Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ying Huey, we love you

Yea, you know we do.

You do know~

(Mei Yi, faster kiss Ying Huey. I cannot find a picture of you kissing her.
And Ying Huey, I actually found a picture which I was kissing you. But I'm pretty sure you won't let me post it up)

You know, I found what we were talking about on your blog.

Come, come, let me show you how you suppose to wear everyday. Throw that boring white piece. Oh. Maybe keep it. For one day. You will see which day you need it.

Nop. No more Monday Blue by wearing a pinkie uniform like this~~

Weather checked. Oh. It's damn hot today.

Eh, I do think this girl look like Cyndi Wang, don't you think so?

(this is Cyndi Wang, by the way)

Hey, you gotta go pasar malam with us after work okay? and it will be damn hot too if u wear too thick to pasar malam. And it's not appropriate for you to wear to kua zhiong to pasar malam. Simple = nice. Nah. Casual wear for you~~

(look at her face. Like very tulan. Don't take la if don't want. Maybe get forced to.)

We are Chinese right?? We must show that we love our culture!!!

(and hor, this is exactly what I meant in the comment I posted!!! They so understand me~)

After days of being red and white, let's back to pure white again.
I know you hate it, but you are doing night shift!! Cannot be too revealing. Cold you know.

Hey it's Saturday!! What you gonna do on Saturday night??
You are not going right to the bed after work right??
Glam up!!I guess this silky shiny material suits Saturday night~

Eh. Can see G string somemore. I recommend this one~

A day for rest and relax. Casual will do~~

don't have to put thick make up like her la. It's Sunday anyway.

Eh wait. Your birthday suppose to be on 29th April right right?? Why am I so early?

I need to make you wear it on your 21st b'day!!! Faster! choose one!!

You know we love you,
Shang Hui,
Mei Yi


Estabilizador e Nobreak said...

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Nerris said...

Wa Wa Wa.....
U "put me on the table" oo...
Well,thanks for being ready and plan for my birthday present...but...i dun think need that kind of "uniform"...hehe
Among the 7 set of "uniform" u picked,i felt the Saturday's one is like -_-* If i wear this to work,i wil straight being sent to CSSD ( Culture & Sensitivity Dept). After i been "sterile" then only i can work in MALAYSIA..haha

If u want me to say which is my favourite?~i will say the monday's and Fri's one.... That 2 only are my style ma..
Shang,u seriouly creative la..
Ur "creativity level" is much higher than me and mei yi~~haha

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

Estabilizador e Nobreak: I dropped by your blog. But... sorrryyyyy... I don't understand your language~

Nerris: I will join the 21st club soon~~ wakaka~~