Tuesday, April 20, 2010

PaD - the masterpiece

I found it in the big red envelope which contains of all the lovey-dovey cheesy stuff when I was cleaning my room this morning.I usually don't brag about my drawing skill - erm... simply because I don't have any.

But as you can see! I can colour!

And yes, I am a memory keeper - I can't bear letting beautiful moments fade off that way. I dispose off sad and angry moments though, albeit sometimes the goods and the bads are interrelated. I am quite shocked to know that most of my friends deleted their ex's pictures and vice versa, I am blamed for keeping them. Erm I thought of telling my grandchildren about this popo's first love in the future because as a grandchild myself, I'm dying to know my grandparent's love story. Then they said something like it's not pleasant to have the current boyfriend see it - those pictures are really provoking. Hmm maybe they are true in this sense but since I don't have any now, keeping the pictures shouldn't cause any major problems.

But then again, most of the pictures are gone anyway. I hid the picture folders and when I sent my laptop to be formatted, I had forgotten to back the hidden folders hence yeap, they are gone with the formation.

Anyway, let's get back to the masterpiece.

It was a creation by my ex and I in the class out of boredom. Oh how pure our relationship could be - coloring when the teacher was not conducting a lesson.

Nonono it didn't happen during those kindergarten days when we brought color pencils to the school everyday.

For heaven's sake I started my first relationship at my age of 18, when I was a lower sixth-former. I can't remember why did I bring color pencils to school when I was in form 6- It's for Pengajian Am if I'm not mistaken.

See, I wanted to name it our masterpiece but I think since it's over now, it's not quite appropriate to make it ours. So if he gets famous one day (we wouldn't know!) and I would be able to benefit from the masterpiece from auctioning it off just because his signature is on the picture!

Okay I am such a dreamer I have a feeling that he wouldn't really get famous (again we wouldn't know but that's my instinct and it can be quite zun at times)


april said...

wahlao~ not bad wo.

My said...

u draw tat on my birthday????


Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

[april] of course. otherwise it wouldn't be called a masterpiece~
[My] 4 years ago. walao time flies!