Saturday, April 12, 2008


I came across a 'most sisterly-looked mother and daughter' contest on the newspaper.

The picture of me and my mom shopping together and fooling around together immediately struck my mind.

Everyone who have seen me and my mom would say things like,
'a, you look like your mom arr..'
'a, your mom and you look
like sisters arr..'
'a, your mom looks so young a, you look even more m

I would deny it everytime people address this to me. Excuse me, I am 21 years younger than my mom okay?

Anyway anyway, get tempted by the prizes, I decided to give ourselves a chance.

I browse through my files which consist of over thousands of pictures, realizing that I don't have a single proper picture taken together with mom. I so damn love taking picture, and I don't have a proper picture of me and my mom? This is so ridiculously unbelievable.

I am the main cause of it. There was one set of picture which supposed to have be taken properly, but I purposely made faces so that I don't look like my mom. Just because I don't want people to say things like we look like sisters bla.

So see what I did.

Wakaka. Good sister.

Ok. Enough of my ugly pictures. See, I am willing to uglify myself although I'm already not so pretty. Courage okay.

Now. A better one.

Erm... I know what you gonna say. Not pretty too. But.. better than those up there right??

1 comment:

Joe said...

Hey, you may think you aren't a looker but I think you are very pretty.
Your mom's pretty hot, too.