Friday, November 12, 2010

1111 Happy Singles' Day

Yo this is so yesterday, literally.

I didn't want to stay home because I wanted to celebrate this very special day (eh you thought everyone has the chance to celebrate huh? You, you, you, you and you and you and you also, go on and celebrate your Valentine's 七夕 etc etc etc *sour),
hence two of my besties were dragged out despite that one of them and I have to work on the very next day.
(and one of them is not even single)

Xuan music cafe @ Kuchai Lama is a place which we've always wanted to be.
One reason is that Yim Fui (original name Ying Huey)'s sister-in-law, a cafe singer is of the opinion that Xuan's singers sing well.

Another is that one day, we passed by Xuan and we saw that only a pathetic few of them occupy the table. We felt sad for the singers who can have interaction with no one except among themselves so we decided to do them a favour by paying them a visit and by giving them a chance to interact with us.

So Miao Yii (original name Mei Yi) and I both ordered some unusual drink - Roselle tea and black date vinegar. Yim Fui's was pretty ordinary - tomato juice. It's just that her tomato juice was yellow in colour instead of red. Okay my knowledge on plants is not that bad, I do realise that there are yellow tomatoes.

And Yim Fui had been busy playing this mind-fucking stuff.
I stopped playing while I had the contemplation to tear the whole thing apart.

The cafe closed at 1am and we ought to sleep by that time because as I have mentioned, both Miao Yii and I have to work and Yim Fui had been sleeping less than 15 hours in 3 days due to exam preparation. Superwoman or what??? I thought me sleeping less than 10 hours in 2 days is very geng already.

Next, we went to a place which is open all day long, my house.
(how come I feel cheesy saying so?)

So we spent 3 hours on playing with Carpy, attacking each other's acupuncture points, and playing different variations of Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars on the piano.

And then it was 4am.
Which, I had only less than 4 hours to sleep.
Upon sending them back and washing up, it was already 4.20am.

So I came up of a brilliant way to prevent myself from oversleeping,
that was to sleep on the couch in the living room.
I am a light sleeper and I know that I would be awaken when my grandma open the gate.
And I thought that I would have no problem falling asleep as that is my usual napping spot.

You know what?
God read my mine, my wish was granted.
Now not only that I did not oversleep and will not be late for work, I have sufficient time to write as well.

I did not get to sleep at all.
I closed my eyes,
but something kept on running in my mind.
I wished I were dreaming but whenever I wanted to open my eyes, I could.
I hadn't fall asleep at all la.
Don't you envy that God treats me so well?

How laaaaaa??
I feel very de sleepy and it's raining now and it's good to sleep but I can't!!!!

Okay geh... 3 hours of teaching wouldn't kill me.
And after that, I have 5 hours to sleep before I go to my night lecture.
It will work out well, I believe.

Oh yea, it's time for preparation.
Good morning.
And Happy Singles' Day.
My nostrils said hello.

Are you thinking, no wonder she is single...?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weekly dine out at Poco Homemade

One day, I told my family,
we shall not stick to home-cooked food.
Yes yes yes it is a nontroversy that home-cooked food is very healthy and cheap but...

Malaysia is a gastronomical heaven,
food reviews have been spreading around and really, it's such a waste for not to try them out.

Actually I'm not that of a great sister/granddaughter/niece la-
I want to dine out at new places and I feel too paiseh to find a long term companion hence I drag my family members into picture.
Blame my esurience.

So that's it.
Every Tuesday.
New places. Same faces.
The rules are pretty simple - there shall be no repetition.

You just have to cincai dook the GPS,
and an uber long list of restaurants would appear before your eyes,
They want to repeat also cannot lah.

This is the... 4th or 5th week.
Finally I made myself to a place which I have always wanted to go.
(even before they move to Bangsar!)

Neh. There it is.
Eh I tell you,
I didn't know photography is strictly prohibited until I saw the phrase on their website.
It seemed like the waitress was okay with it.
She didn't stop me from doing so and there is no sign in the cafe which indicates so...

So we just happily snapping around la.

Oh by the way, it took them quite a while for the food to be served.
I might have lost my patience if not for their quaint decorations...And adorable creatures.
Now who say we look alike???

Nah this is the tofu cake I've always wanted to try.
Basically the cake consist of 3 layers - cheese at the top, tofu in the middle and bottomed with crusts.


Was it cheese?
Can't really remember.
Don't scold me if I got it wrong.

In short, I like it~
We finally don't look alike.
While taking the portraits,
we didn't know each other's expressions.

But sisters being sisters,
both of us pout, in different pictures.
And both of us smile too, in different pictures as well.

Monday, November 8, 2010

OverTime which we had to pay for

It sounds like we were the boss.

Firstly, I have to thank my friend Hafez for inviting us to the Flynnivessary concert set at KL Live.
I really feel sorry for wasted a ticket which entitled for admission of two heads.

Truth is, I didn't really enjoy watching the concert.
I love music - zero doubt about it.
Sad to say, I couldn't be able to find a nice spot to watch!
It was crowded even in a VIP area...

Well, only if those in front of us could sit down.

Then again, who would want to sit while watching a rock concert?

So, (sorry Hafez! If you are reading...) we decided to head to somewhere else,
somewhere of which we could enjoy ourselves better.

Then when we happily stepped out of the Life Centre,
it was raining...

Potong steam betul.

No fear!
You think a little downpour could dampen our mood??!
We were so determined to have fun that nothing could stop us!!
(only if this passion is applied in work...)

So, we decided to head to the next door to enjoy a drink or two.

By drinks, I mean mocktail. Or juice.

April and I are more of warm tea rather cold beer people.
We do drink, occasionally but if given a choice, we would opt for some non-alcoholic drinks.

I really don't understand leh why should we pay to get suffered:
Blush! (They said that this is the sign of good blood circulation)
Puke! (I have very low tolerance for alcohols)
Rashes! (Is that allergy?)
Floats! (I can't even walk properly I feel like a soul without its body)
Glares! (It's difficult to drive when every light you see glares at you)

While we were enjoying the songs played by the live band,
an uncle approached us.

Don't think too much,
he wasn't trying to flirt with us,
he was doing his job - he is none other but the manager of the lounge's.

See, things do not always sail smoothly along our will.
(that's why I am still single grrrrrrrr)
The manager spent us 1 pint (or half) of their signature Starker fresh beer each.

While we were drinking, he kept on promoting how amazing and rare and unique their fresh beers were.

Okay, I would say that that is the smoothest beer I have ever had in my life.
Kilkenny used to be my favourite but now Starker is at the top of the list. (sorry Guinness I don't like you!)
Well, Overtime is the only place which offer such drinks though.

Anyway!! I am saying so not because I got it for free!!
We still got blushed from drinking them!!

No difference from other alcoholic drinks wokeh??
It's quite mild, I didn't vomit though.

Right, spare the drinks, and back to Overtime.

I always enjoy watching live band because of the musicians.

I admire musically inclined souls.
See, I am easily infatuated with musicians, regardless of how gross they are when they are not attached to their instruments.
Well, it's like an on-off button.
Whenever they started playing the instruments, the feeling of infatuation would flow to the mind and once they stopped it, the gate would shut and I would feel deh what was I thinking?

One thing I notice is that I usually infatuated with musicians who play musical instruments that I can't play. Hence I have never had any feeling for a pianist or keyboardist.
This is one of the reasons of I picking up the bass guitar (another one of it is that I look cool!! Well, at least I am honest. Okay further more, I am curious).
If I can play the bass guitar, I wouldn't get infatuated with bassist anymore.


Have I gone too far?

I tell you, if I were writing an essay in the high school,
my marks would have been deducted tremendously because I kept on inserting irrelevant points.

That is because I have nothing much to write about Overtime anymore.
Oh yea they have cute waitresses in cute costumes (who spend half of their working time playing with phone in the toilet) so if you have a fetish for that by all means, pay them a visit.

And since things always go against our will,
I shall now declare,
I want to stay single for life...

Err dare not to shout too loud because I afraid that God might grant me the wish.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nothing beats going out with the soulamate

When it is a public holiday, you would feel mental imbalance if you stay home, doing assignments.

Although recently I get addicted to assignments, i.e., whenever I have one done, I would feel uber satisfied, I still need to get out occasionally.

Hence, the soulamates' hang out.

No. No typo.
The a is meant to be there.
(the word is originated from typo though)

*nanana are you scrolling up and down trying to match the mouths with the eyes??*

Somehow I wished that it could be a 4-people-outing.

Okay regardless from what angle Mei Yi tried to shoot and what position I attempted to shift,
our kawan would be in the picture.
Alright I understand. All he wants in his life is to have a picture taken with me.

Yo my baybee's daddy,
I hereby command you to appear before me as soon as possible.
what takes you so long?

Monday, November 1, 2010

the person who gave birth to me was given birth on this day in the history!!

You know who she is.

okay basically this is some last minute work.

I was playing Godfinger when I saw my sister, accompanied by a pile of decades old albums, scanning some old pictures.

She told me that it was mom's birthday and she needed to do something.
Erm.... her mom is my mom, of course.
So... as in...
By right, I need to do something too... right?

While I was still thinking of what should I do, she asked me why couldn't she put the scanned pictures onto Picasa.

Of course.

She saved all the pictures in PDF form, which could only opened by the Adobe Reader.

She then painstakingly rescanned all the pictures again.

That was when I thought that... Hey...perhaps I could give her a hand.

So that's it.
This video.

Compiled by my sister.
Edited by mua.

We can be quite awesome la.

Maybe I should thank the person who gave birth to the person who gave birth to me because without her, I wouldn't had been given birth and wouldn't be able to lead such wonderful life.