Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blessed~~ ^^

People in this world are so nice~!
Asians are so nice~!
Aseans are so nice~!
Malaysians are so nice~!
West Malaysians are so nice~!
KLites are so nice~!
Cherasians are so nice~!

So I had been offered a hand from someone which makes me think like the world is so beautiful and everything around me seems so perfectly rosy~! (okay. ignore the fact that I still have 3 assignments in hand)

Well the story goes like this.

One bright morning I went to the post office for bills settlement. I was so blurred and was not really conscious with things happening around me.

I remembered I got the number, paid bills, and joined my grandma for grocery shopping.

*fast forward*

When I wanted to get the parking ticket stamped (free parking for purchase of RM25 and above at Giant), I realised that the parking ticket wasn't with me.
(I am super careless. Will blog about my carelessness one day)

Searched through my pockets, the cars, everywhere, and I couldn't find it. Damn it. Have to pay another RM15 (well it's Giant anyway) for ticket lost.

So brilliant me went back to the post office. The worker said 'mana saya tau?' when I approached her. Ceh. okaylor. RM15 RM15 lor. Pay lor.

When I was about to walk out from the post office, a very yeng zai Malay guy in army suit pointed at the floor. Yea, you got it right... it's my parking ticket~!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so touched okay?? It's a point of an angel, he's my saviour~!!! I don't have to pay RM15 for the parking and I get to park for free~~!!! Plus I don't have to be nagged by my grandma. Wakaka.

Okayla this is undeniably a very small case and I'm just a drama queen who tried to make things big.

Moral of the story, please offer your hand to the others whenever you are able to, and whenever you have the chance~ You wouldn't know how thankful they are to be...

So touched so touched... T.T

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