Wednesday, April 9, 2008

To you, my friends

I was waken by the stupid noise from the tv. I said so, my aunt wouldn't considerate if anyone is napping, studying, or on the phone. I looked at the phone beside me, it displayed, '2 missed calls and a message sign' over the animated purple and black screen, asking me to go pasar malam. You have came back?? when?? I tried to call you back. The noise was too loud you couldn't hear me.

I shouted, yelled and started to scream.

I startled.

All of the sudden, everything beside me turned clearer. The noise from the tv became even louder. Oh, it was a dream. It was far too real. I looked at the phone, still the same animated purple and black screen. No, no missed call, no message, nothing. You did not ask me out. Sigh.

I sent you a message. You are still far at the north. It wasn't you. It was just my dream.

Now I realize how much I miss you. I mean, all of you.

1 comment:

Orangie said...

we do miss u much too~~nvm nvm~~ i wil b bac very soon!! juz b patience for few more days and soon ur dream wil b fulfil~~