Thursday, May 29, 2008

Can I handle it?

okay. this is the worst night ever.

the first night, I have not closed my eyes.

Yes, I have been awake for like.. more than 24 hours. Eyes are burning right now.

I will be having my Common Law Reasoning and Institution paper in 2.5 hours later. Yet, my eyes are widely opened. This is going to be so shitty.

I was trying to have a good, sound sleep, or perhaps, naps, 1 hour ago in my own room. I couldn't. For:

1) I don't have a blanket
I used to share the bedroom with my grandma. Save electricity cost ma + it's really very pity for my grandma to sleep alone.

And tonight, being a very kind grandaughter who doesn't want her grandma to know that she will only sleep for 1 hour, I choose to sleep in my own room.

Haha. No blankets. My legs are not used to be uncovered. I don't know. I just feel not secured here.

#1 I took my jacket. Back to the old position, I slept like how a fetus did. Well, the jacket covered the whole body of mine. Mm.. Warm and comfortable.

#2 Came up with the 2nd plan because I couldn't fall asleep in a fetus position. This posture is just not so right. And I went to turn off the fan. As I brought my body up, the first alarm clock rang. Nevermind. It was just the first one. My brain told me so. The Phantom of the Opera is yet to ring. You still have another 15 minutes.

2) Stupid rooster keep crowing
Until now. Eh. Is it legal to keep a rooster at the housing estate?

It's not me. It's my neighbour.

Bearing the risk of die of suffocation, I closed all the windows in my room. Mmm. Much better. Then the rooster was just whispering, rather than crowing.

3) Tickering-Tickery-Tick
Yes. The annoying clock.

There are two tickering clocks in my room. The tickering sound is so disciplined, one follow another. No gap in between.

Who buy this tickeing clocks?? Grr.. Next time I will buy soundless clock, yes, I will. It's just too irritating.

None. As I solved the first two problems, it's already 6.30a.m.

[while I was typing this, my grandma knocked my door.
'Wei it's almost 7 now. er... U didn't sleep?'
'Oh no, I did. I just woke up.']

Oh shit. It's 6.43 a.m. now. Exams will start at 9a.m., ends at 12.15p.m. By the time I back home, it will be 1.30p.m. Speaking from experience. Start working at 4p.m. till 7.30pm. Okay. Still have time for a little short nap.

Oh. It's 6.45a.m. now. Got to go. Ciaoz. Good luck. All the best. My brain told me.

[as you can see, this whole piece of entry is fragmented. Oh no. My brain is malfunctioning.]

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