call me leng zai, would u?

He.. erm.. always feel that he is handsome.

He always disturb me and Cahlen during our nap. He wouldn't stop until and unless we said, 'Leng zai gor gor/sai lou (handsome brother), please STOP it...!!'

This is my sis, Cahlen a.k.a. Shang Leng. People said we look alike. In some sense, yea, we do look alike, but for me she is prettier.

In most of the fairy tales, younger sisters are always prettier and more gentle, right?? I do believe in fairy tales.

There goes the youngest in the house, Xiang Zhi.

I like him most, his personality is most alike with me.

He is humourous too.

E.g. (the following conversation was in cantonese)

After getting nagged by mom,
Zhi : You talk so much, even the old folks' home also won't accept you.
*Mom was about to talk again..*
Zhi : Of course the old folks' home won't accept you, you are still so young.

Well, lame joke... but funny if heard on the spot.


I admit, I have a lot of friends.
Sincere or not, I don't know.

The following are my all time favourite.

~We need each other like you need sex~

We laugh at each other's jokes - which some people think it's lame.

We gossip about the same person (we gossip about each other too).

We have unlimited topics to chat with - friends are like that, right?


I am loyal.

I am only sticked (or rather stucked - refer to Stacy's stuck) to one guy.

I like his name - Arthur Ling Fei.

We are on-off couple - Most of the time I am the one who turned it off.

He is not the type I asked for - I wouldn't say he never would be, for one day he might be.

He still have the potential to be my life companion~~


For once, I got hooked onto the piano. I love music.

Now, I seldom play it, I just teach. *_~

One of my eldest student, a.k.a. my son (since a drama in a camp), a.k.a. the buyer of my baby piano~~

For those who still think that piano teachers are sof t and gentle, you are WRONG.

And for all the time, I hooked to games - mini games, RPG, MMORPG, all types of games.

Currently, I hooked to Pirate King Online, which takes me up to 7 hours per day.

I read, too. Chinese and English.

Malay.. erm.. What's that title again?? Something to do with Salji?? Form 3 novel??

I read everything - novels, Blogs, Textbooks, Comics, Newspaper, etc. etc. (Porn excluded. I'm not that desperate)

Hmm.. I guess.. that is part of it. For my personality, try to determine yourselves through my blog. **wink**


Anonymous said...

ei,i m included in d blog wor,not bad
har,kinda advertise for me,haha...well,personally,i think my sifuloumazi done a pretty good job in
her blog larr,with passion n heart,can feel it...for d next page try to desribe more about our gang la,haha...

Anonymous said...

is panas salju, no salji there.... hahahaha.
ying huey