Friday, October 31, 2008

Lame jokes... be shared.

All of the following jokes were told by law students.

'Yerrrrr you look at those trees. So gay...'
'You know why they are gay?'
'Because they are not straight.'
*-.-||| so lame...*

'Okay I'm holding a bee now. *point to his fist* this is a bee.
*point to his eye* so what is in here?'
'Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.'
*-.- ||| lame lame lame lame lame....*

'What do you call a deer without an eye?'
'-.-? blind deer?'
'No idea. (no-eyed deer)
*-.- walao who created this... damn lame man...*

'Okay so what do you call a deer without eyes?'
'-.-?????????? what?'
'Still no idea. (yep. still no-eyed deer)

Law students. Yep we are.

Tomorrow will be meeting them again. Haha. Started to love them now...
(yea I like jokes btw. but please control the lameness.)

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