Thursday, October 2, 2008

Worst-dressed; Most meaningful

So I went to a Buddhist camp organised by Tzu Chi.With Ying Huey.

And I have to dress like...


Uniform. =.=
which, my bro described as the head of the stooon goddess.
(stooon is some Chung language, will explain to you guys one day)

At first, I really didn't get it.

3 buttons buttoned. Check.
Braids on both side. Check.
Ribbons on braids. Check.
Name tag on shirt. Check.
Shirt tucked in. Check.
Grandma's track bottom. Check.
White socks. Check.
White shoes. Check.

Check check check check check.

The shirt and the pants were even provided.

Since everyone dressed in the same way, you would be the odd one if you don't.

Nevertheless, I never regretted attending the camp - despite the fact that I have to wear the worst outfits that I have ever worn before.
(trust me, I would never ever ever ever ever button up the highest button.)

I would say that this is a camp which would heal your mind and soul. (walao. kua zhiong.)
(oh nonononono. I can't say walao. Walao sounds too harsh for me now.
No one has ever said this word in the camp. Walao walao walao.)

All those talks are damn meaningful man. It really made me think you know.
(should practise what I've preached. Be a soft spoken well mannered high EQ person. Hmm.)
It's difficult to describe here. You wouldn't understand unless you attend that camp.

And I love my groupmates to bits. They are really a bunch of nice people. So pure so innocent.
(okay maybe they see me as very pure an very innocent also.
no i wasn't acting. I was just influenced by them.)

and they ate really damn very little.
I was the one who had the best appetite in my group. Trust me.
I was wondering... which part to fill if you only eat that portion of food??????

Nah the only picture I have with them. =(
Btw we were not allowed to take pictures in the camp. Hence this is a really precious one.Me and my brothers sisters. Oh and my mamas.=)
Btw that sign indicates that we are from group 21. Forever 21~~ -.-

Btw, speaking of siblings, I met my godsister in my group.
Here, the very cute Yann Lie, who is also the goddaughter of Guan Yin's,
and who was born two days later than me~ =)No wonder we could click so well. Both of us are Virgos~!!!
She is that type of person whom I could sense that we could be more than acquaintance at my first sight.

Last but not least, Ying Huey who brought me to the camp~ =)
This picture was secretly taken in the dorm too.

I felt so sorry for leaving earlier. =(
I wanted to stay till the end but I couldn't. I feel like I have missed a lot..... =( =( =(
Will let you know the reason in the next post.


aLiya said...

the outfit is not that bad laR! its really not bad!! SERIOUSLY! * just in case u think im just joking about it*

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

[aliya] aiya you are not a good joker....