Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another post about nothing

I feel damn down now la.

I've been facing my lappie since the last 3 hours. I have browsed through some blogs. And their happy love story together with the happy pictures tagged with the happy captions really make me feel sad about myself. *sigh*

I browsed through emmagem just now and saw this video. Damn sad okay.

[wth!!!!! blogger doesn't allow me to add video. go emmagem and see yourselves then]

Aiyo. I know you guys are lazy to do so lah.
Because if someone ask me to do the same, me also, won't bother to do it. very mafan.
Nvm. Will just tell you what it is about.

It's nothing but just Mariah's Carey's Bye Bye music video. A music video with lotsa happy moments, which eventually make me feel more depressed.

And so Karenmarie wrote this above the video.
*dedicated to everyone who has lost someone they love*

I actually feel the same. My tears blurred my vision when Mariah Carey wiped off her tears. The tears which have shed for those moments - which would not happen again. I could feel her.

Although it does not look as touching as it is.
But you could only feel it when you listen to Mariah Carey's voice.
Go listen to the song. Go.

I really feel like I lost someone I...loved love loved ... -.-||| wtf.. I seriously don't know which word is appropriate to be applied here.

Someone who has gradually disappeared. Bits by bits. Until you could no longer sense that someone, you couldn't hear him, you couldn't see him, you found no way to look for him. I didn't even realise that he has actually disappeared, until a very good friend of mine reminded me of his existence. Oh. There was such person in my life.

Where are you? When are you coming back?

I want to say where have you been... instead of where are you. Okay?

*and I miss you so*


Eh. Do you feel me?
*sigh. again and again. and again* it doesn't matter if you do not feel me. It's enough if I could feel myself.

P/S: My friends who are concern of me (you know who you are), you don't really have to take this serious okay? Me always like that one *sigh*. And you know that me always like that one *sigh again*

A post sprinkled with super broken english grammar here and there because really, I don't have to mood to think of proper grammar and fancy words to decorate this post lah.

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