Thursday, June 26, 2008

erm.. how to take a nice kissing picture?

I've been wondering since I first seen the kissing picture of my ex-crush with his girlfriend which he has posted on friendster. Well it's not a beautiful one and yet he's posting it up wakaka. (I'm saying this not because I was jealous okay. I had already had Arthur by then)

Two years later, somehow, but forgotten how, Ying Huey and me talked about this. Haha. Finally I found someone who is agree with me.

Taking a kissing picture... Hmm.. I feel that it's quite strange.

I mean, well yea, I have not tried that before. Because I couldn't stop giggling whenever I visualise the process of those who attempted to take beautiful kissing picture.

Situation one
Guy : *setting self-timer*
Girl : Okay?
Guy : almost.. almost.. coming, baby..
Guy : O... kay... *run to the girl*
Guy and Girl : *kissing. But not really enjoying because keep thinking about the capturing*
Girl : erm.. baby.. is it done?
Guy : *have a look on the camera screen*
Guy : Oh no.. baby.. I can't see your face in this picture at all~! Okay okay.. try it again~ and show your face yea...

*repeat the whole process*

Situation two
Guy and Girl : *kissing. While one of them is holding the camera, attempting to capture a self-potrait kissing picture*
*kijicak* (captured sound. The typical one.)
Girl : Come, come, let's see let's see.
Guy and Girl : *Look at the screen*
Guy or Girl : Oh no.. Not nice. Let's do it again.

*repeat the whole process*

Situation three
Guy : *pass the camera to friend* eh later you take from this angle arr. Press this one.
Friend: *nod nod*
Guy: *run to the girl*
Friend: Ready? one, two, three~
Guy and Girl: *start kissing*
Friend: Okay~ Gao dim~
Guy and Girl: Let me see, let me see~~
Guy or Girl : Aiya.. not nice la... take again.. You should take from this angle ma. Come come let's do it again.~

*repeat the whole process*

I have a few pictures regarding to the abovementioned situation in my mind but am not putting it because I somehow think that it is offensive. -.-

what is the point of kissing then? To take a nice picture of you and your baby kissing each other?
Say me ulu. I still feel that it's strange.

But I'm okay with those artistic one anyway. Something like this. It's so cute isn't it?

Credits to**
People. No offence if you did this. Or just let me know if you situation is differ from the abovementioned. Well, I do love taking pictures. Damn love. But really, I don't know how to start on taking a kissing pic.

You may say something like.. it goes so natural. You wouldn't have to think that much. Erm. Maybe I really have thought too much.

Baby, maybe we should really try it one day.


Simon Ho said...

yea, it's really hard and i need help on this as well cuz it seems pretty hard to take a good kissing picture. most of the time it looks as though i'm eating my girlfriend's face

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

[simon ho] Haha... Which method are you using then? Shall be self-portrait or self-timer i guess...