Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's mommy's day~!!

10-May-2008 23:22
Zhi Boy : Later 12am sms mami 'happy mother day'

10-May-2008 23:22
Me : Okla. No problem. I remember.

10-May-2008 23:45
Zhi Boy : Later 2gether say arr... I say now then we send...

10-May-2008 23:53
Leng Girl : Jie ltr 12.00 we 2gether send ah.. send 2 0146520339 tat num ah..

10-May-2008 23:53
Me : Okla. Now me 23:53. You?

10-May-2008 23:53
Leng Girl : We 2 53

10-May-2008 23:59
Zhi Boy : Gogo send liao o... Shit...

10-May-2008 23:59
Me : Now send a?

10-May-2008 23:59
Zhi Boy : Ok... Now send...


10-May-2008 00:21

Me: Happy Mother's day!! Your presentS are with me! Haha! Next time you back then only give you.~


Yes, the two youngest in my family were trying so hard to run a plan in order to give my mommy a little surprise.

but the two eldest one ruined everything~ -__-

It's not our fault okay. (Chung Xiang Xi, maybe it's yours. Cause you sent it earlier)

I sent it out at 12am sharp, as directed by my little brother (Zhi Boy). But later I checked the phone, it appeared at 'outbox', which was the indication of the message not sent off. I re-sent again. And ya, my mom received it at 12:21 am~~

Things have changed. I used to be the one who plan everything to surprise my family members~ I'm glad that my little brother and sister are following my steps now~ gaga~ [wonder what surprise will they give me on my 21st birthday~~ hahahahahhaha]

Anyway anyway,

Happy Mothers' day~!!!!!!!

[I do think that my mom looks young at her age. But obviously!! She doesn't look like my sister AT ALL~!!! Yeap~ the one besides her is my sister]

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