Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My crushes

It came from the next room, flowed into my room. Sounds so far, yet, so near. So intriguing. Once again, I melted into that sound of music.
Yes. I knew he was the one who played it. I could visualize how much he enjoyed his own song, and how fast his fingers running on those 88 black and white keys.

While the music is on, those days we had (perhaps, I had) ran through my mind. Not only with him, with another two too.

Arthur, I didn't lie. They were just my crushes. People who I secretly (perhaps, publicly) fallen into. I do think they knew it anyway. You know, my friends are sooo.. loud.

It's alright to reveal them hor? for:
1) They don't read my blog
2) Their friends don't read my blog
3) Even if they do, it is something of past tense.

1) Pung Heng Kiat
(he looked way better when I had a crush on him. This is the one I grabbed from his friendster page.)
Wakakakaka~ Guess how old I started to have a crush on him?
Standard 4~ Yes, while I was still wearing this navy blue and white uniform, even before my menstrual cycle started.
What? puppy-crush? No~~~~ I was very serious okay?

I think I know him since I was standard one (wakaka), we took the same bus. When I was in Standard 1, my school used to have this system:
Morning Session: Standard 1,3,5.
Afternoon Session: Standard 2,4,6.

When I reached Standard 2, the system changed.
Morning Session: Standard 4,5,6.
Afternoon Session: Standard 1,2,3.

-_- how can. When I was in standard 2, he was in the bloody morning session of standard 4 okay? Meaning, I could not see him anymore. -_________________-

But but but, once we were both in morning session, and both of us were in the same bus AGAIN, (ahaa!) My crush on him blossom in a blink of eye~~ We were both the deejays of the primary school, and both the members of the chinese society during our secondary school time.

This did not last long. I saw him when I was 14:

2)Wong Wang Li (a.k.a. pine/ wong lai/ pine apple, etc.)

Wakakakakakakaka~~ We met at the guard house of our school. It was an event organised by the chinese society and I was an usherer or something. I forgotten. And I forgotten why he was there. The guard house used to be the students' favourite hangout hotspot. They just love the guard. What's his name again? The one who could be easily bribed with cigar when students were trying to skip school?

Anyway, back to MY story. I think I liked him because of his talent. He was in the Chinese Orchestra group and he could play most of the instrument in that group. Okay.. no la.. No one could know how to play more than 4 instruments in that group I guess. He majored in chinese flute and er hu... He looked damn cool okay when he was standing in the middle of the stage, blowing his er hu - solo~~

Guess what? I got a chance to be his wife in a play on that talent night organized by Chinese Society!!! Awwww.... How lucky I was~~ During our leadership camp, I got to kayak with him - pair!!! Awwww... can you see how lucky I was??

But!! He was not the one.. Cause he had a crush on someone else.. who is much pretty. -_- I still liked him anyway. Until... I met him:

3) Hin Ee Jeng

his friendster page showed nothing but 'savious of the soul'. I couldn't grab his pic. And I do think Michelle won't like it if I grabbed his pic.

A very talented guy who I met in my current working place. We were still students and were involved in a performance. (Heidi, you were in too.. if you are reading my blog..)

I forgotten when I started to develop my feeling for him. Till now I am not sure if I liked his talent, or I liked him. Throw a keyboard/piano/guitar/drum/violin (what else?) on him and he would be able to handle it - damn well. He has good voice too~

Plus, he was a St John member. I really thought it was fate when I discovered both of us were St John member. He was the president of the club of his school while I was one in mine. Super matchy right? Okay. That was what I thought.

Remember ICQ? I was pretty delighted when he chat with me while he was in invisible mode. I used to impersonate someone else to try to know him more on the net. Crazy me.=p I love those hangouts with Pianoforte friends, because he was always there - unlike now. I love those stress-free practices for performance. When I started to work in my age of 17, he was assigned by our teachers to be the one who chauffeured me. We worked until 9pm okay? Those were the happy days.

Anyway, I recall once I was about to take a bus, and I changed my mind because I did not want to squeeze with the standing crowd in the bus, but later on I saw him sitting at the back of the bus. I cried okay? Not literally type of cried, I really could feel my tears. My friends told me, 'you don't have to be like this.' Yes. Yes I know. 'I was so silly and naive.' quoted Gillian Chung.

There were more than one time that I expressed my feeling in a joking manner. He treated it as a joking manner as well. Once, as usual, I said things like 'no wonder I like you so much bla bla bla' when he gave me a music score which I always wanted, his friend said, 'alar.. people already has one la... blablabla'


'Cring.' Heart broke. It's so different this time. I knew my last two crushes were in a relationship too. I couldn't feel the pain but this time..

Yea.. it faded after that.

(Chung Kai Zhen, yours not included okay? It was just erm .. temporary feeling. Nothing much.)

4) Arthur Ling Fei

*Baby, I had a crush on you, don't you know? Although I do think that you like me too~ =)*

I met him when I was in Sabah for two years. For the bloody form six which I really hated.

First impression:
'damn! Is this person gonna be my classmate? Purplish hair.. Nike sneakers.. excuse me.. Sneakers are not allowed in the school!! bla bla bla bla bla bla bla...'

Was not good. Obviously.

Everything is destined. On and off. On and off. Now we are still together~ As I said, let the god decide it~

p/s: thought of scanning the old pictures. But I couldn't find my album.


Orangie said...

the pung heng kiat posing like "beh yong jun" lah~~ tat 1 in winter sonata punya~~ wakakaka...

Cherylmeryl said...

[orangie] he copied ppl's pose...

蓝天 said...

Cheryl....u r rily a 'blogger'!!!!wat i means is why u can make ur blog so nice n interesting...haha...u even wrote ur own love stories...wuahah...anyway...i rily enjoy readin it!!!! XP

Today i felt abit down...maybe feel lonely sometimes...feel like wan to find someone to fall in love.....not easy though....haih...just let the faith decide for me....

Gonna sleep ady, 2mrw gt mornin class...miss u guys so much!!~~~muaks

take care, 3 of u, My dear buddies!!