Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jumping in joy

We love to snap the moment of ourselves jumping~
Probably because we look very energetic and youthful at those moment.
Plus, we look cool even without having our face to be clearly seen.

Doing it solo is, no doubt, a not-so-difficult job.

Difficulty goes parallel with the amount of people who want to be in the picture.
Playing double is still... okayla... Not too hard to cope with each other.

Alright, moving on...Nah. 3 people. The whole picture would be a perfect one if my sai sai lou be more co-operative. Hmm. It has nothing to do with the skill.

Okay. Now go on~ Let's try to put 4 jumping people into frames.the poser family

Apparently, it's still very good. (eh I see a punny statement)

Right, what happen if we fit one more person into the picture?...
No problem la. Since she's my brother's 3-year-old girlfriend, means she has been coping very well with my brother, and since my brother is coping very well with us, do the math, means... Joanna my future sis-in-law wouldn't constitute any problem to the picture.Nah see. Proven.

What if it's not 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... nor it is 6, 7, 8, 9, 10... but..23??!

There might be some difficulty for you lor. But for us hor... kacanglah.
Group Shammah from the church

See see see see. None of us have our feet on ground~
Okay. You can't expect every face to be seen clearly kay? That would sound a little harsh la.

Oh wait. This does not limit to youths.

Look at the uncle whom the red arrow is pointing towards.Apparently, uncle loves it too. By that, I mean the 51-year-old man who attempted a very successful jump when all the lions were directed (by the photographer aka me *ahem*) to do so.

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