Monday, November 1, 2010

the person who gave birth to me was given birth on this day in the history!!

You know who she is.

okay basically this is some last minute work.

I was playing Godfinger when I saw my sister, accompanied by a pile of decades old albums, scanning some old pictures.

She told me that it was mom's birthday and she needed to do something.
Erm.... her mom is my mom, of course.
So... as in...
By right, I need to do something too... right?

While I was still thinking of what should I do, she asked me why couldn't she put the scanned pictures onto Picasa.

Of course.

She saved all the pictures in PDF form, which could only opened by the Adobe Reader.

She then painstakingly rescanned all the pictures again.

That was when I thought that... Hey...perhaps I could give her a hand.

So that's it.
This video.

Compiled by my sister.
Edited by mua.

We can be quite awesome la.

Maybe I should thank the person who gave birth to the person who gave birth to me because without her, I wouldn't had been given birth and wouldn't be able to lead such wonderful life.


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Anonymous said...

that's sooooo sweet... Happy birthday to your mom.. :)

cherylmeryl said...

thanks ppl~ =)