Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hamka Christmas

So there is this high school clique of which we named it 'the Hamka gang'.

Taking Stitch's tone,

Hamka means family.
(in cantonese)

What a heartwarming name our clique has~

Anyway, for the very first time,
the Hamka family spend this nothing special occasion in the club.

I can't believe that after knowing each other for almost a decade,
we have not been to a club - not even once man.

This is the first time,
and I have a feeling that it would be the last as well.

No, nothing unhappy happened.
We had absolute fun that night~
It's just, I bet that the guys are still prefer gaming...
we girls still prefer exchanging gossips.

I feel truly blessed that this bunch of friends are sent to me.
They are definitely those, who you can brainlessly rely on when you are in some crappy situation.
(brainlessly sound so wrong.. but.. anything la)
One day, if I get abandoned by the world,
I know that I still have my family and them with me.

I heart them, sincerely, especially she who never showed irritation when I kept on blasting her with my crushes' stories.

People, I wish that whatever wishes you have made that night would become the truth at this time of next year~

p/s: I want a big bouquet of flowers on my graduation!

More pictures here...



I have been a good girl this year... ya?

That's why I got this from dad as xmas prezzie~
It is the most expensive wristlet I have ever had...
I will need to teach for about 40 hours to get this eh....

*Big wet eyes*

I will be a good girl again next year...
(not just for the gift of course...)

Merry Christmas people~!!
*still in trembling voice from crying*

*p/s: you really don't know me if you believe that I shed my tears for a wristlet*

The RM2.50 difference

Sounds like the slogan of some charity ad.

But no.
So, me and my sister bought some wall stickers,
which cost us RM2.50 each from the night market.

I should have taken a picture of the clean wall before sticking the flowers but I didn't do so because I was too eager to put them onto my wall.

Nah, here's a random picture of my sister playing cards on my bed, with the clean wall as background.
Not too clear though.

And here, the end result~

Yes, my sister even purposely bought cotton candy in order to create nicer effects.

'Like that only got feel ma...' According to her.

And look~
I even took the initiative to change my bed sheet to maximise the color coordination~~

Yes I know,
there is imperfection.
I couldn't find another pillow sheet of the same series...

Still not too bad ya???

(p/s: I have the feeling that something has gone really wrong with the phrase 'a wind ceows so cooe...' but I just blindly sticked them on in accordance to the sample...)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chameleon Chung

Call me Chung.
Chameleon Chung.
I'm no longer Cheryl for today.
I'm Chameleon.

A pink chameleon I am.

Or.. or.. or..
You may call me Cat Chung.
You have no way to deny that it is a cat costume although I didn't look like one at all when I had them on me - those are kids' costume afterall.

The cat and the chicken - which claimed that the cat would eat the chicken hence quickly took off the chicken costume because it did not want to be eaten.

And the only human who was so kind to help out the chicken on its costume.


I guess I'm getting lame.
I was commented to be so when I updated my status on facebook as:

You are forgiven for not thinking of me because if you do, your mind will have no room for other stuff-
afterall, I'm too fat. Wakakakakakaka.

Lame meh?

Not too bad right?

*no wonder I still don't have a boyfriend. Sigh*

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Shopping alone

Don't feel sympathized for me.
I know it sounds pity to shop alone but then I really enjoy doing so.
Please don't say that I purposely said so because I couldn't find a companion.
I did need a companion for shopping in PC fair but that's a different case.

I am super indecisive afterall.
And I love doing comparisons around.
It takes long time for me to shop.
I don't mind scratching my face by returning the shop which I find to have the best bargain after checking out everywhere else.

Christmas songs and christmas decorations do make me sad - it reminds me that I don't have a boyfriend yet.Till then.

It's a girl's car

So obvious okay?

Tell me which guy would stick falsies on the dashboard?

Well.. was sicked with the falsies the other night hence pulled it off once I got on the car.
Found that it's quite a quaint, hence left it there.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Plan crashed in Alexis

So few weeks ago, I fall for a guy.
Yealar infatuation again.
I'm so bored with it to the extend I almost get immuned to it.
Same extent of happiness, same extent of disappointment, same extent for everything.
And I know that there is no room of development for me and him, like previous cases.
Yea I will spend the rest of my life on foolishly attracted to some random guys.

Wait. That's not my point.

So I said, plan crashed.
Said plan being diet plan, as usual.
Yea you are bored with me talking about weights.
BTW, I did write that I wanted to lose weight because a korean Star I used to like weigh almost the same as me but he is not the one who has infatuated me.
I am childish, but not that extent.

Anyway. Again.

My plan crashed because I couldn't resist the temptation of the sweetness.
For God's sake, those are merely combination of flours, sugars, creams, eggs, butter and heat- what's so fascinating???
I wouldn't have been so fat if I know the answer.

Look at these.
Align CenterMine and Shirleen's choice - Black and White Chocolate and Chocolate Moist (which, contrary to the name, is rather dry. I swear I can bake some more moist one)

*more moist sounds funny but I have checked it. The word 'moister' is not of existence*

Tell you what. The middle layer of the Black and White chocolate cake is PURE HEAVEN. You would never get the same satisfaction from eating veggie or fruits. Sadly, the white frosting has misrepresented itself to be white chocolate - whereas it's just some tasteless cream. Cream then cream la, you really don't have to act as if you are white chocolate alright???


Sorry salad. I picked them over you.
Dear salad, I know you are cursing me now, but the fact is that, I will be fat forever without your curse.

Last but not least, obligatory group picture.

Contrary to their jokes, the postures are rather boring....

Not again....


*the end. ain't an incomplete post*

Friday, November 27, 2009

Lost the virginity of....

1) ..clubbing with collegemates.
Yes. Despite that it's the final year in this college.

(aprilpretty, note, it's mates. not mate.When I clubbed with you, I considered it as clubbing with collegemate.)

Glad that you guys are not those of the boring types.

2) ..entering Zouk.
Yes. Because I am too stingy to pay the cover charge.
I hate smokes- my dress would smell like it, my hair would smell like it, even my tights would smell like it...
I do not fancy alcohols - I vomited 5 times for having 2 glasses of Heineken, 3 times for half glass of red wine and twice for a glass of Long Island.
Wow I'm such a fantastic drinker.

I would rather have more cupcakes and more dresses.
At least they make me happy.

3) ..kissing with girls.

Kate Perry kissed a girl.

I liplocked two.
And good girls do kiss.
And I kissed doesn't mean that I was drunk.

Guys, you are most welcomed to feel envious of me - for being able to kiss the two hottest girls in the college.

4) ..driving on the road after 2am.
I told you so.
I have always been a good girl - and still am one.
I usually hang out with my high school mates.
They are those who stay very near to my place.
So they usually would send me back.
This is a different case though.
So yea, I gotta make my own way home.

5) ..blowing into a breathalyzer.
Ah Leng... You should have taken the picture of me.
First time.
There is only one first time in our whole life.
Yea. I would have been caught if I were in Brazil or Bangladesh.
But too bad, drinking lots of cola would just increase my blood sugar level.

Oh yea. Just went to April's blog - which reminded me that it was Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Thank you for all the opportunities.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I feel the unlucky force

Refer to the previous post, and you will know what had happened to my car.

Last night, it was my turn.

I fall on the knee, literally.

So I was at the back seat of friend's Satria,
while getting out of it,
my heel got stucked with the seat belt,
I fall on the knee.
*glad that I didn't zao gong though*
Wow. Hairy legs are so natural and sexy.

Try to picture a curvy (die die don wanna use fat) girl falling down on her knees on the street when she got out of her car because one of her heels was stucked to the seat belt.
Come to think of it, it's quite funny la.
You know,
in those comic or drama,
when a curvy girl falls down,
you would see some earthquake effect being inserted.

I didn't really feel the quake though,
I just feel the heat on both my knees and my palms.
It wasn't really painful,
after all,
as you can see from the picture,
it's a tiny weeny wound,
so really thin abrasions.
If I had a boyfriend,
I would have whined as if I had inches deep wounds,
or as if I had fractures.
Yealar, you expect sayangs from your guy,
of course you have to make things big (with moderation).
Yesla, I am actually dependent like that.

But nay.
I don't have one.
So face the fact,
it doesn't hurt, means it doesn't hurt.
No exaggeration.

Speaking of that,
I really can't remember when was the last time I fall down.

Perhaps my life has been too boring,
God die die wanna spice up my life.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sweaty greasy men are hot

At least hotter than that selfish brainless irrational Unser driver.

So the incident could be illustrated as follows:

It's a black-goat white-goat situation.
The road is too narrow to allow 2 cars to pass through.
So as you could see from the above illustration,
I am already at the end of the road,
going towards the parking area.

The stupid Unser was just started to go into the road,
and we encountered with each other.
Sadly, not the romantic type of encounter...

Rationally, he ought to be the one who reverse the car.
You see, if I were to reverse the car, I had to make it all the way to the busy road.
There are possibility of me being hit by the cars on the busy road okay???

The stupid Unser driver still refused to do anything to resolve the dispute.

So yea, I will have to move, as follow:

I moved to the left, bearing the risk that I might be bump into the uncovered longkang.
Slowly, steady, and...


I knew it.
I sat in the car, prayed that what was in my mind did not become the truth.
I tried to reverse my car,
and what I could smell was those emitted from the heated tyre,
the car did not move a bit.

I went down and inspected the car,
and woohoo, as expected, one of the tyre was stucked in the longkang.

Yay~ I'm so smart. I knew that this might be happen at the moment I tried to be a good citizen to let the Unser go through.
My prediction is so zun I tell you. Woohoo!! Smart Shang.

It's not the right time to be happy.

It was impossible for a weak girl like me to reverse the car on my own right?

I looked around, no one.
I went to the parking area, and asked for the assistance of the Indian guard who has a plastic bag on his head - it was raining btw.

He then came over, and did some inspection on the situation.

During his inspection, a Malay biker passed by.
He went down from his bike, and joined the inspection.

He started blabbering some stuff, like,
'Macam ni... kena panggil tow la...'
'You tarak abang kah? siapakah?...'
'Kalau banyak orang, boleh lah...'

He asked for my key, went into the car, tried to reverse the car while the Indian guard pushed the car.

As expected, failed.

The Indian then shouted for the Chinese man who was sitting outside the building which was known as the prostitutes' accomodation, and who used the cardboard as an umbrella while coming over to the scene.

The Chinese man came over, inspected the situation,
and shouted for the other Indian guard of the parking area.

So there were a Malay biker in raincoat,
2 Indian parking guards who have plastic bags on their heads,
and a Chinese man who used a cardboard as the umbrella,
plus a weak Chinese girl (-.-) in hoodies in the scene.

The Chinese man then asked me to get into the car,
tried to reverse the car while 4 of them pushed the car off the longkang.

I followed his direction,
got into the car,
and what got into my sight was the faces of 4 serious men pushing the car.
(I thought of capturing this touching moments.
But I think I will be scolded kao kao if I were to take out my phone)

In 2 seconds time, the car was managed to be pushed off from the drain.


I got teary once I felt that they were able to make it.
You know what's macho???
They are!!!

All of them waved at me, flashed me their smile, and went off respectively.

I didn't even have the chance to thank them!!!

I only have 30 bucks in my wallet and I gave all of them to the parking guards, who, were attempted to refuse at first.
Okayla, of course at last they accepted it on my insistence.

I learnt a really big lesson today.
People whom you normally don't look at, may be one who give you the assistance when you are in need of it.
It's ironic.
I see the selfishness and the selflessness on different people in 15 minutes.
Those who give me a hand without hesitation,
I hereby give them my deepest respect.

As for the selfish Unser driver,
I curse you to have no one to give you assistance when you encounter the same problem.

And sorry, my car.
It's the 2nd incident happen to you thus far.
I will try to avoid the 3rd, I promise.

*update: several people brought up the issue of 1Malaysia.
Indeed, if there were a story writing competition for the purpose of supporting 1Malaysia,
perhaps I could win eh~*

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Not mine, of course.

I can't even smell it.Was just the photographer.
(what? keep skin la.
call yourselves a photographer wor.
Carrying an SLR doesn't automatically make you a photographer.

(I'm talking to myself again.
I really should stop talking to myself eh.
It's getting serious)

Anyway, I wanted to take some artsy pictures of the graduation hat and the certificate holder - it's the core symbol of the graduation anyway,
but my friend, Fai, refuse to take off the graduation hat because he said that his hair would be very messy if he did so.

Eh, I ask you,
sui or not???
Quite sui right?
I tell you, if you are not pretty (like me),
and fat (like me),
and not so photogenic (like me),
go ahead and ask your friend to snap some pictures of you from this angle,
it contributes much in concealing all the ugliness eh.
Good job Cheq~

This is Cheq btw.
The sweetest couple in the universe.
I tell you, whenever he steps on the brake,
he will put his left hand in front of the girl for protection.
When I tell my friend this,
she asked me,
'then what is the seating belt for??'



Anyway.Zhong hai.

I have no idea on what to write anymore.

I put up this post just for the sake of putting up my sui picture.
It's rare alright?

Those who attended.
(I wanted to write in BM but I had forgotten what's attendants in Malay.
Penghadir? Hadiran? Whatever)
You guys just wait.
Next year.
Since you guys are working by then, I expect super large bouquet of flowers.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

6 types of conversation which turn me off on MSN

Inspired by the badboy - The facebook Freaks That I won't Approve.
Am pretty angry with some of the people who chatter with me on Msn.

Let's take a look at some of them.

1. How are you??

It is my own problem.
Basically there is nothing wrong at all about it.

Nevertheless, it is so frequently used to the extend that people out there are abusing it.

Yes, it is absolutely normal to greet someone with 'how are you?'
I shouldn't say that people had overused it as if I said so, I would have implied that people overused 'yo', 'hi' as well right??

I just feel that it is the most unimpressive and boring greeting line in the world.
It is so conventional to the extent that I don't feel sincerity when they toss me this question.


Please please please - do not use this line while chatting with me.

2. The religious follower

It is interrelated with the abovementioned boring opening line.

So I suggested them,

'Perhaps you could start the conversation by referring to my personal message?'

So their learnt the lesson - religiously.

If I put my PM as 'yay! I had smoked salmon today.'
They would go like 'Oh you had smoked salmon today?'
If I put it as 'Gah... my legs hurt.'
They would go like 'Oh your legs hurt?'

They basically just copied whatever written as my personal message.

Hello. Be creative guys.

Remember the 5Ws??? Those you have learned in your standard 1 english language lesson?

Yea. Some of them are better. 'Oh so good. You had smoked salmon today...'
Yea. With an addition of compliments.
So what do you expect me to reply?


3. Haha. Icic. ----- Why so quiet?
So I answered some questions.

Then that was their reply.

Haha. Icic.

Then I remained silence.

Brilliant them break the silence by asking, 'Why so quiet?'

I feel especially geram when they ask so.

Come on guys, what do you expect me to answer when your reply is merely 'haha. icic.'??
First of all, I will come out with some other interesting topic if yours are able to grab my attention.
But sorry lor, you guys keep asking questions like,
'where do you study?'
'how old are you?'
'are you still working?'

And upon asking those, you guys reply 'icic.'

Seriously, I really don't bother coming out with any other topics lor.

4. Webcam?

It's our first conversation.

It's so unfair alright?

I want something mutual.
I mean, I don't mind if you are willing to show your face too.

Nevertheless, that's not the fact!!!

I could only see the very cute cammie icon near the corner of my window - where's yours?

So you expect me to show myself off without knowing what's happening there?


5. Sex. Sex. and Sex.... And more sex....

'Have you ever had sex?'
Does that bother you? My real friends would never asked me this question.
Yea. I understand.
They won't ask their real friends this question as well.
So what if they know the truth?
Will they reach orgasm faster if you get to know that I'm a virgin?

'Do you mind having some safe fun?'
Pretty normal for someone who offer sex right?
Good try people.
And NO. People.

'Do you masturbate?'
I really have no idea of why do people want to know about this.
Like us girls, we never asked this question -
it could be that we are not interested in that,
or that we know that you guys probably do.

Duh. Perv. Very irritating alright?

*Newly added.*

6) The boyfriend issue

'You do this this this, your boyfriend won't get angry meh?'
'Why online arrr.. your boyfriend didn't teman you meh?'

I'm not sure why but the word 'teman' is really frequently used.

Anyway that's not my point.

It is one of the tactic of which they get the information of your relationship status.
One of the worst tactic I would say.

Most of them (I can't firmly say all of them but so far I can't think of any exceptions) are able to access to my facebook account.
It is so crystal clear that I have put my relationship status as 'single'.
When I slap their face with this argument, they would go like...

'Maybe you lied over there leh...'
'Maybe you forgotten to update your status leh...'


If I really want to lie, I could have just lied on your face.

Moreover, so what if I am attached?
Can't the attached girls have additional friends?
So your ultimate purpose of chatting with me is that to get me as your girlfriend?
Isn't is no such things as pure friends in the cyber world?

Yea. I know.
Since you are attached, no point of me wasting time on you anymore.
I would rather spend more time in tackling the singles and availables.

Guys. Tsk tsk tsk.

I met most of those brilliant ones from some events.
It's like a convention to exchange e-mail address right?
So yea. This is how they get to add me as their contact.
Haiyah. These people, die die wanna make people speechless.

The list might go on if any strikes my mine.

*yes la I am that hard to please.
But come to think of it, I chat with someone not because I want to please that someone.
I don't chat to please.*

Thursday, November 5, 2009

4 tits.. are you kidding me??

Yes, I have been talking a lot about dreams lately.

And yes, this is about my dream again.

I had this really weird one this morning that I have 4 tits.
Alright, having 4 tits does not indicate that I have 2 pairs of boobs,
I still have 1 pair as usual.
Two of them are at the usual spots while the other two were under it.

I thought I'm a pig or a cat or a dog or a hamster or what??
Only those mammals were created to have many pairs of tits alright??
We human (yes we are mammals too but we usually don't give birth to so many babies at once) are only gifted one pair of it.

Even me myself was shocked.
I didn't see it as normal one.
You know, sometimes, in your dream, you would treat something which were totally did not make sense normal.

It did not happen in this case.
I really did not know what to do when I found out so because it was really too disgusting.

Then somehow, I woke up - found out that it was 9.31a.m.

I will be having class at 10a.m.

I usually wake up at 8.30a.m. to get everything ready!!!!
I did set the alarm but somehow I turned it off!!!

In the end, I was 20 minutes late to class.

What a good morning I had here.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Canopy Walk

I was uber excited because of I knew that I got to eat something yummy~~

Hear me?? F.O.O.D. food~~

Me and my family members were heading to a really good restaurant, a restaurant which was located at the other side of the hill.

Prior to that, we had to gone through a canopy bridge.Yeap. Something like this.
But it was way more dangerous than this.

Anyway, back to the story.

Enthusiastically, my sister and my mom started to walk.

When I took the first step out, intimidation crawled upon me.

It wasn't the usual canopy.
It was one which made by merely ropes,
something even worse than one which was shown in the picture.

I felt no fear at all in the picture.
The canopy was made by some wood but it was rather steady,
as contrast to the rope.

You know what's worse?

I saw something like this from the canopy itself.

For God's sake, it is THAT high!!!
(it is a picture taken from the plane. Can you imagine a canopy bridge which is high like that??)

I could even see clouds when I took my first step out!!

Goodness. I can't do it. I stepped aside, went to the playground nearby, and started to cry.

No. It was too scary...


Yeap. That's the word.

I didn't experience the same when I hiked mount K, neither did I feel the same when I went across the canopy bridge shown in the picture above. My fear for height applied to some other stuff. Like...

Ferris wheel.

I cried during a ride in Eyes On Malaysia - Melaka.

You know what's worse??
I even didn't dare to open my eyes during in that Wagon Wheel ride.
Yeap. The Wagon Wheel at Sunway Lagoon.

Back to acrophobia.

i don't feel fear for height when I was going across the canopy walk!!

So how???

I just wanna eat!!! I had to go across it!!!

But NO!!!!!!

It was.. really... way too scary...
I really can't do it!!!

But we were there already....

And then I woke up. I was on my couch, at the basement.

My eyes hurt because I accidentally fall asleep while still wearing the lens.

I still can feel the fear.....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Meeting with my ex

Both of us have grown up a lot.
Apparently, the content of our conversation is more mature than the last one we had.

Strange enough, we were walking side by side in my high school, along the labs.

It was really comfortable to be friends again.

He was wearing the pair of khaki slacks with that U2 shirts.
I was the one who went to the tailor with him and the shirt was given by me.

It didn't happen in real.

I had a dream about it last night.

We lost contact anyway. =)

Monday, November 2, 2009

The source of Omega-3 fatty acids

Yerr. The title doesn't sound very tempting right???


Wakakakakakakakakakakaka this whole piece is mine alright????

Too bad.
Am prohibited to eat the uncooked version.

'You'll get poisoned if you eat raw meat arrrrrrrr....'
That's what my grandma told me.


How should I cook it???
No I don't wanna grill it nor I want to bake it.
I have once baked it once with some HP sauce and it all covered up its freshness.
What about steaming??
Hmmm... I just simply do not feel like steaming it...
Dry fry it without adding any oil and then serve it with lemon juice!!
That sounds so fresh!!
Okay~ Decided~

Off I go now!!

(crap I'm suffering from split personality. I realise that I'm talking to myself)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween at Mist Club

I excitedly browsed through the pictures that I had taken earlier.
Hmm I look gorgeous in this picture. Ah this.. it's not so good. I see my double chin. Aiyer... April is really my best partner-in-crime.


Who is this person in the picture?
I don't remember meeting with this person afterall.
He's in this picture.
Oh and.... this... too.
And to my greatest horror, he is also seen in a picture of me and April camwhore in the...


This expressionless pale face.
Which was stucked between mine and April's.

Crap. We didn't even realise that!!
Everyone dress like some supernatural creature in the party and we'd never expected to meet a...

Real one.


Okay when you see this expression of mine, you know that I'm lying already.
I have wild imagination over this kind of costume party.
I always thought of bumping up with a real one but apparently, I am fortunate to not meet with one.
I wonder why people so pantang during the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar to the extent that we have to go out less at night to avoid accidents or so but being so eager into the western Halloween.

So as titled, me and April went to Mist Club, Bangsar.

Sorry, being someone who is really stingy, the reason I picked Mist Club over Zouk is because it is confirmed that Mist Club give free access for all the ladies, which, apparently, I am one. -.- ; Zouk only give free access for those who dress in fancy outfit, which, I have no idea of how to be fancy in the first place.

My reason of going to a halloween party is that because I wanna see the way people dressing.
Me myself didn't really dress up fancily.
You wouldn't have guessed what did I dress up as.Haha green is for desperately available or something. Arms are enormous. Hmm. Yes. Diet plan is still on.

(Now I see it... I am SUPER available... duh despo....)

Well, I attempted to be a candy girl.
The dress is okay. It's colorful enough to be related to candies.
I have what I wanted to be in mind but..
I don't have much candy-color accessories in hand.
And I don't have opaque red, blue, yellow which could create candy-feel make up.
Therefore, I basically screwed up the whole thing.
Gah whatever la. I failed miserably.

The party wasn't too boring afterall, which I have expected the contrary.
It was hosted by some Mixfm DJs so... yea... Since they are DJs, it couldn't be any terrible.
Not much of the attendants dress in fancy outfits, so... not much of pictures taken then.
Jolene Chan the Miss Astro donno what year.

Good thing being, entrance is free.
And April was lucky enough to be picked to play some game, which, in exchange, she was able to get 2 GSC tickets of 2012 (it's a name of a movie, if you are wondering).
Fortunately she didn't flirt with this guy. His girlfriend was standing beside me while the game is on.

And my luck wasn't that bad either, I won 2 Whitney Houston CDs from a lucky draw!!!Thanks to Yang for the picture.

You know, my Whitney Houston CDs was considered as a very good prize alright??
At least I got something ... which is of more value, instead of bananas and adult diapers.

It's memang mensiasuikan if you get a bunch of bananas and a pack of adult diapers after doing something that would be considered as embarrassing on the stage.
So my task was to act as if I admire Mr. Incredible's muscle a lot.
Hahahaha. Why give me such an easy task?
I went on and acted like I love those muscles to bits, and, went on to move my fingers around his chest muscle and.. squeeze it.
Don't be jealous because I was manage to squeeze his chest.

Nothing special. Sponge-like.
In fact, it's made of sponge. Of course it's sponge-like. What do I expect then... duh...
I guess he must felt really hot and couldn't wait to take off that suit that night.
A portable sauna treatment, how creative that idea could be!

So... yealar...
Nothing exciting happened.
The dancers of thriller.

Conclusion, I should have taken more pictures instead of dancing.
Now feel like damn few pictures that I had taken. Sigh.