Monday, March 31, 2008


This shall be my shortest post ever

Burning eyes plus exhausted body at an incredibly hot night. Plus LAN test tomorrow. Guess I have Tuesday Blue syndrome.

Updated: 12.01a.m. 1/4/2008

My collegemate Wai Yee just messaged me that there will be no LAN tomorrow.
She said she has verified from the college.

Get fooled. Not realising that it's Aprilfool.

Congrates, Wai Yee. You are the first one who fooled me~ grr..

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

xx hour famine

So I joined 30 Hour Famine 5 years ago.

And right now, I'm starving like 5 years ago, again.

I do not make myself hungry for hope, but I am forced to. Cause again, I have difficulty in eating.

Yea, you got it. It's because of my braces again.

Before that, I used to be like,

'well I don't get why will they slim down by wearing braces. I still can eat as usual what.'
'well I don't get why your friend have to tear the steak into pieces. I still can eat as usual what.'
'well I don't get.. blablablablabla.' enough. super bitchy right?

Now I get everything - after the first time of getting my braces tighten after the extraction of my teeth. My teeth are pushed inward now. Previously the dentist did the same thing to my teeth too, but I could barely feel the pain. This time, I feel it.

Grr. I was merely drinking mushroom soup and tiramisu shake while Arthur was eating his mix steak. Grrrrrrr.... I didn't even chew the mushrooms. I just swallow it.

Oh... I am underfed and this is so not me. Food please. Something solid, please. No more liquid, please. So damn hungry la man. And it's only my first day.

By the way, my lui lui's babies are well fed and they are of this size today. It's just 14 days~~Baby drinking milk while mami sleeping.

Ah. Finally, a family portrait.

P/S: happy 30th monthsary!! You know what I mean~ *wink*

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Gugu's invasion

*scratch scratch scratch*

*rub rub rub*

Hmm?? my turn to speak?? alright alright....

Hi~ I am Gugu. This name given by Mami's friend, Ying Huey.

This is my girlfriend, JiaoJiao, also named by aunty Ying Huey. In chinese, 娇娇. It was named right before the Gillian Chung's sex scandal revealed.I love her eyes~ I mean, who doesn't??

Actually Gugu is not my name. It's a name of JiaoJiao's ex-hubbie. It was murdered by some cruel creatures for protecting the food...

Anyway, mami afraid that JiaoJiao would die of loneliness. So she bought me, to be the companion of JiaoJiao.

Things did not go as well as how mami has expected. JJ didn't like me. She... she had maliciously beaten me up. It's not about PMS or what. She just did that like everyday. There was nothing wrong with me k? I thought a girl meant yes when she said no. I got one eye blind as my punishment. Poor me.

We got separated. I was placed in another home. After a while, when I grew up, having the same size with JiaoJiao, mami put us together again. Finally, JJ accepted me~~ ^^

I love babies. Problem arise. JiaoJiao doesn't love sex. So we seldom make love. Even if we do, it's half-rape. She always run away when I intend to make love with her.

After putting in efforts for 5 months, oh............ We have our own babies... on 11th March 2008~

We were working really hard in raising our pups up. I built the nest while she breast-fed the pups for almost 24-7, even when she was sleeping. But sometimes she would have forgotten her child when she looked for food. And I would have to fetch my baby back to their nest.
poor child get abandoned...

On day 5, their hair have started to grow. One weird thing I realized. There is one baby who is different than the others. It's black in color. I was suspecting JJ but it's really impossible that JJ cheated me. I am the only man in the house anyway. Weird weird weird.

On day 8 after the babies were borned, we were thinking of letting them be independent. So we started to sleep together and left them alone.

Cannot la.. they were crying too loud and we felt so pain for leaving them. JJ went back to take care of them again. Anyway it's day 10 now. Their eyes have opened and they have started wondering around.

It feels so good to be a dad.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What a blurry world

I realized that I really can't live without my specs/lens.

You see you see. You look at this. This is my sight when I keep my spine straight without my specs. I usually keep this posture when I have my specs on. But.. this this...

Next, this is my sight when there is about a distance of 16cm between the book and my eyes.

Poor thing. I have to bend my back, until I reach the distance of 13 cms between the book, then, only I can have this sight.

I have lived my life like for... 4 hours today in the 1st situation lor. It was my longest period of not wearing a pair of specs/lens. When I wake up, the first thing I look for is my water bottle, then my specs. After showering, the first thing I look for is my towel, then my specs. As you can see, how my pair of specs meant to me - although it's always the 2nd stuff I look for. I feel really insecure without having my specs with me.

So question arises.Why do I want to take off my specs for 4 hours since I really need it so much??

Answer: Not comfortable. I ignored the 0.1mm tear on my lens when I saw it this morning. I thought it would be alright. but, as u can see, no.... I am forced to take it off. And taking one side off just making me feel dizzy. Thus I took both sides off. That's why lor.

Life's so good with clear vision~

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A little difference between betina and jantan

betina = female
jantan = male


This is a corner from Yellow Post.

And this is a sticker.
(my students love stickers. That's why I have a pretty large collection of stickers. Ranging from cartoons, shapes.. yea there are only 2 types. anyway this is not the point)

Weird shape. What a sticker.

So, what would a betina, i.e., me, Yellow Post + Sticker =?

Inspired by the Hong Kong soup 'to grow with love', I made this.

See, an unknown species of flower with pink, purple and blue petals!! how dolce~~~

And what could a jantan, i.e., Arthur came out with this sticker and Yellow Post?


Inspired by...well, this is just about testosterone hormone.

Can't you see that?? the shiny blinkie stick??
How can you not see the difference?? Scroll up again dude.

How not romantic. Duh.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Things are not sailing so smooth today

I am so in the mood to blog today.


Something really seriously turned me off few seconds ago. My pictures which I have taken a couple of minutes ago couldn't be transferred into the computer!!!

I don't know what's the problem here. Either something is wrong with my camera, or the cable, or the lappie. I could only see the snow white Arial 'one moment' on the irritating blue scree upon pressing the transfer button.

I just feel so damn beh song I have to write something here.

Alright. End of my vain something. I'm really not lazy this time. Duh.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Randomly posted

I have been leaving my blog for sooooo long. It's already frozen I guess.

This entry is more or less like a weekly diary. A compilation of everything which happened this week.

1st March 2008
(hooiseh. got date somemore. so primary school)

The following paragraph will be written in Chinese. Chinese New Year Carnival organized by Chinese Society of S.M.K. Taman Connaught. Of course I have to write it in Chinese.







不对,大家只是在自己骗自己, 实际上,观众并没有你们想像中那么的享受。

Taking a pic of someone taking a pic of hwai li's

4th March 2008 ~ 7th March 2008

Exam mood. Most have them skipped the mock exams.
I'm considered very good le wei. I only skipped Public Law.
Sorry Mr. Wai Nyan.

7th March 2008

Eh.. tell you guys something. This is the first time I been to Bangsar Baru. Ask me why then I will tell u.

And I was truly glad to discover Bangsar Baru!!!! aiyo... I should have been there earlier..

And and, following the discovery of Bangsar Baru, I found a truly useful online shopping site. I feel I was in a mega virtual shopping mall when I was at Emmagem. Check this out girls, u really should~~

Try it~~ you won't regret~~

I especially love these from...

8th March 2008
Everyone knows what happened on this day.

Some call this the 2nd 516, which I think is bullshit.

The place I stay is no longer under Dato Tan Chai Ho. Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim took it over.

Well, Datuk Tan, someone who can only be seen giving speech at occasions in the school, e.g., sports day, carnivals, etc.etc., compared someone who graduated from the University Malaya with a Bachelor Degree in Economics and later obtained an MBA from the University of Queensland, I think the latter could serve us more promptly.

Hope that my Taman Connaught wouldn't be changed to Taman Cendekiawan. Connaught, such a nice name.

10th March 2008
Happy birthday Yeng Chern!!
Happy be-earliered birthday Hwai Li!!

I paid RM46 to Skybar for drinking plain water~~ ^^
I can't drink because I'm a G6PD Deficiency. (Bullshit. simply say only. the only thing can't be done by a G6PD Deficiency is donate blood)

I have to put this pic because both YYs are way too pretty.

And this Lam Zhen Cheq really got no ears. He doesn't understand the meaning of 'come here n take pic together!!!!!' We were all waiting for him lorrrr.......!!!! duh.


Duh!!! enough or not?????

11th March 2008


Today, perhaps, is my happiest day in my life. I can predict that, although it's only a quarter of the year.

Nothing can be happier than welcoming new life into my family.

Guess what??

My Gugu Jiaojiao (named by Ying Huey) have now became Daddy and Mommy of 4!!!

Come come, let you see their babies~~~ They are still very fleshy and could barely walk~

Next. Mommy sleeping with babies. Awwwwwwww... how sweet...