Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm not a Christian


Eh please la... do not add that word again when I make that statement.

*sensitive issue ahead. may find contents offensive*

I'm still having very strong faith in Buddhism, after attending a Christian family camp.
(6 lectures about Christianism. Sorry lor it could be that I'm dumb it could be that I'm slow but I couldn't understand.
Well I mean I understood what the lecturer was talking about, but couldn't really get the messages he was trying to sent)

Seriously you can't blame me for I'm not a believer wor.
How you feel about Buddhism is exactly how I feel about Christianism. Hmmm...

Anyway, I had fun.
(well it doesn't sound so convincing but well, enough said. I had fun. Long-winded speech doesn't seem to be really convincing - I learnt it from the lecturer. Wakaka)

Nah let you see some pictures of mine.
Sigh didn't really take pictures cause was in some camping mood instead of some picture-taking mood.


A 21-year-old with some 15-year-olds. Oh I'm so young at heart. Wakaka.

Okay I know my thighs are very wow. Needless to remind me about that.
(yea I know some of you are thinking - alar I won' t realise it if you don't say it. Whatever.)

Wow how relaxing. Come again? Was it a trip or a camp?
Well that's not all.

2nd day, went to Genting to get something formal for Sunday's worshiping. Well I didn't know that Christians have to dress properly on Sunday ma.

Okay didn't get to wear what I have bought anyway. Chosen to wear the camp shirt which everyone else was wearing.

The trip was damn sai hei man.

Oh no. Not sai hei. At least I discovered that I actually hate cable car ride.
Well.. I really didn't know.

Walao. Scary.. man. The only question in mind - Are we there yet??????
I really really really really hate cable car ride. Forced to smile. See. Damn pale man....
Finally... Wow still can feel it even looking at the pictures....
Palm get sweaty now....

Okay day 3. Shanghai night.
Not bad. Still can fit into that Cheongsam.Lalala me the bulb.
The bulbiest thing I have ever done is to go jacuzzi with them. They are nevertheless very nice~
Helped me out a lot.

Posers. -.-Erm.... What's his name again????

And me fighting with a kid.
What? He started it. hmph.
Okayla he was trying to give me a hand when I was about to fall. *sweeeeeet. That's y I love kids~~~~~~*

*wah motion blur effect. Zun.
Okayla my camera is undeniably not that good*

So kiuuuuuuuuttttttt~!!!!!!!

.... Hmm?? That's it....?
Yea I told u.. not much pictures were taken...

but seriously... I lurve you guys..... =(

p/s: eh how come I couldn't resize the pictures....?? pretty beh song looking at small pictures... duiz...

*pictures credit to Wing Chua*

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oo...u got acrophobia huh??