Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm burning

I am so damn pissed off now.

I really hate this person to be my family member. I have reached the limit of my patience.

Those who know me do know who am I talking about.

I do believe in Karma. I know it's not right to gossip to bitch. But I'm really very angry. I won't reveal this stupid member of my family anyway.

She's not really old. She is at the age of .. 40 something. Obviously, she is fat, ugly, lazy and not married yet. The following would explain why I hate her so much, well, I mean why we hate her so much, except for her mother who has the greatest tolerance over her.

I mean, if I am the only one who hate her, the problem might be on me. But now, everyone in my family dislikes her.

1) She loves herself TOO DAMN MUCH
She is so damn obsessed with all the lotions but I don't see they work on her, except for her hand lotion, which caused her hands smooth like plastic, not a good thing, very geli u know.

She put too much reliance on the hand lotion. I think I could link this to something about automatism, which I learn in my studies. It's about some action which was done involuntarily. She put lotion on her hands like every 10 minutes when she sticked her butt on the couch and her eyes on the TV. Such a psycho.

She let her mom do the housework without feeling guilty and keep sticking her butt on the couch. Or taking a super sweet nap.

And she doesn't know how to cook. I think her mom protects her too much she does not let her to cook because she said she is afraid of boiling oil. Damn it.

2) She is super damn anti-social
She is even more anti-social then my grandma. She tends to quarantine herself from the world out there. I don't get it. Obviously, she has no friends. She hates shopping, she hates going out. She dislikes the sunlight. Her favourite friend is the TV.

There was once her mother's friend wanna introduce her a guy. She said 'so old also haven't get marry, sure got problem one la!' As if she is very normal.

3) She is a super slow learner

She has been learning Yoga for more than 10 years, since I was 8. Supposedly, she can be a coach already. So you think she is hot??

Hell no!! I can bet that I can be better than her even I only learn from the media. She didn't practice it regularly. Supposedly, if you learn something for more than 10 years, you can practice yourselves without the coach right? No she can't. Duh. She still going for the class every week.

4) She is super duper sensitive
She is so sensitive until she thought everytime us siblings gone together were to gossip about her.

She purposely made all kinds of sounds to show everyone that 'I am angry!'. She would stomp the floor for every step she walk and would bang the door. Like a kid.

Oh, she would whisper to herself. When she is alone, it is as if she is singing or memorizing something, but she is not!! when she does this, her eyes look left and right. Psycho psycho!!!

5) Her favourite friend is TV
I don't remember I see any tears when her father died. She is always cool to her family members.

But!!! but but but... When Leslie Cheong or Lydia Sum died, she would have to prepare a box of tissue besides her, kept on sobbing and blowing her nose. The same happened when any of her favourite character of the TVB soup drama died. Oh shit oh shit oh my god shit!

Oh yes, you are right. She is that type who would talk to the tv, scold the tv, laugh to the tv, bla bla bla. She would criticize those characters which were not of her favour loudly, until the whole house echoed with her voice.

Oh and, she wouldn't care if my tired dad and grandma napping at the living room, or the once-in-a-blue-moon-hardworking me studying at the living room, she would just turn on the tv, and increase the volume as if everyone would like to share her happiness. She just doesn't care. Oh, she also doesn't care if someone was on the phone. That's why my dad bought a portable phone now.


Oh, any psychologist out there??
She needs one, and I need one, because I am staying with her.

Chan Qiao Qing... I need you badly. Faster graduate k??
I have had enough.


*~leAjoo~* said...

haihz...i dunno wat should i say la...come over to have a chat if u need :P

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

you do know who am i talking about right?? -_-

*~leAjoo~* said...

hehhee...for sure i know :P