Tuesday, April 27, 2010

PaD - crashing Quattro...

... with the girls' laughters,
and the guys' political talks.

Time is precious.
It is sinful to put it into wastage.

While waiting for the food to be served,

More sessions after exam. =D

Bless you, people.
Whichever exam you are taking,
all the best.

Be good.

Another batch of butterflies

These little beautiful playful creatures are still fluttering in my stomach.

They don't do it for the same person anymore though.

New batch, welcome.

Or should I shoo them away?

PaD - Where has my social life gone?

I have no idea.
I can see nothing but books.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

PaD - mega mind map

51 pages of information

8 pieces of A4 paper

thick cello tape

Glue and scissors

Piles of A4 papers in various colors

Present to you,

The Mega Mind Map
*I did not add in the bubbles with PS. Unnecessary.
They are stuck on my mirror - not that it's necessary though*

Q: What's the *swoosh* about?
I'm trying to create the trailer effect -
when the scene in the trailer changes,
some sound effects would be cued.
Get it now?
K if you didn't get it just now,
scroll up again,
and try to imagine that.

If you know any lamer girl,
let me know.

We could be best friends.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just because I don't like to be too cheesy

I decide to push down the previous post with some total random stuff.

Present to you,
the best of Chung Shang Hui

Good if you are still keeping the thought that you wanna bring me home.

PaD - Saturday afternoon

You have no idea...

those moments are still vividly emblazoned in my mind.

you enveloped me. you formed a loop with your arm and i have mine hooked into yours. i tried to hide my smile when you wrapped your fingers around mine. you realised that and asked me why are you blushing. i covered your mouth subconsciously when i talked to my dad on the phone. the sudden silent smooch in the car, when we stucked in the jam. the goodbye making out session. you texted i wanna see you again.

and then there comes those moments which desaturated my life.

disappearance of your text in my inbox for one holy week. you mistaken me as lily or carol or other girl when i finally gathered up my courage to ring you up. i got who are you as your reply when my phone so cleverly sent you a blank message. you asked me on facebook if we still are friends. you asked me to learn to control my emotion when i rushed you for a reply. i got ignored when i asked for a fight when i almost get drown by the piles of articles. the increase of my pulse rate when i see you on the online list.

To the only person whom I will fight with in the universe,

I miss you.

I still do.

You will never know.
Of course.

till you replaced by a more decent person.

yours truly,
that girl who is masquerading as someone who has gotten over you
(truth: all i ever wanted is a simple way to get over you. kelly clarkson is currently a hit btw)

One night in C.Club

There are moments when the symptoms of my verbal diarrhea could temporary be suppressed.

Now, 2a.m. That's the moment.

Appreciate it.

It's rare.

Event: Yen Yee's birthday celebration in advance
Date: 17/4/2010
Venue: C. Club

Good to share, ain't it?

Boy, thanks for keeping your promise faithfully,
we girls appreciate your presence.

Quoting Blair Waldorf's stepfather:

Not enough.

Of course.

Second round: MOFSupposed to be at Fiona's place for cupcakes.
Plan for Cheq's surprise party failed. Hence cancelled.

Happy belated birthday girl.
May you stay forever sweet.

P/s: Did you enjoy the silent bits of mine?

Friday, April 23, 2010

PaD - the temptation

I guess you must be thinking of food.
It is the only stuff that would spice up my life.

Currently my days can be described with one word:

Boring?? Nonono it sounds too exciting for my life.
Dull?? Nonono it sounds too adventurous for my life.
Lifeless? Nonono I've got a life my life is about studying.

You would never got it right.



Yes it's all about books and articles and highlighters.
I don't even feel like talking about it because I'm not a nerd who enjoys studying.
(at this point I wish that I were one)

Nevertheless this post has nothing to do with food -
unless you think that this stuff is edible la:
It's the first MMS sent by my dai sai lou - all the way from Aussie man.
The guys who has never sent me any picture message,
and the virgin picture message by him is this thing which could tempt me to death.

Gah I have no idea when was the last time I shop.
Such a thrifty girl.
Where to find?????
(T.T retail therapy.... I need)


Yes Perth, I will be there in June.
I know you will not be gone, so it's not necessary for me to ask you to wait for me.

See you then sai lou!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

PaD - Passion

Towards my job.
A very manja princess who would bring me food every lesson.

I'm passionate towards my job not because I know I will be having food -
Yes la I memang love food but I don't need my students to give me food -
I can buy my own but then it's different when the food is given by someone else other than yourselves -
you know that there is someone who's concerned of you.

When I bring her food she doesn't wanna accept mine because she usually has hers...

Anyway this is just one of my many cute students.

Dealing with kids is really much easier than with adults, their mind are simpler and easier to be messed with (muahaha).

It's fun to talk with kids,
they would tell you insignificant things like how their friend Ah Wah fall down and the whole class laughed at him or the number of stars they got for their homework.
If adults tell me these stories I would give them my narrow-eyed look yes I'm biased that way.

Some 7-year-olds even told me how she dumped her boyfriend because he didn't want to lend her his very powerful mechanical pencil.
(T.T even kids have boyfriends. Where is mine?)

It's particularly cute when they attempt to discuss sex with me.
Apalah why don't they do it with their parents but with the piano teacher?
Do I look like I am more sexually knowledgeable than their parents who have already given birth to them?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

PaD - Hermit Crab

I wish I could provide a real picture of a hermit crab's,
that would indicate that I'm somewhere near the beach or so.

Sigh. (a long one)
By that I mean I am grounding myself.
Wow I am such a disciplined person -
usually it was the parents who ground their children and I am exercising my parent's duty on myself.
I am amazing.

Alright, stop the self-admiration and back to the topic.

Yes you would see me online quite often,
it could up till 8 hours per day or so,
then you might think that,
this girl, who has no life, is here again...

Through my defence, whenever you see me online, I am studying.
Otherwise, I would be out there loitering around.

Yea you hear me right I'm a nerd that way.

Damn canggih leh being an external student of University of London,
you get to have this 'Virtual Learning Environment',
where you get to study online.
Yes la when mentioning 'good study environment' people would usually link to big fields, trees, sunlight, lakeside or the most basic one, the library.
But us... a virtual one.

Then again...
Is this available in your college????
No leh.
My college is hence better than yours nah nah nah nah nah.

*switch to normal mode*
I really have no idea what else could I update for the upcoming days as I will be doing the same thing everyday - until mid June.