Monday, November 8, 2010

OverTime which we had to pay for

It sounds like we were the boss.

Firstly, I have to thank my friend Hafez for inviting us to the Flynnivessary concert set at KL Live.
I really feel sorry for wasted a ticket which entitled for admission of two heads.

Truth is, I didn't really enjoy watching the concert.
I love music - zero doubt about it.
Sad to say, I couldn't be able to find a nice spot to watch!
It was crowded even in a VIP area...

Well, only if those in front of us could sit down.

Then again, who would want to sit while watching a rock concert?

So, (sorry Hafez! If you are reading...) we decided to head to somewhere else,
somewhere of which we could enjoy ourselves better.

Then when we happily stepped out of the Life Centre,
it was raining...

Potong steam betul.

No fear!
You think a little downpour could dampen our mood??!
We were so determined to have fun that nothing could stop us!!
(only if this passion is applied in work...)

So, we decided to head to the next door to enjoy a drink or two.

By drinks, I mean mocktail. Or juice.

April and I are more of warm tea rather cold beer people.
We do drink, occasionally but if given a choice, we would opt for some non-alcoholic drinks.

I really don't understand leh why should we pay to get suffered:
Blush! (They said that this is the sign of good blood circulation)
Puke! (I have very low tolerance for alcohols)
Rashes! (Is that allergy?)
Floats! (I can't even walk properly I feel like a soul without its body)
Glares! (It's difficult to drive when every light you see glares at you)

While we were enjoying the songs played by the live band,
an uncle approached us.

Don't think too much,
he wasn't trying to flirt with us,
he was doing his job - he is none other but the manager of the lounge's.

See, things do not always sail smoothly along our will.
(that's why I am still single grrrrrrrr)
The manager spent us 1 pint (or half) of their signature Starker fresh beer each.

While we were drinking, he kept on promoting how amazing and rare and unique their fresh beers were.

Okay, I would say that that is the smoothest beer I have ever had in my life.
Kilkenny used to be my favourite but now Starker is at the top of the list. (sorry Guinness I don't like you!)
Well, Overtime is the only place which offer such drinks though.

Anyway!! I am saying so not because I got it for free!!
We still got blushed from drinking them!!

No difference from other alcoholic drinks wokeh??
It's quite mild, I didn't vomit though.

Right, spare the drinks, and back to Overtime.

I always enjoy watching live band because of the musicians.

I admire musically inclined souls.
See, I am easily infatuated with musicians, regardless of how gross they are when they are not attached to their instruments.
Well, it's like an on-off button.
Whenever they started playing the instruments, the feeling of infatuation would flow to the mind and once they stopped it, the gate would shut and I would feel deh what was I thinking?

One thing I notice is that I usually infatuated with musicians who play musical instruments that I can't play. Hence I have never had any feeling for a pianist or keyboardist.
This is one of the reasons of I picking up the bass guitar (another one of it is that I look cool!! Well, at least I am honest. Okay further more, I am curious).
If I can play the bass guitar, I wouldn't get infatuated with bassist anymore.


Have I gone too far?

I tell you, if I were writing an essay in the high school,
my marks would have been deducted tremendously because I kept on inserting irrelevant points.

That is because I have nothing much to write about Overtime anymore.
Oh yea they have cute waitresses in cute costumes (who spend half of their working time playing with phone in the toilet) so if you have a fetish for that by all means, pay them a visit.

And since things always go against our will,
I shall now declare,
I want to stay single for life...

Err dare not to shout too loud because I afraid that God might grant me the wish.

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