Monday, May 31, 2010

don't worry, my life's good =D

This was taken when everyone is perfectly ready and well posed.
And this, is what beneath all the glam and glitter.

If you know me well, you would have known that this is the real me.

Yes I am sampat that way.
Not the worst case though.
Wait till you meet the real me.

Pictures credit to kellysiew.

*just realise that I am keeping my words short and simple.
It's not very me.
I am running out of words, for once.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The future

A saying goes: daughters are dad's wives in the past life.

Things would gone very complicated if that's the truth.
My dad had 2 wives in his past life, and this is definitely not the worst case.

Even if this is the truth, what about mom?

Following the abovementioned formula,
it would go like:Daughters are mom's lesbo partners in the past life.

I should better stop it before things gone wrong.
(things have gone very wrong anyway)

People who know me well would know that I want 4 kids in the future.

Judging by how well could my siblings and I get along,
I always think that 4 is a perfect number.
Four players are required for some of the gambling games - Mahjong, Big D, etc.A musical band could be formed with 4 people - vocalist, drummer, keyboardist and bassist.
4 people, perfect for a road trip if you own a sedan - merry yet wouldn't get suffocated in the car.

I was discussing this topic with a guy who flirted with me (by then),
both of us wanted 4 kids,
he wanted 3 boys and 1 girl,
but I wanted more girls.

Then he stopped flirting with me and currently is in a relationship with someone else.
Those who think that the discussion over the gender of the kids constitute to the backoff are, I'm sorry to say that, truly morons.
It was just a discussion of the desired situation and in the end of the day, none of us have a choice.

Back to my desire for daughters.

I think that daughters are more caring (like me),
you wouldn't receive a nicely wrapped present from a son,
even if it is with ribbons and sashes and all the decorated stuff,
it must be done by someone else, not the kid himself.

Last weekend,
I followed my dad, on behalf of my mom, to a trip to Cameron Highlands.
There was no peers in the trip and I was glad that I had this girl with me throughout the whole trip.(sidenote: can you see the pimple on my nose? the one which makes me a clown?
friend told me that it's an omen.
An omen on having danger in relationship.
Not possible la!)

I did mix with the aunties too, and got lots of useful advice on how not to neglect your husband in the future and what to do when your husband is snoring and how to lead a healthy lifestyle by eating whole grains, etc.

So, marry me.
I can assure you that I will get along with my mother-in-law for the bits of aunty personality in me.
Not all aunties bombard you with 'why don't you have a boyfriend' type of questions.
Some aunties can be really cool.

Back to the girl.
She is indeed, a very adorable and embraceable girl,
that makes me feel like I want a daughter more than anything.
You could never shop with boys the way you shop with girls.
Boys wouldn't discuss the colors of the roses with you.

And then I had chance to be with her brother, a true gentleman despite his young age,
one who takes good care of his family.
You know, this could be easily revealed during dining time.
The bunch of businessmen would be placed together,
while the wives and the kids would be put at another table.
Now you would be able to see who are capable of being the carers.

Hey, it's good to have sons too,
if he is able to bring back a good daughter-in-law (like me).
(can you stop being so perasan?)

Aiks dilemma dilemma dilemma.
I really cannot decide!!


As if I have a choice.

Maybe I do - if the statement mentioned in the beginning of this post is correct.
I don't have a choice in this cycle,
but I could decide for my next cycle.
That would entail, I have to get married 4 times, twice with men and twice with women (partnership, it's possible).

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Done with the mother of all subjects,
the toughest of all.

Right, time for packing.

Goodbye jurisprudence!!


I still have another 3 more subjects to go right??

Oh yea.