Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Plan crashed in Alexis

So few weeks ago, I fall for a guy.
Yealar infatuation again.
I'm so bored with it to the extend I almost get immuned to it.
Same extent of happiness, same extent of disappointment, same extent for everything.
And I know that there is no room of development for me and him, like previous cases.
Yea I will spend the rest of my life on foolishly attracted to some random guys.

Wait. That's not my point.

So I said, plan crashed.
Said plan being diet plan, as usual.
Yea you are bored with me talking about weights.
BTW, I did write that I wanted to lose weight because a korean Star I used to like weigh almost the same as me but he is not the one who has infatuated me.
I am childish, but not that extent.

Anyway. Again.

My plan crashed because I couldn't resist the temptation of the sweetness.
For God's sake, those are merely combination of flours, sugars, creams, eggs, butter and heat- what's so fascinating???
I wouldn't have been so fat if I know the answer.

Look at these.
Align CenterMine and Shirleen's choice - Black and White Chocolate and Chocolate Moist (which, contrary to the name, is rather dry. I swear I can bake some more moist one)

*more moist sounds funny but I have checked it. The word 'moister' is not of existence*

Tell you what. The middle layer of the Black and White chocolate cake is PURE HEAVEN. You would never get the same satisfaction from eating veggie or fruits. Sadly, the white frosting has misrepresented itself to be white chocolate - whereas it's just some tasteless cream. Cream then cream la, you really don't have to act as if you are white chocolate alright???


Sorry salad. I picked them over you.
Dear salad, I know you are cursing me now, but the fact is that, I will be fat forever without your curse.

Last but not least, obligatory group picture.

Contrary to their jokes, the postures are rather boring....

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