Friday, May 23, 2008

Few more again

Hamster mommy has given birth to 5 hammies babies on 22nd May 2008~~ again~

I'm not sure about how many of them. I dare not to touch them. They are warmly protected by hamster mommy in the box I provided. Not able to count.

Will update with the pictures and the number of babies soon...

If my mommy does not allow Leng Girl and Zhi Boy have it, will sell it off for RM10 each~~(wei... retail price at least RM18 okay??) ^^

*updated on 30/5/2008*

Okay~ they are slightly bigger now, I finally manage to snap few pictures of them~


29/5/2008The only blackie.

Will keep updating their status~

For a visual of how they will look like in the future, click here~

Here for the adoption notice~


aLiya said...

wahlao! again!?

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

[aliya] ya.. again...

Hun said...

It is not Opal.... you have gotten it wrong. Pearl Winter White. Opal is Campbell dwarf, different species already. The dark coloured one looks like a Sapphire, could be both your Pearls carry the sapphire gene.