Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I can't wait to wake up because I know I will be having casserole for breakfast~!!!




Cheddar cheese.

Mushroom soup.


Waking up early in the morning is really wonderful~!!

p/s: I love my new oven~!!!

It's over~

I'm referring to this. Infatuation over someone.

This was suppose to be a very long post. I have included those days we had gone through which made him a really special crush but... I highlighted everything, and pressed BackSpace.

Since it's over now, and since it's just a crush, not even a relationship, there is no point writing it down in details I guess.

*why do you even want to write this post then?*

Well, I said in the previous post (by that, I mean the post regarding infatuation), I would let you guys know when I brought it to an end yea? Right.

And boy, it had been 4 months~!!! I thought it would only last for few hours or few days or few weeks leh. It's so unbelievable. In the very beginning, it was his talent which attracted me (okay, it is extremely easy for me to fall for a musician) but then.. 4 months? It's a very long infatuation I would say~

Sigh... my coming days will be some boring one without having someone running in my mind.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry belated Christmas

Did not spend my Christmas eve with my friends nor my boyfriend (as if I have one...-.-)

Saved it for my family instead.

It was not a silent night, but I would say that it was a peaceful one.

Did all sorts of crazy things while waiting the clock strikes 12.p/s: my little sai lou was doing this thing named 'Kuku Sotong' to my big sai lou.
It does not sound nice if I really explain it in depth.
Try to interpret it yourselves la.

Last but not least,
Hope that you had a blessed christmas too~!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I did it again

Remember how I left the parking ticket in the post office?

Here, if you don't even know it.

This time,
the car key.


I really should stop being so forgetful.

Someone, please wake me up.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm lovin' moment like this

Family, friends

Lack of anything?

Nay~ Am good~

Update soon~

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I've been really really really busy..

..and still busy.

Anyway, you have probably sick of seeing my face.

Meanwhile, let 2 of my favourite men to sub me at the moment.

Joanna, you still love him, ya?

Oh wait.
What do you mean that I'm a bad sister?

I'm doing that with their consent~~

Ciaoz. BRB.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Netball practice

Couldn't make it... cause it's still raining out there.

(at Mei Yee's room btw)
(using her lappie btw)
Yay. =.=

^_^ (=.=)

=.= sleepy eyes + eyebags =.=

Nah. Balls.
Balls again.

Ending of lame + vain post.
Time to practice.
It's 8.17am btw. =.=
Brain malfunctioning.
Couldn't think of better captions.

Suppose to be still in dreamland. Err.
We did practise. Trust us.
It did not last long though.
Ended up...

Us being us. Mmm.

And...Yeap. Us still being us.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

There is no excuse to be emo because...

1. I got to meet with my beloveds~!!!!!....

2. and watched Madagascar with them~!!!This picture has nothing to do with Madagascar.
I'm a good citizen I didn't take any picture in the cinema
(okay I actually did but it was too dark our face really couldn't be seen)
Hence just as well put an untitled picture to fill in the lacuna.

3. Even traffic jam was wonderful~!!!
4. Dinner was awesome too~!!!

Yeal... trying to lose weight...
life was just about counting calories...
First time eating without counting calories after 8 days of doing so..

5. And I got to eat cupcakes~!!!Eh I tell you what,
I wanted to pay a visit to Secret Receipe after dinner at Naili's.
Right before I step into SR,
a Malay guy (whose smile is really adorable) approached us and sold us cupcakes.
Am so lucky.

6. Oh and...I love myself??Not emo because I love myself?
yealar being emo is mentally harmful,
loving myself = don't wanna harm myself = no emo

7. I got to meet with my beloved.... soon!!!
Soon is like.. February 2009... haha

QQ!!!! WE MISS YOU~!!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm happy cleaning my room

Because my mop and my bucket are in matching rosy pink.



*ok done. So now I can roll on the floor when I'm bored*

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Emo + me

Emo, as in emoticons. Not emotional.
It's impossible for someone like me to be emo for so long.

I haven't tried out the built-in webcam ever since my dad gave me this lappie.

My dad did.*swt*

My beloveds did.
I was an extra =.=

How could I be left out????!!!


Stupid me!!
I should've used my goggles..
aiks.. nevermind..
layzee to edit..


Okay. It's just another boring night.

Ahem... Not much chances for me to show off my braces k?
Just bear with me la...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Ilustrate Potong Steam II

Was waiting for those Music Club late comers.
(Malaysian timing ma. Well)
While reading the text book of Law of Trusts.

Saw his name -which is same with one of the judges who gave some not so impreative views.
Potong steam.

Was syok syok studying okay?
(hello? Am I okay? studying Law of Trusts in syokness?)
It's very rare for me to study in the morning okay?

Total failure of concentration.
100% distracted.
Why must my crush's name same as that of the judge's??
Blame.. Erm.. Well..
No one I can really blame for me being out of focus.
Blame myself then.
Okay. Shall back to Law of Trusts now.

(by the way I haven't seen my name on any textbook yet)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Illustrate potong steam

Was listening to Christina Aguilera's Nasty Naughty Boy.
Was attending a virtual gathering.
Was chatting with someone special.
Was reading cases online.


Forced to sleep at 12a.m.

Boring view from my bed

Good night people.

p/s: another illustration of potong steam:
Raining on pasar malam night.

That is why I'm here.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I donno what I want

But I clearly know what I don't want.

I'm sicked with this opening line: HOW ARE YOU?

Yes I truly understand that people are being polite to me,
people might mean it when they said it - they might really want to know how I am doing.

Nevertheless, I feel sick with it.

Can't you guys just come out with some more bombastic opening line?
Yes, I don't know what I want you to come out with,


'HOW ARE YOU?' is simply too boring.
Please please please, do not greet me with 'how are you?'

I'm okay with 最近怎样啊?
In fact, I feel warm when my friends greet me in this way - especially when they are doing it face to face.

But no.. please don't say 'how are you'.
It sounds dry, insincere, conventional - it sounds so formal I don't like it.

I don't mind if you start with 'yo, woi, hey(try to avoid this, but yea, still better than how are you), wei, wassup, sup, how's your day, what did you do today, what are you wearing now, etc.etc.'

Or just go straight to whatever you wish to say.
It may sound rude but I hate things to be same all the time.

Please don't say 'how are you.'

Thank you very much.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My favourite man

To begin with, I quote Randy:
'cheap cadbury chocolate no point weh

and some more sendiri beli of course no effect lar..

aiyah.. find some knight in shining armour buy you
ferrero rocher or belgium chocs la...'

The whole story began with my crappy mood.
These few days, I've been very welcome-to-my-life-ish - for no reason.

Hence, I bought a bar of Cadbury's for therapy purpose.
So yea, that was what Randy told me when he got to know this.

Hmm... No wonder that I still felt welcome-to-my-life-ish after devouring half bar of chocolate.

Guess what?
He saw it.
He got to know that I sendiri beli Cadbury,
and he got me this~ ^^
Happy me with eyes smiling~

I'm not sure about the price,
but I don't care as long as someone bought it for me~

Okay okay another story.

This morning, I went to eat dim sum with him.
He saw me buying Nescafe.
(Haiyah I'm addicted to it - it's a must for me on Sunday classes.)

When I opened the fridge to get the pathetic Cadbury which have bought earlier,
I saw this~ ^^

Alright, by now you should know that who he is.

Well, I mean, who can be so freely entering my house and so freely open the fridge and refill the fridge with all sorts of stuff?

Well, it's his house, of course he can~!!!

As sum,
Nescafe + Donno-what-brand-and-I-Don't-really-care-as-long-as-someone-bought-it-for-me Chocolate + self bought half eaten Cadbury

I'm my daddy's girl~
I want my children's daddy to be like him too!!!!

(p/s: the relationship status in facebook is a prank.
It's not true that I'm in a relationship.
It is just a mutual agreement between me and April because we've got nothing better to do.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Seriously, where are you my guardian angel?

~~~UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!!!!! *few minutes after posting this entry*
My kawan yang terterterterterterterterbest messaged me on MSN~!!!
I'm *kinda* happy now~~
Ooowh my guardian angel is still with me~
STILL feeling down. Since this day.
I did feel good after drinking honeydew + cincau on Wednesday.
I did feel good after listening to Jason Mraz's on Wednesday.
But that was just on Wednesday.
I started to feel bad again on Thursday, and Friday.
I've tried mixing around with people.
Listening to gossips and jokes didn't really make me feel better though.
I've tried listening to Jason Mraz's. That song, lucky, to be precise.
That lively song didn't seem to work for me tonight.
I've tried playing piano.
It made me feel like crying. Wise decision to have stopped.
I've tried letting it out - by writing it down, which I'm doing now.
No. This is, indeed, useless. I'm still feeling crappy.
I wanted to try talking on phone.
I browsed through the phone list.
No. I don't feel like disturbing any of them.
Maybe I should try sleeping.
Btw, listening to Emi Fujita's made me feel sad.
I'm blaming PMS *again* for this. Whoa that's a long one.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Law Asia Conference Day 1

*kinda*continued from this post <-- those pictures were taken on the 3rd day

So thanks to Daniel Bong Cheng Hua, I've got the opportunity to participant the Law Asia Conference - as a volunteer. Muakaka. No regrets I tell you~

By the way, I looked crappy in most of the pictures because I've gained weight hence my face was super round and my body was fat and I have pinned my fringe and I was wearing braces and I didn't have my eyebrows properly drawn because I was too rush in that morning yadda yadda yadda .
Doesn't matter lar that is still me anyway.

Daytime was boring. Nothing much to do.
The scope of our job is pathetically narrow - to usher the delegates, who didn't really need to be ushered anyway.

Alright. Anyway.
Anson and me - not sure why the grab

Sathiya and Anson

Me and Sathiya

Navin and me

See I told you. Nothing much to talk about.
It is not that we were not allowed to take pictures while ushering.
Not really appropriate to do so though.

(p/s: my newly bought court shoes were killing me.
Thanks to Sathiya's plasters.
My legs wouldn't have survived until nighttime without her plasters)

Walala. Skip forward.

Night time.
Before going off to somewhere.
(where la? ish.)

Guess we are heading to?
Yealar, DINNER. Yes yes yes you are right.Be more precise lar.
Guess what?

*drum roll*

Carcosa Seri Negara~!!!

Ahem. Sorry. Please bear with my uluness.
I really have not been to any resident-general's place before.
Sir Frank Swettenham used to reside in this so-called 'King's House' leh~~~~~
Not sure if I still have the chance to go to this place,
hence, pictures, pictures and pictures.
(well I won't mind if my future hubby wanna have our wedding dinner here)

Cheers - for we have got the chance to enter Carcosa.
(no la they never meant so. They are not as ulu as I am)

Well that's not all okay...
This was our.. erm.. 5th? or 6th? round.

'Eat eat eat. No wonder you are so fat la.' Yes I truly appreciate that. Thank you.

My plate was full of food if you haven't realised yet. Nyahaha. Free food.
Unlimited murtabak, prawn fritters, fried eggs, (die.. what else... short term memory lost ishhhh), etc.etc.
Everyone has stopped eating. Alright you can see that the greedy me was still holding that bowl of ice kacang.
Nah stopped eating. Okay?
(actually my plate of meehoon was placed somewhere else, nyahaha)

Oklay sorry lar Rachel. was blocking. Btw the specky guy was the organising chairman of the conference.

With Edmund Bon Tai Soon the human rights lawyer.
The girls were of opinion that he is cute.. well.. it's subjective.
Lalala I accidentally taken a self-potrait picture with him - I just grabbed him along when he passed by. I didn't even know that he is this Edmund Bon. Laalalalala.
*what so bangga about duiz....*
I truly understand that I looked crappy here. But...they said.. 'act cute...' *innocent*
Alright. This is not cute. Thank you.
Last but not least...
Can't really see our faces though.End of day 1.
Wonderful. =)
Because there are free food~