Thursday, May 29, 2008

Can I handle it?

okay. this is the worst night ever.

the first night, I have not closed my eyes.

Yes, I have been awake for like.. more than 24 hours. Eyes are burning right now.

I will be having my Common Law Reasoning and Institution paper in 2.5 hours later. Yet, my eyes are widely opened. This is going to be so shitty.

I was trying to have a good, sound sleep, or perhaps, naps, 1 hour ago in my own room. I couldn't. For:

1) I don't have a blanket
I used to share the bedroom with my grandma. Save electricity cost ma + it's really very pity for my grandma to sleep alone.

And tonight, being a very kind grandaughter who doesn't want her grandma to know that she will only sleep for 1 hour, I choose to sleep in my own room.

Haha. No blankets. My legs are not used to be uncovered. I don't know. I just feel not secured here.

#1 I took my jacket. Back to the old position, I slept like how a fetus did. Well, the jacket covered the whole body of mine. Mm.. Warm and comfortable.

#2 Came up with the 2nd plan because I couldn't fall asleep in a fetus position. This posture is just not so right. And I went to turn off the fan. As I brought my body up, the first alarm clock rang. Nevermind. It was just the first one. My brain told me so. The Phantom of the Opera is yet to ring. You still have another 15 minutes.

2) Stupid rooster keep crowing
Until now. Eh. Is it legal to keep a rooster at the housing estate?

It's not me. It's my neighbour.

Bearing the risk of die of suffocation, I closed all the windows in my room. Mmm. Much better. Then the rooster was just whispering, rather than crowing.

3) Tickering-Tickery-Tick
Yes. The annoying clock.

There are two tickering clocks in my room. The tickering sound is so disciplined, one follow another. No gap in between.

Who buy this tickeing clocks?? Grr.. Next time I will buy soundless clock, yes, I will. It's just too irritating.

None. As I solved the first two problems, it's already 6.30a.m.

[while I was typing this, my grandma knocked my door.
'Wei it's almost 7 now. er... U didn't sleep?'
'Oh no, I did. I just woke up.']

Oh shit. It's 6.43 a.m. now. Exams will start at 9a.m., ends at 12.15p.m. By the time I back home, it will be 1.30p.m. Speaking from experience. Start working at 4p.m. till 7.30pm. Okay. Still have time for a little short nap.

Oh. It's 6.45a.m. now. Got to go. Ciaoz. Good luck. All the best. My brain told me.

[as you can see, this whole piece of entry is fragmented. Oh no. My brain is malfunctioning.]

Friday, May 23, 2008

Few more again

Hamster mommy has given birth to 5 hammies babies on 22nd May 2008~~ again~

I'm not sure about how many of them. I dare not to touch them. They are warmly protected by hamster mommy in the box I provided. Not able to count.

Will update with the pictures and the number of babies soon...

If my mommy does not allow Leng Girl and Zhi Boy have it, will sell it off for RM10 each~~(wei... retail price at least RM18 okay??) ^^

*updated on 30/5/2008*

Okay~ they are slightly bigger now, I finally manage to snap few pictures of them~


29/5/2008The only blackie.

Will keep updating their status~

For a visual of how they will look like in the future, click here~

Here for the adoption notice~

Monday, May 19, 2008

It's about my hair~~

So after years (2 years?? 1??) of having curly hair,9th January 2007 - this is the first day

2nd February 2007

23rd May 2007- after hair cut - become very short

27th June 2007 - become not curlie~

I decided to straighten my hair again.*temporarily straighten it in January 2008 and love it*

But this time....

I am not quite used to it yet.Eh see. My bee stung lips~ (I told you blurness concealed my ugliness. Compare the previous picture with this one. See. This picture is so clear and I do think I look ugly.)

And my friends, I'm sure you are not used to it too.

Well, right before I curled my hair, I had straight hair - but not that straight.Eh.

Hold on hold on... The ultimate one...


Haha. You know in those old movies, where ugly people were strongly discriminated. Whenever an ugly girl (normally wearing specs or/and braces, wear long skirt, button-up collared shirt, etc.etc) winked or gave the guys a flying kiss, the guys would just ran off in a fast-forwarded cartoon way. Well, this is it~~

But no la... take a clearer look, I think it's not bad what~~ At least I look slim~~ And at least my braces is not hidden....

Will you think I am enough playing with my silky straight hair??

Let you see an even chun one...

Teng! Teng! Teng!!!!

Wakaka~ Eyesore~~ I think I will laugh at myself in the future. Well, now I do laugh at my old pictures~


Anyway. This takes me 4 hours eh (Well, just in case if you don't get it. I mean rebonding my hair - not camwhoring).Macam tai tai

But luckily~ there is someone who is free, be my companion for that 240 minutes~~ ^^
Muakaka. Muka boring. Anyway he has his hair cut for the first hour.

Oh oh... not forgetting this too~~My criminal law revision planner~~

I still cannot used to my hair... how ah??

Friday, May 16, 2008


Just feel like blogging.

Went Mid Valley today, paid the balance of RM700 for the digital camera which I have paid RM100 as the deposit. Eh, cheap hor?? RM800 for an Olympus mju 850(w/o memory card)?? Thanks to my really thick face skin~ I made inquiries in every camera shop at Mid Valley eh~ The most expensive offer I got was RM1000 something~=p I think he got the wrong model~ Don't be embarassed to ask for the price kay. The shop which I previously bought my cameras from, offered RM930. -.- We bought 4 cameras from you eh..

This - Olympus Camedia X200
[mine is in violet, rosak dah. I truly loved it. Thank you for being my best friends during my secondary school time]

This - Olympus Camedia C360
[dad was using this. Rosak dah, too.]

This - Nikon Coolpix S9[dad is using this]

and This, Olympus FE230 which was 'damaged by liquid' (according to the letter issued by Olympus)
[i was using this]

It's still so new and it's only 10 month old.. No scratches.. at all.. I really really really would miss it.. I brought it to Sunway Lagoon water theme park, Angkasa Condominium swimming pool, but it is still okay what... haizzzzz... [and that's y I'm getting a waterproof camera now]

We had been so loyal.. Why can't you just offer some discount?? Duh...

(reminder: the warranty card is on the bottom drawer of your study desk. Just in case you lost your brain in the future)


KTM is worse than Air Asia. On time performance 0%. There is an useless board which stated the estimated time arrived of the train. It is 15 minutes for each gap. BUT! The train always take more than 30 minutes to arrive. What to do? It's fare is really cheap anyway. I'm a stingy person that's why I'm choosing this method. It's only RM1 per trip (from Bandar Tasik Selatan to Mid Valley). It saves you the hassle of traffic jam and looking for parking (especially in zone A. grrr. The longest time I spent in turning around zone A is .. 38 minutes)

Meanwhile, we took some pictures~~

Then, went to Arthur's house since it's still early.

Took some pictures on Arthur's housemates' dog, Bobby~

And the fatty hamster.

Cute hor?

But Arthur's housemates are a pair of damn couple. I tell you why.

1) they are download freak

Okay. I have absolutely no problem with this - if you are not sharing the line with someone else.

But morons, don't you know you will slow down the line by downloading and buffering?
They know that too. When the guy plays Maple, he will ask his girl to close the download application. When the girl plays Maple, she will ask her boy to close the download application too. But stupid, when Arthur plays Cabal, neither of them close the download application.
Firstly, Arthur hinted them impliedly. He said ,'Why so lag de?'
the two morons ignored.
Next, Arthur asked them directly. He said, 'You download arr?'
then the two morons would say, 'okay, okay. close already'

5 minutes later

Then, still feeling lag, Arthur said again, 'why is it still so lag?'
then they would say, 'okay okay. closing now'
Excuse me???? You mean... NOW??!!!!!
There. no more lagging.

It's not the end of the story.

So, sicked with it, Arthur made a deal with them.
Daytime, they are free to download.
No downloading at night time.
Supposely, it is more than enough. You see, daytime, when they go to school early in the morning, about 8am, they turned on the download program. Arthur turns on his computer earliest at 8pm, sometimes 10pm, freaking 12 hours. Enough?

No. Not enough for them. While they watch the downloaded drama at night, they still downloading some other dramas. FREAK.

It is pretty 'guk' if you have paid RM20+ each month for nothing. Seriously, when they download, the other user can't even open a webpage. No. They won't understand. Coz my baby doesn't download.

2) They turned on their media player all day long and locked the labtop

'With the screen saver 'get off from my pc!!!!!!'

Excuse me? The music is so damn annoying. They turned it on when they are not home. We do believe that this is some kind of music therapy for bobby. It's damn LOUD~

You can do nothing about it. You can't mute it because the laptop is locked. You can't stop nor pause it, yes, ecause the labtop is locked. It really irritates the shit out of me. But who am I? I don't pay the fees, I don't stay there. You know, our final exams is around the corner. Arthur has to go somewhere else to study instead of his own comfortable room. This is so ridiculous.

Morons morons. Not considerable at all. I do think they fail their pendidikan moral. Oh no. They lied when they did their pendidikan moral exams.

3) Arthur paid for what Bobby used
-They showered Bobby, which used up quite an amount of water. They play with Bobby in the bathroom okay.
-They dried Bobby with hairdryer.
-Bobby is afraid of dark, so the light is turned on overnight. Sometimes when Arthur woke up at 1pm and found that the light is still turned on because they have forgotten to turn them off.
-Bobby's towel is hanged together with Arthur's clothes. There was once, the gril screamed because her boy touched her towel after touched Bobby. Oh, the gloves which they wear when they rake Bobby's poo were hanging at the same place too. Well you know, condominium, there is only one place to hang your clothes. Two actually. The other balcony has become Bobby's official toilet.

Is that all?? Think think think...

Will let you know if I miss anything.

Oh btw, I did something really very stupid. I saw this aquarium which have 3 fishes sadly swimming in it. It was like abandoned by their owner for years. It seems like their owners (the super stupid couple) has not cleaned the aquarium for years. So, being a kind-hearted someone who really love animals (really, I am~~ wakakkakaka) I decided to clean it up. No. This is not the stupid stuff I meant.

So you see, being someone who were really lazy, I kept the fish in the aquarium, and I used my own hand the stir the water, so that those left over pellets and shits would come up, then I carefully poured the water with pellets and shits into the.. toilet bowl.

Yes, this toilet bowl.Gosh... what are those stains...... it was covered by pellets and shit earlier. I didn't realise it.

I do think you know what stupid stuff I meant.

Yes, one fish which is really pro-freedom, followed the flow of the water, swam into the toilet bowl. I do think this fish knows the story of Finding Nemo. Nah. It's really not my fault. It swam down itself.

Die. I don't believe in the story of Nemo. I don't think that the fish would stay alive if I press the flush button. I do know that there are fishes at oxidation pond. but i'm not sure about this kind of fish. Although some people call them 'the longkang fish'.

So. Being someone who really loves animals, I tried several method.

1) Bare hand
Haha. Stupid right? I was too panic and this was the first method which stroke my mind. The toilet bowl was, of course, full of the left over pellets and shits. And I'm not sure how long they didn't wash their toilet. It looks clean anyway.

Failed. Of course.
[but can u imagine how disgusting is that?? when you try to get that fish, you of course will get the water stirred, and those fish pellets and shits would be floating around too. I feel like vomitting now. I appreciate my courage anyway.]
2) Cup
Still another stupid idea. Grr. And you really have to know, the room inside the toilet bowl is not only what we could see. The fish was swimming in and out, in and out of my sight.

So you imagine this. A girl standing in front of the toilet bowl, keep shouting to it,
'fish, come out la!! if you don't come out right now you will die okay?? nah.. I count until ten ya... one, two, three...'

Then when I was about to catch the fish with the cup, it swam out of my sight again. Then the girl said again,
'why?? I was trying to rescue you why you don't appreciate it?? Come out la.... Guai la... Please.. Your friends are waiting for you... They miss you...'

'Wooi! you would just scare the fish off okay...?' Arthur said.

Meanwhile, Bobby was standing outside the toilet, staring at these two people. What was it thinking.....

Failed. Of course.

3) Hose
Arthur came up with this idea. Of course, he would be the one who suck it.

He kept on repeating, 'it's water with shit. it's water with shit.'

When the fish came out, he sucked. But too bad. The fish was stronger than him. It escaped again.

Failed. Too

4) Plastic Bag
Haha. I feel I'm not so stupid now. So I dipped the plastic bag into the toilet bowl, with the handle left on the surface - so that I could easily grab it when the fish swim into the plastic bag.

Surprisingly, I succeed for the very first time~!!! Yay yay yay yay yay!!!! It just went as how I have thought of~!! The fish swam into the plastic bag, without it realising, I quickly grabbed the handle of the plastic bag, and it would be trapped. Yes yes!! this was my plan~~ And it worked~!!!!!


Delighted, I put the fish back to the aquarium. Nyaha~

Wow... 3 little cute fishes happily swimming in clear water~~ That's all my effort~

So I went to play with Bobby.

Minutes later...

T.T No wonder they are known as longkang fish. They cannot stand the cleanliness...

(p/s: this is not the pro-freedom fish)

1 more stupid thing I did just now. I accidentally posted this entry on my blog shop....

Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's mommy's day~!!

10-May-2008 23:22
Zhi Boy : Later 12am sms mami 'happy mother day'

10-May-2008 23:22
Me : Okla. No problem. I remember.

10-May-2008 23:45
Zhi Boy : Later 2gether say arr... I say now then we send...

10-May-2008 23:53
Leng Girl : Jie ltr 12.00 we 2gether send ah.. send 2 0146520339 tat num ah..

10-May-2008 23:53
Me : Okla. Now me 23:53. You?

10-May-2008 23:53
Leng Girl : We 2 53

10-May-2008 23:59
Zhi Boy : Gogo send liao o... Shit...

10-May-2008 23:59
Me : Now send a?

10-May-2008 23:59
Zhi Boy : Ok... Now send...


10-May-2008 00:21

Me: Happy Mother's day!! Your presentS are with me! Haha! Next time you back then only give you.~


Yes, the two youngest in my family were trying so hard to run a plan in order to give my mommy a little surprise.

but the two eldest one ruined everything~ -__-

It's not our fault okay. (Chung Xiang Xi, maybe it's yours. Cause you sent it earlier)

I sent it out at 12am sharp, as directed by my little brother (Zhi Boy). But later I checked the phone, it appeared at 'outbox', which was the indication of the message not sent off. I re-sent again. And ya, my mom received it at 12:21 am~~

Things have changed. I used to be the one who plan everything to surprise my family members~ I'm glad that my little brother and sister are following my steps now~ gaga~ [wonder what surprise will they give me on my 21st birthday~~ hahahahahhaha]

Anyway anyway,

Happy Mothers' day~!!!!!!!

[I do think that my mom looks young at her age. But obviously!! She doesn't look like my sister AT ALL~!!! Yeap~ the one besides her is my sister]

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My crushes

It came from the next room, flowed into my room. Sounds so far, yet, so near. So intriguing. Once again, I melted into that sound of music.
Yes. I knew he was the one who played it. I could visualize how much he enjoyed his own song, and how fast his fingers running on those 88 black and white keys.

While the music is on, those days we had (perhaps, I had) ran through my mind. Not only with him, with another two too.

Arthur, I didn't lie. They were just my crushes. People who I secretly (perhaps, publicly) fallen into. I do think they knew it anyway. You know, my friends are sooo.. loud.

It's alright to reveal them hor? for:
1) They don't read my blog
2) Their friends don't read my blog
3) Even if they do, it is something of past tense.

1) Pung Heng Kiat
(he looked way better when I had a crush on him. This is the one I grabbed from his friendster page.)
Wakakakaka~ Guess how old I started to have a crush on him?
Standard 4~ Yes, while I was still wearing this navy blue and white uniform, even before my menstrual cycle started.
What? puppy-crush? No~~~~ I was very serious okay?

I think I know him since I was standard one (wakaka), we took the same bus. When I was in Standard 1, my school used to have this system:
Morning Session: Standard 1,3,5.
Afternoon Session: Standard 2,4,6.

When I reached Standard 2, the system changed.
Morning Session: Standard 4,5,6.
Afternoon Session: Standard 1,2,3.

-_- how can. When I was in standard 2, he was in the bloody morning session of standard 4 okay? Meaning, I could not see him anymore. -_________________-

But but but, once we were both in morning session, and both of us were in the same bus AGAIN, (ahaa!) My crush on him blossom in a blink of eye~~ We were both the deejays of the primary school, and both the members of the chinese society during our secondary school time.

This did not last long. I saw him when I was 14:

2)Wong Wang Li (a.k.a. pine/ wong lai/ pine apple, etc.)

Wakakakakakakaka~~ We met at the guard house of our school. It was an event organised by the chinese society and I was an usherer or something. I forgotten. And I forgotten why he was there. The guard house used to be the students' favourite hangout hotspot. They just love the guard. What's his name again? The one who could be easily bribed with cigar when students were trying to skip school?

Anyway, back to MY story. I think I liked him because of his talent. He was in the Chinese Orchestra group and he could play most of the instrument in that group. Okay.. no la.. No one could know how to play more than 4 instruments in that group I guess. He majored in chinese flute and er hu... He looked damn cool okay when he was standing in the middle of the stage, blowing his er hu - solo~~

Guess what? I got a chance to be his wife in a play on that talent night organized by Chinese Society!!! Awwww.... How lucky I was~~ During our leadership camp, I got to kayak with him - pair!!! Awwww... can you see how lucky I was??

But!! He was not the one.. Cause he had a crush on someone else.. who is much pretty. -_- I still liked him anyway. Until... I met him:

3) Hin Ee Jeng

his friendster page showed nothing but 'savious of the soul'. I couldn't grab his pic. And I do think Michelle won't like it if I grabbed his pic.

A very talented guy who I met in my current working place. We were still students and were involved in a performance. (Heidi, you were in too.. if you are reading my blog..)

I forgotten when I started to develop my feeling for him. Till now I am not sure if I liked his talent, or I liked him. Throw a keyboard/piano/guitar/drum/violin (what else?) on him and he would be able to handle it - damn well. He has good voice too~

Plus, he was a St John member. I really thought it was fate when I discovered both of us were St John member. He was the president of the club of his school while I was one in mine. Super matchy right? Okay. That was what I thought.

Remember ICQ? I was pretty delighted when he chat with me while he was in invisible mode. I used to impersonate someone else to try to know him more on the net. Crazy me.=p I love those hangouts with Pianoforte friends, because he was always there - unlike now. I love those stress-free practices for performance. When I started to work in my age of 17, he was assigned by our teachers to be the one who chauffeured me. We worked until 9pm okay? Those were the happy days.

Anyway, I recall once I was about to take a bus, and I changed my mind because I did not want to squeeze with the standing crowd in the bus, but later on I saw him sitting at the back of the bus. I cried okay? Not literally type of cried, I really could feel my tears. My friends told me, 'you don't have to be like this.' Yes. Yes I know. 'I was so silly and naive.' quoted Gillian Chung.

There were more than one time that I expressed my feeling in a joking manner. He treated it as a joking manner as well. Once, as usual, I said things like 'no wonder I like you so much bla bla bla' when he gave me a music score which I always wanted, his friend said, 'alar.. people already has one la... blablabla'


'Cring.' Heart broke. It's so different this time. I knew my last two crushes were in a relationship too. I couldn't feel the pain but this time..

Yea.. it faded after that.

(Chung Kai Zhen, yours not included okay? It was just erm .. temporary feeling. Nothing much.)

4) Arthur Ling Fei

*Baby, I had a crush on you, don't you know? Although I do think that you like me too~ =)*

I met him when I was in Sabah for two years. For the bloody form six which I really hated.

First impression:
'damn! Is this person gonna be my classmate? Purplish hair.. Nike sneakers.. excuse me.. Sneakers are not allowed in the school!! bla bla bla bla bla bla bla...'

Was not good. Obviously.

Everything is destined. On and off. On and off. Now we are still together~ As I said, let the god decide it~

p/s: thought of scanning the old pictures. But I couldn't find my album.

Friday, May 2, 2008

I have opened a blogshop

This is my shop~

This is the link~

This is the web banner~

This is where to contact her~

This is the owner~

Daniel Bong said I look like a vampire in this picture. Daniel vampire you said? or Dracula? And why is my face senget?
[My bottle leaked and my camera got wet and it cannot be rescued. What to do. 2.0Mp, what do you expect?]

This is my signature~


Stop. This is too vain and meaningless. What should I blog about then.. Erm.. Oh. Q&A

Q: What makes you open this blog shop?

1) I love shopping. Every girl does. I love shopping for cheap stuff. Not every girl does though. But most of the girls do. I love to buy lots of stuff at once~ and.. so.. That's why.

2) It cost me nothing to open a shop on

3) I am from KL. I know there are a lot of stuff which are so damn cheap in KL are sold expensive at other states.
I know it because I stayed at KK for 2 years before. There were only 2 main shopping centre when I was trying to look for a nice prom dress - Centre Point and Wisma Merdeka. I didn't include Karamunsing because I didn't feel like shopping there.
None of their sundresses/ prom dresses/ whatever-dresses are sold below the price of RM70. Maybe I'm not good in searching stuff. I donno lah.
Note: There were no Warisan Square nor One Borneo nor City Mall nor Times Square at that moment.

4) I need money. I am broke. But seriously I don't earn much. You can check out the price if you don't believe~

5) I love interacting with girls who have the similar fashion sense with me.

Q: Why Syrupy-fashion?

I am lack of creativity. I thought of CharmingCloset. But it's taken.

Then I wanted something to end with 'sin' - I feel sinful while spending so much in shopping.
And I wanted something which started off with 'S', S (something) sin, then only sound nice ma, thus, I typed 'sweet' in the thesaurus and found 'Syrupy'. Okay, I decided to name my shop Syrupysin.
But! later I saw a shop which named 'Dolly Sin' on Emmagem.

Since she has taken that 'sin', just let her be sinful la~ therefore I just simply change it to Syrupy-fashion.
This is so dull and not creative I know. But who cares.
(by the way Emmagem is an excellent online shopping site for you girls - just in case you have not discovered this lovely place yet)
Nah, share with you~

When my friends ask me why 'syrupy'? I would say 'simply'. I was just answering the last part~ Coz I'm too lazy to explain all these. Alar. Who asked you not to read my blog?

Btw, these are some headers I have created while I was stil syrupysinning.
Even spell it wrong. Zun?

Thought of taking this from But don't wan la. Be original although ugly.

Q: Why purple?

Because I like so.

Q: Why dresses and shorts only?

Because that's all I afford to purchase.

Q: What else?

I could not think of any other questions. Because my mind if full of 'rule of law' now. Yes, I have started to study. From today on~ 19 days before the exam. Why la you guys don't believe that I haven't started to study yet. Oh yea, about the question, do let me know if you have any in your mind.

Yea. That's all I guess~