Friday, April 2, 2010

PaD - Happy National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day!!!

Yeap!! It's 2nd April~!!!
It's the national peanut butter and jelly day!!!

Speaking of so,
I admit that I used to be an awful peanut butter lover.
I could take the whole tin of peanut butter,
and eat them the same way I eat ice cream.
Well, I don't blame you if you think that it's disgusting,
I feel the same too.
I was young anyway.
(that being 17 years old)

Now, take a look at this picture.

Try to imagine Chung Shang Hui holding a doughnut topped with glossy brown peanut butter,
which sprinkled with crushed peanut.

I'm celebrating with invisible peanut butter doughnut!

Cannot imagine?

Well... I know.
You are not as imaginative as I am.

I am quite reluctant to put up the picture of I and the real peanut butter doughnut as it's too clear.
Sometimes things are best left blurred.
When things are too clear, flaws revealed.

Well, the real photo of the day.
Chung Shang Hui with the kemeked doughnut.

Despite being a Virgo,
I'm not one who seek perfection.
Before getting the perfect shot,
I ate the doughnut instead.
Human just couldn't fight hunger.

Oh and,
I didn't want the doughnut to be alone,
hence I brought its friends back as well.
I won't be eating them on my own...
My sister will be backed tonight!!

1 comment:

My said...

rily got national peanut butter day gah??
the colorful doughnut~
like it veli much *_*

by the way,
ur teeth attract me~ hahahaaa...
veli neat teeth~