Thursday, March 20, 2008

Gugu's invasion

*scratch scratch scratch*

*rub rub rub*

Hmm?? my turn to speak?? alright alright....

Hi~ I am Gugu. This name given by Mami's friend, Ying Huey.

This is my girlfriend, JiaoJiao, also named by aunty Ying Huey. In chinese, 娇娇. It was named right before the Gillian Chung's sex scandal revealed.I love her eyes~ I mean, who doesn't??

Actually Gugu is not my name. It's a name of JiaoJiao's ex-hubbie. It was murdered by some cruel creatures for protecting the food...

Anyway, mami afraid that JiaoJiao would die of loneliness. So she bought me, to be the companion of JiaoJiao.

Things did not go as well as how mami has expected. JJ didn't like me. She... she had maliciously beaten me up. It's not about PMS or what. She just did that like everyday. There was nothing wrong with me k? I thought a girl meant yes when she said no. I got one eye blind as my punishment. Poor me.

We got separated. I was placed in another home. After a while, when I grew up, having the same size with JiaoJiao, mami put us together again. Finally, JJ accepted me~~ ^^

I love babies. Problem arise. JiaoJiao doesn't love sex. So we seldom make love. Even if we do, it's half-rape. She always run away when I intend to make love with her.

After putting in efforts for 5 months, oh............ We have our own babies... on 11th March 2008~

We were working really hard in raising our pups up. I built the nest while she breast-fed the pups for almost 24-7, even when she was sleeping. But sometimes she would have forgotten her child when she looked for food. And I would have to fetch my baby back to their nest.
poor child get abandoned...

On day 5, their hair have started to grow. One weird thing I realized. There is one baby who is different than the others. It's black in color. I was suspecting JJ but it's really impossible that JJ cheated me. I am the only man in the house anyway. Weird weird weird.

On day 8 after the babies were borned, we were thinking of letting them be independent. So we started to sleep together and left them alone.

Cannot la.. they were crying too loud and we felt so pain for leaving them. JJ went back to take care of them again. Anyway it's day 10 now. Their eyes have opened and they have started wondering around.

It feels so good to be a dad.


Nigel said...

Hahaha! Enjoyed reading this story! :)

cheesie classic said...

rupa-rupanya gugu nt rily wan to rape JJ de...then i can feel better now... my 'aiya-daughter' finally found a good 'aiya-son-in-law' for me liao~~ haha~~
hope to meet wif them soon~~

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

Nigel: thanking you on gugu's behalf~~

Cheesie Classic: yea yea... they can't wait to meet aiya popo too!!!

janie said...

ur hamster species is WinterWhite..
they're territorial in nature.. male & female can only be placed together either since 1 month old or when adult.. if u intro them between 1 month to 4 months old, they'll fight for sure.. that's y ur hamster is one-eye blind..

when mother is pregnant, separate the male.. these info i'm sure there are tonnes of em in the internet.. pls do some research.. also, if ur baby hamsters are independent, pls separate them.. they do not like to stay together.. if u hear ur hamster squeaks, it's a bad sign, and fighting will happen soon..

ur hamsters fur look scruffy too, meaning they're in bad condition.. also, by breeding 2 Pearl Winter Whites together, u'll get Pearl babies which are infertile.. meaning, all ur homozygous Pearl male babies are infertile..

pls dont provide such low quality hamsters into the market.. we already have lousy hamsters sold in petshops, we do not need more.. pls choose a good hamster & breed well..

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

[janie] I did not know that they would be infertile.
The information you have provided is not exactly true - the fact that they don't like to stay together. I'm still putting them together and I do think that they love it. They do sleep together.
And I did not breed them for the purpose of selling it. And I did not mean to breed them too. I am just putting them two as companion - yes I do not wish to separate them because I do love it when they have each others as companion - when they sleep together.
And if you look at it properly, it is not that my hamsters fur scruffy, it is just the scratch of the glass because I took the picture through the aquarium glass.
If you found me from, I would like to tell you that the reason of me putting RM10 as the adoption fee is that I don't want my hamsters adopter to take my hamsters for granted. I would want to give it to someone who really wants it.
For your information, they no longer squeaks, means no more fighting.