Tuesday, March 25, 2008

xx hour famine

So I joined 30 Hour Famine 5 years ago.

And right now, I'm starving like 5 years ago, again.

I do not make myself hungry for hope, but I am forced to. Cause again, I have difficulty in eating.

Yea, you got it. It's because of my braces again.

Before that, I used to be like,

'well I don't get why will they slim down by wearing braces. I still can eat as usual what.'
'well I don't get why your friend have to tear the steak into pieces. I still can eat as usual what.'
'well I don't get.. blablablablabla.' enough. super bitchy right?

Now I get everything - after the first time of getting my braces tighten after the extraction of my teeth. My teeth are pushed inward now. Previously the dentist did the same thing to my teeth too, but I could barely feel the pain. This time, I feel it.

Grr. I was merely drinking mushroom soup and tiramisu shake while Arthur was eating his mix steak. Grrrrrrr.... I didn't even chew the mushrooms. I just swallow it.

Oh... I am underfed and this is so not me. Food please. Something solid, please. No more liquid, please. So damn hungry la man. And it's only my first day.

By the way, my lui lui's babies are well fed and they are of this size today. It's just 14 days~~Baby drinking milk while mami sleeping.

Ah. Finally, a family portrait.

P/S: happy 30th monthsary!! You know what I mean~ *wink*

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