Saturday, April 24, 2010

PaD - Saturday afternoon

You have no idea...

those moments are still vividly emblazoned in my mind.

you enveloped me. you formed a loop with your arm and i have mine hooked into yours. i tried to hide my smile when you wrapped your fingers around mine. you realised that and asked me why are you blushing. i covered your mouth subconsciously when i talked to my dad on the phone. the sudden silent smooch in the car, when we stucked in the jam. the goodbye making out session. you texted i wanna see you again.

and then there comes those moments which desaturated my life.

disappearance of your text in my inbox for one holy week. you mistaken me as lily or carol or other girl when i finally gathered up my courage to ring you up. i got who are you as your reply when my phone so cleverly sent you a blank message. you asked me on facebook if we still are friends. you asked me to learn to control my emotion when i rushed you for a reply. i got ignored when i asked for a fight when i almost get drown by the piles of articles. the increase of my pulse rate when i see you on the online list.

To the only person whom I will fight with in the universe,

I miss you.

I still do.

You will never know.
Of course.

till you replaced by a more decent person.

yours truly,
that girl who is masquerading as someone who has gotten over you
(truth: all i ever wanted is a simple way to get over you. kelly clarkson is currently a hit btw)


My said...

u stand so high!!


Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

my balcony la that.
won't die lo if i want to commit suicide.