Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ghostly thought

We have heard that spirits/ghosts/souls float sticking against the wall and thus in the hospital, we are warned to walk in the middle of the corridor.

Ever wonder why?

I have found a rather logical answer.

I have been wearing heels to class and to work. Four-inches.
Those pairs of heels successfully elongate my leg and I feel that I have superbly good body posture (it could be my own illusion or delusion but just don't burst the bubbles k?) and at the same time, add unnecessary pain to my feet.

I could have said that I am not in any pain - I was not lying.
That was before the pain strikes in.

Cut the long story short, I took off my heels in the classroom, when I was teaching.
Students don't really care about that anyway.

No, my feet do not stink and fyi (as if you don't know), feet only stink when they are wrapped for a long time. Most of my heels are open-toed so yea, my feet are perfectly stink free.

The floor of the classroom and the corridor is carpeted. Aunty cleaner comes every week (twice in a week) to vacuum the carpet so it's considerably clean.

Yes I know again, I haven' gotten into my point yet - what to do with ghosts float sticking against the wall?

We bear a similar feature - we are moving barefooted.

Let's say, one person walks on a brand new carpet.Those prints do look like paw prints. I was too lazy to download shoeprints brushes hence came out with the pawprints.

Yes, these are the shoeprints one would leave after walking on a carpet.

Okay, let's imagine again.
More people walking on the carpet. Hence leaving more shoeprints.

Any sane mind would walk in the middle of the corridor instead of sticking against the wall, right?

Exactly. We are getting there.

Use your ability to imagine again, MORE people walked through the corridor,
leaving MORE shoeprints.
The centre of the carpet is covered with dirt, while the side of it still remains dirt free.

Yes, that explains why, barefooted living creatures, that include me who habitually takes off the heels and our unseen friends whom presumably not wearing anything on their feet, prefer move sticking against the wall - simply because that part of the carpet is cleaner.


I'm rather sure that my children will understand me.

And I'll be ready for our unseen friends' personal verification.