Friday, April 2, 2010

PaD2 - hey sista~

I don't like the previous photo-a-day.
Peanut butter day eeeeeeesh...

I prefer this.
What about this??
Or this???3 of them are equally nice - I cannot decide!!!

Yeap~ she's my sister... she is backed~!!!
(I hope I could add the phrase 'for good' to the abovementioned statement)

BUT! She WILL be backed for good~
So it's almost the same....

Will talk more about that soon.

Meanwhile, some pictures of which we had taken earlier.
Tell you what,
my dad is addicted to this game on his phone.
Now I kinda understand how a mom feels when her child is addicted to his/her PSP/Nintendo/Itouch or whatever portable gaming devices.

So we asked him to take pictures of us because we are sick of taking picture of each others'.
He simply took a few of them,
and backed to his phone again.

Things are different since he started the game.
He used to love photography - he just know how to catch the perfect angle.
Now he didn't bother much about this.
He just wanted to break my dai sai lou's record on the phone.

My sister told me he has been playing this for hours on the plane - continuously.
Then he played in the mall, when my sister and I enjoying our ice cream.
And now, we are home, and he is still playing...
This is so not him.
Usually, he would be reading Asian Auto or Topgear.
Despite that he had bought the latest edition of Asian Auto,
he just put the magazine aside and continued with his game.

What if my children behave in the same way in the future?
Worse - what if my husband behave the same too?
Worst - what if both my husband and all my children are like that too?

Well... when you can't beat them, join them.

Wait. I think I have strayed too far.
I was talking about my sister!
Anyway... Not much to talk about her~
Gonna catch up with her now.

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My said...

duno why,
those photos gimme CNY feel...

nice photos