Friday, May 16, 2008


Just feel like blogging.

Went Mid Valley today, paid the balance of RM700 for the digital camera which I have paid RM100 as the deposit. Eh, cheap hor?? RM800 for an Olympus mju 850(w/o memory card)?? Thanks to my really thick face skin~ I made inquiries in every camera shop at Mid Valley eh~ The most expensive offer I got was RM1000 something~=p I think he got the wrong model~ Don't be embarassed to ask for the price kay. The shop which I previously bought my cameras from, offered RM930. -.- We bought 4 cameras from you eh..

This - Olympus Camedia X200
[mine is in violet, rosak dah. I truly loved it. Thank you for being my best friends during my secondary school time]

This - Olympus Camedia C360
[dad was using this. Rosak dah, too.]

This - Nikon Coolpix S9[dad is using this]

and This, Olympus FE230 which was 'damaged by liquid' (according to the letter issued by Olympus)
[i was using this]

It's still so new and it's only 10 month old.. No scratches.. at all.. I really really really would miss it.. I brought it to Sunway Lagoon water theme park, Angkasa Condominium swimming pool, but it is still okay what... haizzzzz... [and that's y I'm getting a waterproof camera now]

We had been so loyal.. Why can't you just offer some discount?? Duh...

(reminder: the warranty card is on the bottom drawer of your study desk. Just in case you lost your brain in the future)


KTM is worse than Air Asia. On time performance 0%. There is an useless board which stated the estimated time arrived of the train. It is 15 minutes for each gap. BUT! The train always take more than 30 minutes to arrive. What to do? It's fare is really cheap anyway. I'm a stingy person that's why I'm choosing this method. It's only RM1 per trip (from Bandar Tasik Selatan to Mid Valley). It saves you the hassle of traffic jam and looking for parking (especially in zone A. grrr. The longest time I spent in turning around zone A is .. 38 minutes)

Meanwhile, we took some pictures~~

Then, went to Arthur's house since it's still early.

Took some pictures on Arthur's housemates' dog, Bobby~

And the fatty hamster.

Cute hor?

But Arthur's housemates are a pair of damn couple. I tell you why.

1) they are download freak

Okay. I have absolutely no problem with this - if you are not sharing the line with someone else.

But morons, don't you know you will slow down the line by downloading and buffering?
They know that too. When the guy plays Maple, he will ask his girl to close the download application. When the girl plays Maple, she will ask her boy to close the download application too. But stupid, when Arthur plays Cabal, neither of them close the download application.
Firstly, Arthur hinted them impliedly. He said ,'Why so lag de?'
the two morons ignored.
Next, Arthur asked them directly. He said, 'You download arr?'
then the two morons would say, 'okay, okay. close already'

5 minutes later

Then, still feeling lag, Arthur said again, 'why is it still so lag?'
then they would say, 'okay okay. closing now'
Excuse me???? You mean... NOW??!!!!!
There. no more lagging.

It's not the end of the story.

So, sicked with it, Arthur made a deal with them.
Daytime, they are free to download.
No downloading at night time.
Supposely, it is more than enough. You see, daytime, when they go to school early in the morning, about 8am, they turned on the download program. Arthur turns on his computer earliest at 8pm, sometimes 10pm, freaking 12 hours. Enough?

No. Not enough for them. While they watch the downloaded drama at night, they still downloading some other dramas. FREAK.

It is pretty 'guk' if you have paid RM20+ each month for nothing. Seriously, when they download, the other user can't even open a webpage. No. They won't understand. Coz my baby doesn't download.

2) They turned on their media player all day long and locked the labtop

'With the screen saver 'get off from my pc!!!!!!'

Excuse me? The music is so damn annoying. They turned it on when they are not home. We do believe that this is some kind of music therapy for bobby. It's damn LOUD~

You can do nothing about it. You can't mute it because the laptop is locked. You can't stop nor pause it, yes, ecause the labtop is locked. It really irritates the shit out of me. But who am I? I don't pay the fees, I don't stay there. You know, our final exams is around the corner. Arthur has to go somewhere else to study instead of his own comfortable room. This is so ridiculous.

Morons morons. Not considerable at all. I do think they fail their pendidikan moral. Oh no. They lied when they did their pendidikan moral exams.

3) Arthur paid for what Bobby used
-They showered Bobby, which used up quite an amount of water. They play with Bobby in the bathroom okay.
-They dried Bobby with hairdryer.
-Bobby is afraid of dark, so the light is turned on overnight. Sometimes when Arthur woke up at 1pm and found that the light is still turned on because they have forgotten to turn them off.
-Bobby's towel is hanged together with Arthur's clothes. There was once, the gril screamed because her boy touched her towel after touched Bobby. Oh, the gloves which they wear when they rake Bobby's poo were hanging at the same place too. Well you know, condominium, there is only one place to hang your clothes. Two actually. The other balcony has become Bobby's official toilet.

Is that all?? Think think think...

Will let you know if I miss anything.

Oh btw, I did something really very stupid. I saw this aquarium which have 3 fishes sadly swimming in it. It was like abandoned by their owner for years. It seems like their owners (the super stupid couple) has not cleaned the aquarium for years. So, being a kind-hearted someone who really love animals (really, I am~~ wakakkakaka) I decided to clean it up. No. This is not the stupid stuff I meant.

So you see, being someone who were really lazy, I kept the fish in the aquarium, and I used my own hand the stir the water, so that those left over pellets and shits would come up, then I carefully poured the water with pellets and shits into the.. toilet bowl.

Yes, this toilet bowl.Gosh... what are those stains...... it was covered by pellets and shit earlier. I didn't realise it.

I do think you know what stupid stuff I meant.

Yes, one fish which is really pro-freedom, followed the flow of the water, swam into the toilet bowl. I do think this fish knows the story of Finding Nemo. Nah. It's really not my fault. It swam down itself.

Die. I don't believe in the story of Nemo. I don't think that the fish would stay alive if I press the flush button. I do know that there are fishes at oxidation pond. but i'm not sure about this kind of fish. Although some people call them 'the longkang fish'.

So. Being someone who really loves animals, I tried several method.

1) Bare hand
Haha. Stupid right? I was too panic and this was the first method which stroke my mind. The toilet bowl was, of course, full of the left over pellets and shits. And I'm not sure how long they didn't wash their toilet. It looks clean anyway.

Failed. Of course.
[but can u imagine how disgusting is that?? when you try to get that fish, you of course will get the water stirred, and those fish pellets and shits would be floating around too. I feel like vomitting now. I appreciate my courage anyway.]
2) Cup
Still another stupid idea. Grr. And you really have to know, the room inside the toilet bowl is not only what we could see. The fish was swimming in and out, in and out of my sight.

So you imagine this. A girl standing in front of the toilet bowl, keep shouting to it,
'fish, come out la!! if you don't come out right now you will die okay?? nah.. I count until ten ya... one, two, three...'

Then when I was about to catch the fish with the cup, it swam out of my sight again. Then the girl said again,
'why?? I was trying to rescue you why you don't appreciate it?? Come out la.... Guai la... Please.. Your friends are waiting for you... They miss you...'

'Wooi! you would just scare the fish off okay...?' Arthur said.

Meanwhile, Bobby was standing outside the toilet, staring at these two people. What was it thinking.....

Failed. Of course.

3) Hose
Arthur came up with this idea. Of course, he would be the one who suck it.

He kept on repeating, 'it's water with shit. it's water with shit.'

When the fish came out, he sucked. But too bad. The fish was stronger than him. It escaped again.

Failed. Too

4) Plastic Bag
Haha. I feel I'm not so stupid now. So I dipped the plastic bag into the toilet bowl, with the handle left on the surface - so that I could easily grab it when the fish swim into the plastic bag.

Surprisingly, I succeed for the very first time~!!! Yay yay yay yay yay!!!! It just went as how I have thought of~!! The fish swam into the plastic bag, without it realising, I quickly grabbed the handle of the plastic bag, and it would be trapped. Yes yes!! this was my plan~~ And it worked~!!!!!


Delighted, I put the fish back to the aquarium. Nyaha~

Wow... 3 little cute fishes happily swimming in clear water~~ That's all my effort~

So I went to play with Bobby.

Minutes later...

T.T No wonder they are known as longkang fish. They cannot stand the cleanliness...

(p/s: this is not the pro-freedom fish)

1 more stupid thing I did just now. I accidentally posted this entry on my blog shop....


蓝天 said...

wow....although is abit 'silly' but it sounds fun and quite a interesting experiences..isnt it...hahahhahhaah...cute shang!!!

Cherylmeryl said...

-.-||| yea.. what an experience...

Dan-yel said...

both yours and arthur's shoes are such a match! One red with white strings, the other is white with red strings! That's like completely inverted colours!

Cherylmeryl said...

[dan-yel] meant to be like that~~ ^^

ahlost said...

Wahrao.. I hate ppl who download movies ALL DAY LONG too =.=