Monday, January 19, 2009

Taggy Tacky Tagged

Since it's the first time I got tagged...
Since I tried on my newly bought F21 knitted dress and been wearing it since 2 hours ago... Since I had not remove my 12-hour-old makeup yet...
(in short I don't look really ugly)...

I might just as well accept whatever was tagged by William Da Devil.

Rules given:

1. Take a picture of yourself right now.
2. Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair.
3. Post the photo with NO EDITING.
4. Post these instructions with your photo.
5. Tag 5 people.

Intended to mock the typical smiley face.

Failed miserably. More like a happy constipated person.

(seriously bro, I just saw it your post...
you should have let us know k...
no one tags someone silently... ish)

Too lazy to tag someone else...
Rules are meant to be broken anyway.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Weird obsession

The pastry for the cream puffs is currently in the oven,
the matter which concerns me most is that,
'will it get puffy?'

20 more minutes to go and I dare not to look at it now. So afraid that it doesn't get puffy.

Those creams are ready, currently being refrigerated.
You know what's the sucky thing?

I've forgotten to sift the flour and it makes the cream not smooth at all... Err...

Alright, while waiting, I will just as well blog about this weird pastime of mine.
Baking is not weird.
The weird part being, the time when I started to bake.
I'm obsessed with midnight baking. =)

During daytime, the kitchen belongs to my grandma. I only get to play the role as an assistant.

It's different when it's midnight. The kitchen is all mine~ I can do whatever I want without getting interrupted. My grandma won't nag, but she insists to help whenever I attempt to bake or cook. Haiyah how to be independent la like that.

Anyway, my first attempt of baking was quite successful. I attempted some cupcakes bite-sized banana cupcakes with chocolate fudge topping. Didn't get to take any pictures because.. didn't even think of it. You know what made my first time of baking wonderful? My crush (by then) paid me a visit. =) He even tapao-ed Oreo McFlurry for me, which, I didn't eat at that time because it was 1am when he came.
p/s: overnight Mcflurry tasted better than the fresh one!!

I wanted to bake something light on the second time. Hence I tried meringues.
Meringues are something which made mainly by egg whites and sugars, and it tasted exactly like roasted mashmallow.
Eventually my siblings got influenced by the jie jie they respect the most and joined in the fun too.
Baked meringue kisses were not as nice as the unbaked one.
So I just show you the unbaked one la~
Anyway my siblings didn't really like it, saying that it's too sweet.

Next, I bought some lame cookie cutters, and attempted some sugar cookies.Dai sai lou very concentrating in making something he thought to be creative.

This.Yea guy being guy, he made a penis then my sister didn't want it to be so gross and hence added the lips onto it (tilt your head to the left to see that face) but penis + lips turned out to be something so wrong.

I never knew that making cookies into desired shape can be so difficult.

And... it tasted like...
Dog biscuits. =.=
I don't mean I have tasted any, but at least, they are as hard as them.
Nevertheless, my little brother devoured all up.
@.@ (attempted big wet eyes, but failed.) Touching.

Then, my siblings, who love Famous Amos cookies to bits, suggested me to bake it, and which, I did.
You know what? I officially declare it as the most successful thing that I've done in my life~
I'm not the motherly type and it's really a miracle that I can bake those cookies lor.
No it doesn't taste exactly like that but.. it's near~
Even my choosy sister and daddy love that~

Oh wait~!!! My puff is done....
Puffy or not? Puffy or not? What do you say??
So puffy and creamy~!!!!
Yay~!!! Another successful attempt!!!!
[not a clear picture. Yes. Lazy to take the picture using a proper camera - need to transfer + resize somemore. so just use the one attached on the laptop la]

No Chung Shang Hui... it's 2am... and you are not gonna eat it....

[tonight am not being a good girl.
Didn't keep my new year's resolution - to sleep early.
Haiyah was bored by assignment and tempted to bake this since my friend who is a chef said that if I didn't bake it successfully he would chop his dick off.
Apparently I wouldn't have the chance to have him chopping his dick off.
Next time. Maybe]

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Youth 09

One word. Boring.

I went as a volunteer, since April suggested that and I've got nothing better to do on Saturday morning (and since I have no reason to go Wedding Fair which was held in Mid Valley.)
*knot at the side ala April who coicidencely taken a picture in Karen Cheng pose in the same toilet. (stolen from her blog)

Sadly it was not as interesting as how I have thought it to be. I was assigned to entering data of the registered youths.
Approximately .. I've lost count. Few inches thick of forms, it seems that it's impossible for me to get all of them done. I actually quite enjoy doing this data entry - at least I don't have to stand still (some of the poor girls were assigned to guard the entry of PWTC, which served no purpose at all. Poor thing.) nor walk around, which purpose was to make the whole place more merrier. =.= I'm doing something productive - at least~April the flyer girl - who is very reluctant to be recognised as one. Anyway her job was about folding the flyers instead of distributing it - which was very productive too.

Anyway, as expected, I couldn't finish it even when my shift was over. Really not as easy as seen lor. I thought I was pretty good in that because I could read fast and type fast which was some crucial criteria to be a efficient data entry clerk but.. Nay.. I failed. What to do... The event was too happening and more and more youths were got themselves registered hence it was some never ending work for us.

Anyway, I passed it on to someone else who seemed very free and was desperately needed to do something... and went on tour around with April.

What were interesting you ask?? Erm... Exotic animals exhibition by Rakan Muda.I"m glad that April is an animal lover too~ You know, I've always wanted to have a tarantula but... sigh.. I really can't afford it. Tarantulas, unlike disgusting fleshy fat caterpillars (yucks to the max) are so cool and so cute~!!The only similarity between snake and caterpillar is that both of them have no legs.
Besides that, snakes are way more approachable than caterpillars. Yuck. And poor thing, this snake is no longer cold-blooded.

Okay, animals aside. Apparel stalls? I wasn't in the shopping mood so whatever I saw didn't suit my taste. Sad as it may sound, I'm trying to write it as happening as possible but I couldn't cause there wasn't any remarkable booths which me or April would go like 'oh, oo, wah'.

You know? I've always into music... sadly.. this time is an exception..
I just couldn't stand the performance of those bands...
It's subjective anyway, perhaps I'm not good in appreciating emo bands.

Conclusion? Boring.

Oh ya. Show you a picture which makes everyone happy.

Not funny right? But everyone in the LRT station was laughing at me while I took this picture. What's wrong with taking a picture of myself? It is very good to kill time lor. Ish.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jumping in joy

We love to snap the moment of ourselves jumping~
Probably because we look very energetic and youthful at those moment.
Plus, we look cool even without having our face to be clearly seen.

Doing it solo is, no doubt, a not-so-difficult job.

Difficulty goes parallel with the amount of people who want to be in the picture.
Playing double is still... okayla... Not too hard to cope with each other.

Alright, moving on...Nah. 3 people. The whole picture would be a perfect one if my sai sai lou be more co-operative. Hmm. It has nothing to do with the skill.

Okay. Now go on~ Let's try to put 4 jumping people into frames.the poser family

Apparently, it's still very good. (eh I see a punny statement)

Right, what happen if we fit one more person into the picture?...
No problem la. Since she's my brother's 3-year-old girlfriend, means she has been coping very well with my brother, and since my brother is coping very well with us, do the math, means... Joanna my future sis-in-law wouldn't constitute any problem to the picture.Nah see. Proven.

What if it's not 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... nor it is 6, 7, 8, 9, 10... but..23??!

There might be some difficulty for you lor. But for us hor... kacanglah.
Group Shammah from the church

See see see see. None of us have our feet on ground~
Okay. You can't expect every face to be seen clearly kay? That would sound a little harsh la.

Oh wait. This does not limit to youths.

Look at the uncle whom the red arrow is pointing towards.Apparently, uncle loves it too. By that, I mean the 51-year-old man who attempted a very successful jump when all the lions were directed (by the photographer aka me *ahem*) to do so.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year's Resolution

Sad case as it may sound, I have never made any resolution in my past 21 years.
Be it unambitious, be it targetless, be it lazy(most probably). Anything you like. The first of January is just another day for me. Nothing really special.
But since everyone else is making some, so yea, I guess I should set some goal for myself too (kiasu).
No la. Actually I think that my life is such a mess and it is in a critical need for improvement.

1. Lose weight
Can this be regarded as a resolution? I've always try to do so since I was 13 but I've never be able to make it. But hor, mircales do happen. I lose weight (6 kgs in 3 years - without me realising) when I hit 18 - that was when I didn't even think of it at all because I was too busy pak toh-ing.

I guess that is the main factor. It was not that I want to impress my ex by making myself more beautiful (I always think that the slimmer the prettier) nor to make him proud for having a slim girlfriend. I didn't cut down on calories nor did I work out more while paktohing. Instead, I'd been paying regular visits to fastfood restaurant (because he loves it) and you know, I really had no time to work out at all. So a lot of people asked me, how did I manage to slim down? I guess it was due to sharing of meals with him. You know I'm from a traditional family which planted this 'not to waste food' kinda thought into my mind thus I've never left any food on the plate while dining outside. In my paktoh days, whenever I felt full, I just pushed my plate to my ex and yea, he would finish it. Don't la say him a trashbin - he just didn't want to waste food okay? Some of my friend say that yerr why you so gross one, if I were you would have just give him the portion that I think I cannot finish before I start to eat. You are giving your leftover to others yerrr why so disgusting yerr yerr yerr... =.= What la. He didn't bother to eat my leftover so why did you? =.=

So upon ending the relationship, I gained weight. Like... 6 kgs? A lot of them said that I had eating disorder because I was too emotional and too sad thus I had to indulge in food for comforting purpose - this is sooooo wrong. Sigh. I eat simply because I love food. It has nothing to do with my break-up man. If you really want to think that I'm that pessimistic (which is totally contrary to the fact) then haih.. I really can't say anything about it cause OBVIOUSly, I'm not.

Back to the resolution. I'm going for low-carb diet now. I'm trying to limit my calorie intake to 1000kcal (is that even normal? I afraid that I will die from starving) per day - provided that I'm counting it accurately la. My craze for sweet stuff is still sticking with me hence, I'm replacing candies ice creams chocolates yadda yadda with ... juice. Yea. My newly bought oven will gonna hate me for loving the blender.

In addition, I'm trying to crash the gym room as much as possible. Haiyah since I have already paid I must utilise it don't you think so? (kiasuness strikes again =.=).

So you ask, why are you still so fat?


Because that's just my resolution. That is what I'm going to do this year.
Yea pray for me. Yes I can! (meh. not a fan of the Barack Obama's)

2. Study. More. More more more more more.
Sigh what a Plain Jane I am. Lose weight, study. Meh. Guess that 321938908483748 other people in this world are making the same resolution as mine.

Back to the point. Seriously. I can't afford to fail. Looking at my shitlike result in my Intermediate yet, I really afraid that I cannot make it through. I know that wasn't my limit and seriously I could have done much better than barely passing. Sigh. It's painful mentioning it.

Anyway. It's over. I have wasted 4 months and I still have another 4 to go. I can smell the exam already. I really use those time for cyber loitering in studying. I can face the monitor for 6 whole hours without any specific purpose. Sigh. How nice if that was replaced by studying?

Seriously Chung Shang Hui. You won't want to disappoint your dad your mom your uncle your aunty your grandma so and so forth and most importantly, yourselves. So yea. Study.

3. Perhaps.. Tone down?
I'm so high profile and hyperactive and loud and overreactive and expressive and you know what? This is not cute. Cause I hate high profile and hyperactive and loud and overreactive and expressive girls because I think they are attention seekers.. And all attnetion seekers are childish. In short, I hate drama queens. Sadly, I sometimes regard myself as one. Okay it isn't that I wanna seek attention (I swear!) but I just can't help it. I was 21 (by then) and I know I should be elegant, soft , feminine and whatever adjectives you can think of but sadly, I'm not born to be one who behaves like this.

Chung Shang Hui, again, it's time to grow.


Erm... actually I was lying when I said that my life was a mess. I'm very satisfied with my life. You know why I am named Cheryl? The one who got me my name told me that it's a reminder for me to cherish everything which is given to me. (well yea I know in actual fact 'Cheryl' is the elaboration of chérie which means 'darling' in French and sometimes if I'm in some perasan and oh-I'm-so-in-love-with-myself [narcissistic la in short. duh] I hear 'darling' when people call me Cheryl so if you are reading this and you have never intended to treat me as your darling call me Shang Hui when you see me.


Nola I don't mean that. I love my name and please call me Cheryl even if you don't mean darling.

Haiyah why I am straying so far from the point again? Where was I?
Oh yea. Am satisfy with my current life. Perhaps... just to push it a little more to some near-to-perfect stage. =)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

When you're gone

When I stroll along the tarred road,
I see us doing cartwheel in the middle of it.
It's early in the morning,
the sky is still dark,
and the street is still quiet, no car, and no one else,
just us, the Chung family, the young ones who follow the old one to practise that kind of uncle-aunty exercise.

When I go to the kitchen,
I see us baking cookies meringues and pizzas,
together we line the cookies on the breakfast table,
I line the cookies on the parchment paper,
while u put the chocolate chips onto it,
perfect combination we are.

When I lie on my bed,
I see 4 of us lying too,
talking about farts and shits (ew... yea...),
oh.. I see Zhi Boy plays dota with my laptop,
while you emo at the corner of my bed because he has exceeded the usage time as promised.

When I sit on the sofa,
facing all the familiars furniture which had been placed for years in the living room,
I see you dancing with my yoga pants which is altered in your own way,
imitating that yogurt girl in the commercial break,
while XX takes the pictures of yours,
and Zhi Boy laughs, literally, rolls on the floor.


I have used to it.
They come, and they go.
It is pretty common in our family.

Hmm.. correction- I thought I have used to it.