Sunday, January 4, 2009

When you're gone

When I stroll along the tarred road,
I see us doing cartwheel in the middle of it.
It's early in the morning,
the sky is still dark,
and the street is still quiet, no car, and no one else,
just us, the Chung family, the young ones who follow the old one to practise that kind of uncle-aunty exercise.

When I go to the kitchen,
I see us baking cookies meringues and pizzas,
together we line the cookies on the breakfast table,
I line the cookies on the parchment paper,
while u put the chocolate chips onto it,
perfect combination we are.

When I lie on my bed,
I see 4 of us lying too,
talking about farts and shits (ew... yea...),
oh.. I see Zhi Boy plays dota with my laptop,
while you emo at the corner of my bed because he has exceeded the usage time as promised.

When I sit on the sofa,
facing all the familiars furniture which had been placed for years in the living room,
I see you dancing with my yoga pants which is altered in your own way,
imitating that yogurt girl in the commercial break,
while XX takes the pictures of yours,
and Zhi Boy laughs, literally, rolls on the floor.


I have used to it.
They come, and they go.
It is pretty common in our family.

Hmm.. correction- I thought I have used to it.

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