Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hamka Christmas

So there is this high school clique of which we named it 'the Hamka gang'.

Taking Stitch's tone,

Hamka means family.
(in cantonese)

What a heartwarming name our clique has~

Anyway, for the very first time,
the Hamka family spend this nothing special occasion in the club.

I can't believe that after knowing each other for almost a decade,
we have not been to a club - not even once man.

This is the first time,
and I have a feeling that it would be the last as well.

No, nothing unhappy happened.
We had absolute fun that night~
It's just, I bet that the guys are still prefer gaming...
we girls still prefer exchanging gossips.

I feel truly blessed that this bunch of friends are sent to me.
They are definitely those, who you can brainlessly rely on when you are in some crappy situation.
(brainlessly sound so wrong.. but.. anything la)
One day, if I get abandoned by the world,
I know that I still have my family and them with me.

I heart them, sincerely, especially she who never showed irritation when I kept on blasting her with my crushes' stories.

People, I wish that whatever wishes you have made that night would become the truth at this time of next year~

p/s: I want a big bouquet of flowers on my graduation!

More pictures here...



I have been a good girl this year... ya?

That's why I got this from dad as xmas prezzie~
It is the most expensive wristlet I have ever had...
I will need to teach for about 40 hours to get this eh....

*Big wet eyes*

I will be a good girl again next year...
(not just for the gift of course...)

Merry Christmas people~!!
*still in trembling voice from crying*

*p/s: you really don't know me if you believe that I shed my tears for a wristlet*

The RM2.50 difference

Sounds like the slogan of some charity ad.

But no.
So, me and my sister bought some wall stickers,
which cost us RM2.50 each from the night market.

I should have taken a picture of the clean wall before sticking the flowers but I didn't do so because I was too eager to put them onto my wall.

Nah, here's a random picture of my sister playing cards on my bed, with the clean wall as background.
Not too clear though.

And here, the end result~

Yes, my sister even purposely bought cotton candy in order to create nicer effects.

'Like that only got feel ma...' According to her.

And look~
I even took the initiative to change my bed sheet to maximise the color coordination~~

Yes I know,
there is imperfection.
I couldn't find another pillow sheet of the same series...

Still not too bad ya???

(p/s: I have the feeling that something has gone really wrong with the phrase 'a wind ceows so cooe...' but I just blindly sticked them on in accordance to the sample...)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chameleon Chung

Call me Chung.
Chameleon Chung.
I'm no longer Cheryl for today.
I'm Chameleon.

A pink chameleon I am.

Or.. or.. or..
You may call me Cat Chung.
You have no way to deny that it is a cat costume although I didn't look like one at all when I had them on me - those are kids' costume afterall.

The cat and the chicken - which claimed that the cat would eat the chicken hence quickly took off the chicken costume because it did not want to be eaten.

And the only human who was so kind to help out the chicken on its costume.


I guess I'm getting lame.
I was commented to be so when I updated my status on facebook as:

You are forgiven for not thinking of me because if you do, your mind will have no room for other stuff-
afterall, I'm too fat. Wakakakakakaka.

Lame meh?

Not too bad right?

*no wonder I still don't have a boyfriend. Sigh*

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Shopping alone

Don't feel sympathized for me.
I know it sounds pity to shop alone but then I really enjoy doing so.
Please don't say that I purposely said so because I couldn't find a companion.
I did need a companion for shopping in PC fair but that's a different case.

I am super indecisive afterall.
And I love doing comparisons around.
It takes long time for me to shop.
I don't mind scratching my face by returning the shop which I find to have the best bargain after checking out everywhere else.

Christmas songs and christmas decorations do make me sad - it reminds me that I don't have a boyfriend yet.Till then.

It's a girl's car

So obvious okay?

Tell me which guy would stick falsies on the dashboard?

Well.. was sicked with the falsies the other night hence pulled it off once I got on the car.
Found that it's quite a quaint, hence left it there.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Plan crashed in Alexis

So few weeks ago, I fall for a guy.
Yealar infatuation again.
I'm so bored with it to the extend I almost get immuned to it.
Same extent of happiness, same extent of disappointment, same extent for everything.
And I know that there is no room of development for me and him, like previous cases.
Yea I will spend the rest of my life on foolishly attracted to some random guys.

Wait. That's not my point.

So I said, plan crashed.
Said plan being diet plan, as usual.
Yea you are bored with me talking about weights.
BTW, I did write that I wanted to lose weight because a korean Star I used to like weigh almost the same as me but he is not the one who has infatuated me.
I am childish, but not that extent.

Anyway. Again.

My plan crashed because I couldn't resist the temptation of the sweetness.
For God's sake, those are merely combination of flours, sugars, creams, eggs, butter and heat- what's so fascinating???
I wouldn't have been so fat if I know the answer.

Look at these.
Align CenterMine and Shirleen's choice - Black and White Chocolate and Chocolate Moist (which, contrary to the name, is rather dry. I swear I can bake some more moist one)

*more moist sounds funny but I have checked it. The word 'moister' is not of existence*

Tell you what. The middle layer of the Black and White chocolate cake is PURE HEAVEN. You would never get the same satisfaction from eating veggie or fruits. Sadly, the white frosting has misrepresented itself to be white chocolate - whereas it's just some tasteless cream. Cream then cream la, you really don't have to act as if you are white chocolate alright???


Sorry salad. I picked them over you.
Dear salad, I know you are cursing me now, but the fact is that, I will be fat forever without your curse.

Last but not least, obligatory group picture.

Contrary to their jokes, the postures are rather boring....

Not again....


*the end. ain't an incomplete post*