Friday, October 31, 2008

Lame jokes... be shared.

All of the following jokes were told by law students.

'Yerrrrr you look at those trees. So gay...'
'You know why they are gay?'
'Because they are not straight.'
*-.-||| so lame...*

'Okay I'm holding a bee now. *point to his fist* this is a bee.
*point to his eye* so what is in here?'
'Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.'
*-.- ||| lame lame lame lame lame....*

'What do you call a deer without an eye?'
'-.-? blind deer?'
'No idea. (no-eyed deer)
*-.- walao who created this... damn lame man...*

'Okay so what do you call a deer without eyes?'
'-.-?????????? what?'
'Still no idea. (yep. still no-eyed deer)

Law students. Yep we are.

Tomorrow will be meeting them again. Haha. Started to love them now...
(yea I like jokes btw. but please control the lameness.)

老师, 你肥了!!

(translation: 'Teacher you have gained weight!!!!!!!')*me took deep breath,
give her that nice-teacher-smile, *
'Do your work la... talk so much...'

真的, 你还肥过我妈妈l咯!!!!
(translation: 'Really, you are than my mommy lorr !!')

*me showing her this -.- expression. But she didn't see it. Cause she was doing her work*
'Harrr... do your work la... talk talk talk'

*she poked my tummy*
真的leh..... 这里...
(translation: really...... this part.....)

*me gave her this look -.-, and she saw it this time*

*she kept on giggling*


*me...... TICKLE!!!!!!!!!!*

Haha... you see... why I love my job...

Kids are so cute...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blessed~~ ^^

People in this world are so nice~!
Asians are so nice~!
Aseans are so nice~!
Malaysians are so nice~!
West Malaysians are so nice~!
KLites are so nice~!
Cherasians are so nice~!

So I had been offered a hand from someone which makes me think like the world is so beautiful and everything around me seems so perfectly rosy~! (okay. ignore the fact that I still have 3 assignments in hand)

Well the story goes like this.

One bright morning I went to the post office for bills settlement. I was so blurred and was not really conscious with things happening around me.

I remembered I got the number, paid bills, and joined my grandma for grocery shopping.

*fast forward*

When I wanted to get the parking ticket stamped (free parking for purchase of RM25 and above at Giant), I realised that the parking ticket wasn't with me.
(I am super careless. Will blog about my carelessness one day)

Searched through my pockets, the cars, everywhere, and I couldn't find it. Damn it. Have to pay another RM15 (well it's Giant anyway) for ticket lost.

So brilliant me went back to the post office. The worker said 'mana saya tau?' when I approached her. Ceh. okaylor. RM15 RM15 lor. Pay lor.

When I was about to walk out from the post office, a very yeng zai Malay guy in army suit pointed at the floor. Yea, you got it right... it's my parking ticket~!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so touched okay?? It's a point of an angel, he's my saviour~!!! I don't have to pay RM15 for the parking and I get to park for free~~!!! Plus I don't have to be nagged by my grandma. Wakaka.

Okayla this is undeniably a very small case and I'm just a drama queen who tried to make things big.

Moral of the story, please offer your hand to the others whenever you are able to, and whenever you have the chance~ You wouldn't know how thankful they are to be...

So touched so touched... T.T

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm not a Christian


Eh please la... do not add that word again when I make that statement.

*sensitive issue ahead. may find contents offensive*

I'm still having very strong faith in Buddhism, after attending a Christian family camp.
(6 lectures about Christianism. Sorry lor it could be that I'm dumb it could be that I'm slow but I couldn't understand.
Well I mean I understood what the lecturer was talking about, but couldn't really get the messages he was trying to sent)

Seriously you can't blame me for I'm not a believer wor.
How you feel about Buddhism is exactly how I feel about Christianism. Hmmm...

Anyway, I had fun.
(well it doesn't sound so convincing but well, enough said. I had fun. Long-winded speech doesn't seem to be really convincing - I learnt it from the lecturer. Wakaka)

Nah let you see some pictures of mine.
Sigh didn't really take pictures cause was in some camping mood instead of some picture-taking mood.


A 21-year-old with some 15-year-olds. Oh I'm so young at heart. Wakaka.

Okay I know my thighs are very wow. Needless to remind me about that.
(yea I know some of you are thinking - alar I won' t realise it if you don't say it. Whatever.)

Wow how relaxing. Come again? Was it a trip or a camp?
Well that's not all.

2nd day, went to Genting to get something formal for Sunday's worshiping. Well I didn't know that Christians have to dress properly on Sunday ma.

Okay didn't get to wear what I have bought anyway. Chosen to wear the camp shirt which everyone else was wearing.

The trip was damn sai hei man.

Oh no. Not sai hei. At least I discovered that I actually hate cable car ride.
Well.. I really didn't know.

Walao. Scary.. man. The only question in mind - Are we there yet??????
I really really really really hate cable car ride. Forced to smile. See. Damn pale man....
Finally... Wow still can feel it even looking at the pictures....
Palm get sweaty now....

Okay day 3. Shanghai night.
Not bad. Still can fit into that Cheongsam.Lalala me the bulb.
The bulbiest thing I have ever done is to go jacuzzi with them. They are nevertheless very nice~
Helped me out a lot.

Posers. -.-Erm.... What's his name again????

And me fighting with a kid.
What? He started it. hmph.
Okayla he was trying to give me a hand when I was about to fall. *sweeeeeet. That's y I love kids~~~~~~*

*wah motion blur effect. Zun.
Okayla my camera is undeniably not that good*

So kiuuuuuuuuttttttt~!!!!!!!

.... Hmm?? That's it....?
Yea I told u.. not much pictures were taken...

but seriously... I lurve you guys..... =(

p/s: eh how come I couldn't resize the pictures....?? pretty beh song looking at small pictures... duiz...

*pictures credit to Wing Chua*

what took me so long to update???

1. Busy

2. Really busy
(still excuses)

3. Really wor. Been to a camp for last four days. Will be one of the volunteers for some conference for the next 3 days.
(okay. what else?)

4. Bluetooth connection not working. All my pictures are trapped in the phone.
(banyak excuses. Use card reader lar)

5. Card reader was taken by dad.
(okay am speechless)

6. My life is so dull I have nothing to talk about.
(wokay wokay....)

7. I am so thoughtless I have got no opinion on anything at all.

8. I am simply lazy.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And so..

I'm backed.

With nothing to be written.

I couldn't write without pictures.

It doesn't make any point if I just make an entry without the pictures I have taken.

I want to show you guys what I did today but there is something wrong with the bluetooth connection.

Yea. Next post.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ultimate kiamsiapness

I am super stingy.

I'm born to be stingy. Afterall I'm a Virgo.

(okayla has nothing to do with that. Am not that superstitious lar I don't really believe in horoscope because Virgo suppose to be a hygiene freak but sad enough I'm notlalalalalalalalala)


Went to Leisure Mall yesterday.

The parking rate, as usual, first 4 hours RM1, then RM2 for each hour.

Take a look at the time. ( layzee to draw a red circle... layzee to open photoshop..)

Entry at 12:48
Exit at 16: 49

So it's RM3.00. Because I was in the mall for 4 hours and 1 minute.

Ngo deng.

I thought I could make it sigh....
Freaking RM2!!! For only 1 minute...

Well yea I don't mind spending RM 2 on a glass of carrot milk, or 2 packs of melons, or 2 glasses of barley, a melting gold pao, few packets of Cloud 9, 135ml of mixed berry yogurt, etc. etc...

But... 1 minute...

Duiz I should have hang in the mall longer.

RM2 is just too expensive for 1 minute.

Should have been there for another 58 minutes.

yerrr yerr yerrr yerrr yerrr....

Friday, October 10, 2008

Bukit Tinggi trip II

I think last batch's are nicer eh...
Out of idea... duiz...
Not that creative afterall.. =(


No details are provided.
Yea. Duiz. It's just so me.

Xiang Xi a.k.a Jordan
Nick : Dai Sai Lou (brother. Not kid.)
D.O.B. :23.10.1988
Horoscope : Scorpio
He says :'Call me leng zai or else I *do something which is really irritating [e.g. grab away the blanket while I am still sleeping / say me fat / eat my food etc.etc.etc.]*'

Hou leng zai meh sangat kacak keh very handsome huh?

Shang Leng a.k.a. Cahlen
Nick : Leng Girl / sap mm (long story. will blog about it one day)
D.o.B. : 12.11.1992
Horoscope : Scorpio
She says : 'Tai Lin Ngong!!' - in hakka. ask me if you really don't understand.

Yea.. Leng Girl the emo pinky...

Xiang Zhi
Nick : Zhi Boy / Sai Sai Lou /Ah Beng (latest)
D.O.B. : 08.12.1994
Horoscope : Sagittarius
He says : 'Noob!' - typical gamer -.-

Just because his outfits are so ah beng....

Nah my favourite~
Purple is the new pink.
It's the color of love.
Aiyerrr lovey dovey.... =D

Didn't I tell you that I love purple besides black and white?


Yours sweetly,

Wednesday, October 8, 2008







翻了翻msn 名单,






连object matter 都没有,如何寻找呢?





点击 publish post 的同时,

Monday, October 6, 2008

Bukit Tinggi trip I

Yeppiness is having such a family~

Photoshop brushes credit to creators from and
Fonts credit to creators from

To be continued...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Worst-dressed; Most meaningful

So I went to a Buddhist camp organised by Tzu Chi.With Ying Huey.

And I have to dress like...


Uniform. =.=
which, my bro described as the head of the stooon goddess.
(stooon is some Chung language, will explain to you guys one day)

At first, I really didn't get it.

3 buttons buttoned. Check.
Braids on both side. Check.
Ribbons on braids. Check.
Name tag on shirt. Check.
Shirt tucked in. Check.
Grandma's track bottom. Check.
White socks. Check.
White shoes. Check.

Check check check check check.

The shirt and the pants were even provided.

Since everyone dressed in the same way, you would be the odd one if you don't.

Nevertheless, I never regretted attending the camp - despite the fact that I have to wear the worst outfits that I have ever worn before.
(trust me, I would never ever ever ever ever button up the highest button.)

I would say that this is a camp which would heal your mind and soul. (walao. kua zhiong.)
(oh nonononono. I can't say walao. Walao sounds too harsh for me now.
No one has ever said this word in the camp. Walao walao walao.)

All those talks are damn meaningful man. It really made me think you know.
(should practise what I've preached. Be a soft spoken well mannered high EQ person. Hmm.)
It's difficult to describe here. You wouldn't understand unless you attend that camp.

And I love my groupmates to bits. They are really a bunch of nice people. So pure so innocent.
(okay maybe they see me as very pure an very innocent also.
no i wasn't acting. I was just influenced by them.)

and they ate really damn very little.
I was the one who had the best appetite in my group. Trust me.
I was wondering... which part to fill if you only eat that portion of food??????

Nah the only picture I have with them. =(
Btw we were not allowed to take pictures in the camp. Hence this is a really precious one.Me and my brothers sisters. Oh and my mamas.=)
Btw that sign indicates that we are from group 21. Forever 21~~ -.-

Btw, speaking of siblings, I met my godsister in my group.
Here, the very cute Yann Lie, who is also the goddaughter of Guan Yin's,
and who was born two days later than me~ =)No wonder we could click so well. Both of us are Virgos~!!!
She is that type of person whom I could sense that we could be more than acquaintance at my first sight.

Last but not least, Ying Huey who brought me to the camp~ =)
This picture was secretly taken in the dorm too.

I felt so sorry for leaving earlier. =(
I wanted to stay till the end but I couldn't. I feel like I have missed a lot..... =( =( =(
Will let you know the reason in the next post.