Friday, May 2, 2008

I have opened a blogshop

This is my shop~

This is the link~

This is the web banner~

This is where to contact her~

This is the owner~

Daniel Bong said I look like a vampire in this picture. Daniel vampire you said? or Dracula? And why is my face senget?
[My bottle leaked and my camera got wet and it cannot be rescued. What to do. 2.0Mp, what do you expect?]

This is my signature~


Stop. This is too vain and meaningless. What should I blog about then.. Erm.. Oh. Q&A

Q: What makes you open this blog shop?

1) I love shopping. Every girl does. I love shopping for cheap stuff. Not every girl does though. But most of the girls do. I love to buy lots of stuff at once~ and.. so.. That's why.

2) It cost me nothing to open a shop on

3) I am from KL. I know there are a lot of stuff which are so damn cheap in KL are sold expensive at other states.
I know it because I stayed at KK for 2 years before. There were only 2 main shopping centre when I was trying to look for a nice prom dress - Centre Point and Wisma Merdeka. I didn't include Karamunsing because I didn't feel like shopping there.
None of their sundresses/ prom dresses/ whatever-dresses are sold below the price of RM70. Maybe I'm not good in searching stuff. I donno lah.
Note: There were no Warisan Square nor One Borneo nor City Mall nor Times Square at that moment.

4) I need money. I am broke. But seriously I don't earn much. You can check out the price if you don't believe~

5) I love interacting with girls who have the similar fashion sense with me.

Q: Why Syrupy-fashion?

I am lack of creativity. I thought of CharmingCloset. But it's taken.

Then I wanted something to end with 'sin' - I feel sinful while spending so much in shopping.
And I wanted something which started off with 'S', S (something) sin, then only sound nice ma, thus, I typed 'sweet' in the thesaurus and found 'Syrupy'. Okay, I decided to name my shop Syrupysin.
But! later I saw a shop which named 'Dolly Sin' on Emmagem.

Since she has taken that 'sin', just let her be sinful la~ therefore I just simply change it to Syrupy-fashion.
This is so dull and not creative I know. But who cares.
(by the way Emmagem is an excellent online shopping site for you girls - just in case you have not discovered this lovely place yet)
Nah, share with you~

When my friends ask me why 'syrupy'? I would say 'simply'. I was just answering the last part~ Coz I'm too lazy to explain all these. Alar. Who asked you not to read my blog?

Btw, these are some headers I have created while I was stil syrupysinning.
Even spell it wrong. Zun?

Thought of taking this from But don't wan la. Be original although ugly.

Q: Why purple?

Because I like so.

Q: Why dresses and shorts only?

Because that's all I afford to purchase.

Q: What else?

I could not think of any other questions. Because my mind if full of 'rule of law' now. Yes, I have started to study. From today on~ 19 days before the exam. Why la you guys don't believe that I haven't started to study yet. Oh yea, about the question, do let me know if you have any in your mind.

Yea. That's all I guess~


Dan-yel said...

Are your products measure up to ISO standard?

Have you test it whether it is fire-resistant?

Have you test it whether it is acid-proof?

Damn, I'm crazy. Congrats! Sekarang baru mula study.... Wahahaha (Dracula!)

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

nonono for the first 3 questions.
cannot meh. for the last statement.

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