Thursday, January 15, 2009

Weird obsession

The pastry for the cream puffs is currently in the oven,
the matter which concerns me most is that,
'will it get puffy?'

20 more minutes to go and I dare not to look at it now. So afraid that it doesn't get puffy.

Those creams are ready, currently being refrigerated.
You know what's the sucky thing?

I've forgotten to sift the flour and it makes the cream not smooth at all... Err...

Alright, while waiting, I will just as well blog about this weird pastime of mine.
Baking is not weird.
The weird part being, the time when I started to bake.
I'm obsessed with midnight baking. =)

During daytime, the kitchen belongs to my grandma. I only get to play the role as an assistant.

It's different when it's midnight. The kitchen is all mine~ I can do whatever I want without getting interrupted. My grandma won't nag, but she insists to help whenever I attempt to bake or cook. Haiyah how to be independent la like that.

Anyway, my first attempt of baking was quite successful. I attempted some cupcakes bite-sized banana cupcakes with chocolate fudge topping. Didn't get to take any pictures because.. didn't even think of it. You know what made my first time of baking wonderful? My crush (by then) paid me a visit. =) He even tapao-ed Oreo McFlurry for me, which, I didn't eat at that time because it was 1am when he came.
p/s: overnight Mcflurry tasted better than the fresh one!!

I wanted to bake something light on the second time. Hence I tried meringues.
Meringues are something which made mainly by egg whites and sugars, and it tasted exactly like roasted mashmallow.
Eventually my siblings got influenced by the jie jie they respect the most and joined in the fun too.
Baked meringue kisses were not as nice as the unbaked one.
So I just show you the unbaked one la~
Anyway my siblings didn't really like it, saying that it's too sweet.

Next, I bought some lame cookie cutters, and attempted some sugar cookies.Dai sai lou very concentrating in making something he thought to be creative.

This.Yea guy being guy, he made a penis then my sister didn't want it to be so gross and hence added the lips onto it (tilt your head to the left to see that face) but penis + lips turned out to be something so wrong.

I never knew that making cookies into desired shape can be so difficult.

And... it tasted like...
Dog biscuits. =.=
I don't mean I have tasted any, but at least, they are as hard as them.
Nevertheless, my little brother devoured all up.
@.@ (attempted big wet eyes, but failed.) Touching.

Then, my siblings, who love Famous Amos cookies to bits, suggested me to bake it, and which, I did.
You know what? I officially declare it as the most successful thing that I've done in my life~
I'm not the motherly type and it's really a miracle that I can bake those cookies lor.
No it doesn't taste exactly like that but.. it's near~
Even my choosy sister and daddy love that~

Oh wait~!!! My puff is done....
Puffy or not? Puffy or not? What do you say??
So puffy and creamy~!!!!
Yay~!!! Another successful attempt!!!!
[not a clear picture. Yes. Lazy to take the picture using a proper camera - need to transfer + resize somemore. so just use the one attached on the laptop la]

No Chung Shang Hui... it's 2am... and you are not gonna eat it....

[tonight am not being a good girl.
Didn't keep my new year's resolution - to sleep early.
Haiyah was bored by assignment and tempted to bake this since my friend who is a chef said that if I didn't bake it successfully he would chop his dick off.
Apparently I wouldn't have the chance to have him chopping his dick off.
Next time. Maybe]

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