Sunday, June 1, 2008

Underwater babies

Excitedly, me, Zhi Boy and Leng Girl headed to the swimming pool at the nearest condominuium - for photo shooting~

As we went there, we startled. The water was in ocean green instead of the usual pool clear blue. Arthur said it's because it rained. Why ya? Can someone tell me why raining will cause the water greenish?

Here the greenish pool.Those 2 heads belong to Zhi Boy and Leng Girl by the way.

Anyway, hesitated for a very short while, we decided to go for it.

Behold. Tonnes of pictures ahead. Most of them are photoshopped. Nothing much. Auto leveled only.

Nah. The first picture of the day. I was having this 'what happened' look. In fact, I was really thinking the same.
First batch~ - my camwhoring pictures~ You see ya. I will look like this if it's without auto leveling on photoshop.Lady in the water~ Eh seriously, I can feel the peace lor.

Nah. That's why.

Then, my lovely Leng Girl's turn.

She's so tacky la~~Cute, isn't she? Anyway, people do say both of us look alike~ Nyaha~~~

'Diving towards' The first few pictures failed like shit lor. I'm not putting them up because I look like a constipated someone who tried to smile happily.
Nah. Finally, a nice one.

Nah see, my first attempt of taking the same themed picture.Not bad ma~~~

Okay, next. Zhi Boy's turn.

He has a lot of these big head shots. I'm not putting all of them up because they just look the same.Hand stand wor, he said.

Lastly, some showering pictures before home for dinner.
I didn't mean to show off my armpit, really. So stop staring at it. I was doing this hair washing post.

The typical oh! I'm in the ladies'! shoot.

Next, the typical oh! we're in the gents'! shoot.
Leng Girl Syok-sendiriing. With a very reluctant to be syoked Zhi Boy.

Behold, the SS King. He beated Leng Girl la this time. This time only.C'mon. You can do it~ One day you will look like them~


Nicholas-Y said...

the colour of water is the reflection from the sky. because it was cloudy, coupled with the colour of the tiles of the pool, it looked green.

water is actually colourless....unless its contaminated then it takes the colour of the foreign compound.

Cherylmeryl said...

[nicholas-y] mmm... not bad.. useful info~
Thanks ya, 'kenny mah'~~

waiyee said...

to me when the water in the pool was in green indicates that the water need to be changed...usually like at my condo swimming pool here, the worker would change the water when it turns green...
in other words the pool was contaminated when it turns green

aLiya said...

ish, showing off your new camera that is water-proof lar?!

pool water is always better to be in transparent. i wouldn't get into the pool if it is green, for watever reasons .....looks geli to me.

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

[wai yee] I also think that it's contaminated as when I looked up the sky, there is no cloud at all like how nicholas-y as pointed out.

[aliya] -_- how you know?? why you so smart one? you really know me well la.

Falcon said...

The last three pics are really

Cherylmeryl said...

[falcon] yea... anyway I don't wish him to be like that either...
That's really too much~~