Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weekly dine out at Poco Homemade

One day, I told my family,
we shall not stick to home-cooked food.
Yes yes yes it is a nontroversy that home-cooked food is very healthy and cheap but...

Malaysia is a gastronomical heaven,
food reviews have been spreading around and really, it's such a waste for not to try them out.

Actually I'm not that of a great sister/granddaughter/niece la-
I want to dine out at new places and I feel too paiseh to find a long term companion hence I drag my family members into picture.
Blame my esurience.

So that's it.
Every Tuesday.
New places. Same faces.
The rules are pretty simple - there shall be no repetition.

You just have to cincai dook the GPS,
and an uber long list of restaurants would appear before your eyes,
They want to repeat also cannot lah.

This is the... 4th or 5th week.
Finally I made myself to a place which I have always wanted to go.
(even before they move to Bangsar!)

Neh. There it is.
Eh I tell you,
I didn't know photography is strictly prohibited until I saw the phrase on their website.
It seemed like the waitress was okay with it.
She didn't stop me from doing so and there is no sign in the cafe which indicates so...

So we just happily snapping around la.

Oh by the way, it took them quite a while for the food to be served.
I might have lost my patience if not for their quaint decorations...And adorable creatures.
Now who say we look alike???

Nah this is the tofu cake I've always wanted to try.
Basically the cake consist of 3 layers - cheese at the top, tofu in the middle and bottomed with crusts.


Was it cheese?
Can't really remember.
Don't scold me if I got it wrong.

In short, I like it~
We finally don't look alike.
While taking the portraits,
we didn't know each other's expressions.

But sisters being sisters,
both of us pout, in different pictures.
And both of us smile too, in different pictures as well.

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